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From the beginning, humanity has been characterized by designing, creating, developing and innovating, what serves as useful and beneficial to obtain a better civilization, a better comfort in terms of social and material, to achieve an advance in humanity, this is due in large part to those great minds that have been of importance to develop new objects, systems, economies, among other things, such as those small minds, since each grain of sand counts as a good contribution, so that this has reached be something fundamental for the average person.

Over the years, it has been possible to offer a wide variety of tools that are able to facilitate the work and performance of these minds or people who work hard every day to achieve progress; or to offer an instrument or platform with which both the developer and the user who uses it, benefit from each other; It has sought to facilitate these tools to make it more common and followed by more people being able to be developers of something important. As was the development a few years ago of a new monetary system, a new way of obtaining money, but electronically, a money with great value, but without being able to touch it, which was the cryptocurrencies, with a large number of cryptocurrencies known today and developing more daily, starting from the first cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin was.

In addition, adding to this breakthrough in terms of economy, it is very important to mention or highlight Blockchain technology, a technology that is focused on security, reliability and transparency in every way, Blockchain technology has been the basis for the development of many new cryptocurrencies, platforms, social networks, games, among other creations, due to the transparent and safe use of this technology, where any user is able to know the movements that are generated in this technology, and where the decentralization makes it more useful for any user or institution.

Now, focusing and further touching the issue of developers, nowadays there are endless platforms that offer different types of tools that help users to create applications, among other things, but many times these platforms do not offer all the tools that the user needs, it is difficult to find a platform capable of offering the comfort of being able to perform these tasks in the same interface, many times the user has to manage it and work with what he has, generating that in turn they are not jobs efficient at the end of the account, with certain deficiencies and without rewards for the user who is going to use the finished product.

It is for these reasons, that a new platform designed and designed with the purpose of facilitating the performance of the users for a better development, through the powerful Blockchain technology, will generate a greater reliability, security and bringing new ideas, hence the next platform called ProximaX.

What is ProximaX?

“ProximaX is a next-generation Integrated and Distributed Ledger Technology (IaDLT) development platform powered by blockchain technology”. ProximaX Sirius also works in conjunction with blockchain technology, to achieve greater security in terms of how to incentivize the user, with the identification of the same and with the state management and exchange of assets, ProximX has managed to take the greatest possible advantage of that blockchain technology has a standardized framework allowing it to connect to other services.

Facing the current challenges of users and developers

ProximaX has revolutionized and evolved in comparisons with the different platforms that offer services today, as they have improved those weak points and failures or lacks that the other platforms have, so in this way, ProximaX has as its approach to face the current challenges of users and developers, this is possible in part through the expanding ecosystem of various node actors, through a set of software development kits (SDK) and HTTP/S endpoints.

Other ways that allows ProximaX to face the challenges, is through the backbone of the platform, better known as Sirius Chain, linked by the Blockchain protocol. Likewise, developers are able to create the different decentralized applications and solutions of the different systems, such as KYC processes, business continuity, IoT devices, large data applications, records and reporting systems, management and exchange, among other processes .

ProximaX platform spine - Sirius Chain

Starting from blockchain technology, which has been a very innovative technology in terms of data management, due to the different technical ways to chain the data through the creation of blocks, which allows the storage of these, and providing great security. ProximaX starts the Sirius Chain process, which is the blockchain used to track and monitor the events that occur in the ProximaX ecosystem.

Through Sirius Chain, the platform offers and provides different processes already known in the Blockchain industry, ranging from “contracts”, service tokenization, which generates what is known as “work done”, now, explaining each One of these services, through “contracts” can be performed or are necessary for the different commercial purposes that the user wishes to propose and that the platform is available to offer. With the tokenization of services, it serves as an incentive for the user to generate real-world assets and can be used to digitize the different businesses to be established.

Source: WhitePaper

It is important to mention that, Sirius Chain is based on the latest version of NEN blockchain called “Catapult”, which provides a large number of features that are applicable in a large number of business cases, so based on this version, Sirius Chain has the necessary characteristics for the development and construction of which service that the user wishes to perform, in large part because the ProximaX team improved some of the fundamental elements of Catapult, while achieving that Sirius Chain can be used as an application vertically at the top or also as an extension and that is much more efficient for the user.

Sirius Chain Goals

Offer the user and developer the ability to perform and process a large number of transactions per minute, in a safe, fast and efficient way, for greater comfort and reliability.

Maintain a security in the network and be able to expand more and more, this will become possible through the incentive of the platform participants, whether new or existing users, the important thing is to keep the user happy.

Provide basic transactions that are capable of taking cryptocurrencies even beyond the primary use of the payment system alone.

Allow easy handling and development of the user, allowing the incorporation of new central services and the management and availability of advanced applications.

Have a great expansion in terms of the scope that the platform can have, reaching to run on a wide range of devices.

Key points of Sirius Chain

  • Sirius Storage: Something of great importance today is the amount of storage that can be available to the user, for greater comfort and efficiency when performing any activity, therefore, ProximaX Sirius will add storage as one of the main services, since being an integral development platform, it was more than necessary that the ProximaX ecosystem can store all kinds of binary data, this is possible because it is a Distributed File Management System (DFMS).

In addition to being able to provide reliable storage for files of an arbitrary nature, all this will be determined by the user of the storage unit, meanwhile, there will be storage nodes that will be helpful in identifying and incentivizing the “work done” to through the blockchain, either by the public key infrastructure (PKI) or by multi-signature contracts.

  • Supercontracts: ProximaX has managed to solve the problems of the contracts, normally the contracts implemented in the blockchain are immutable, but they have solved this problem by storing the contract codes in Sirius Storage, which makes it possible to execute, stop or modify contracts simply with the consensus of the authorized parties.

  • Sirius Streaming: It is located in two different parts, where the storage transmission can be previously recorded or persist in Sirius Storage and then transmitted to different viewers, this is live, because the data is transmitted and distributed immediately.

For this reason, for the correct functioning of Sirius Streaming, a joint work with Sirius Storage is necessary, since this allows storage to be used as an entry point of action. However, the previously recorded data will start from those storage nodes chosen to transmit, while the live transmission will start from the nodes responsible for distributing and replicating the data streams in real time with a variety of consumers.

  • Sirius Content Review: This is an additional tool for the correct performance of project developers, as it facilitates the process of reviewing the consensus throughout the network, which gives designers the option to censor that content they want through of this review process.

Benefits of using ProximaX over other blockchain infrastructures

The backbone of ProximaX and what makes it an innovative, revolutionary and efficient platform is Sirius Chain, which being a fork of Catapult de Nem, has had a great improvement, reinforcing weak points and attacking those failures that could cause problems for the user, which has resulted in an efficient way to accommodate the demand load of extended central services and side chains in the network.

Also, adding to the above, the protocol used is that of Proof of Stake (PoS), which is linearly scalable, something of great importance for both the market and users and, in addition, ProximaX adds an innovation in the market and blockchain technology, as is the Proof of Greed (PoG), which is responsible for ensuring that no node can be too greedy when accepting transactions with large fees.

  • Proof of Stake (PoS): This consensus, unlike Proof of Work (PoW), is much more efficient from an economic point of view and with better performance, where through PoS the greater participation the user has, the greater the incentive or reward that they have.

ProximaX has improved the NXT PoS, giving it better control over the duration to validate the blocks, in addition to providing a more concentrated block time, which solves the existing problem of long blocks.

  • Proof of Greed (PoG): ProximaX has designed a new process that decentralizes the block forging process, in another order of ideas, ProximaX has created this mechanism with the purpose of guaranteeing safety and reliability in the platform, avoiding and guaranteeing that no node can become too greedy, it is necessary that the user offers the maximum rate that he is willing to pay.

PoG is programmed to take into account the bet and the validation of the blocks, where it is almost certain that the blocks are registered in Sirius Chain with the purpose that the validators take transactions, create their own blocks and request rates that do not exceed the maximum amount specified.

These are the reasons that make ProximaX different from the other blockchain infrastructures, because the protocols, security and reliability systems make this project much more useful and feasible for the use of project developers, since it has a necessary scalability in the market and with vision towards the years to come to be able to expand and improve more and more the weak points existing today in other platforms.

Everything necessary for the development of any type of project available in one place

For the developer it is very important to be able to count on and have at his disposal all the tools that he needs, so that in this way the development or creation of a web project is easier and more efficient, achieving an inspiration in the user, knowing that everything you need will be in one place, but unfortunately this does not happen on all platforms, many times the resources or tools they offer are scarce, the average developer has to work with what the platform provides and not always with Everything the user needs.


This is a big difference in ProximaX, because the team behind this platform, has worked hard to solve this problem, starting from the visions of other platforms and thus reinforcing those projects, making them much better and efficient, in addition to adding other consensus and programs for a better development of ProximaX, such as the development of Sirius Chain or the Proof of Greed process.

Based on the above, ProximaX has managed to create a very efficient interface and platform, as it has been in charge of offering all the tools that the user needs and that are available in the same interface, the development process being much more comfortable, by What the user will be able to design any project they want, whether video games, live streaming, programs, communication pages, notebook, reminders, agendas, among many other things.

Native Token (XPX)

The implementation of tokens is of utmost importance when it comes to blockchain technology, this greatly influences the sustainability and expansion of the platform, which in turn provides a great incentive for users in the interface environment, for that reason. ProximaX has developed its own native currency called XPX, users must use this currency in order to have the services of the platform.

Source: WhitePaper

In another order of ideas, it is necessary to have a native currency within any decentralized platform, as it will help to keep the user motivated to do a good job within the interface, that they are constant in terms of the use of it and that obtain their benefits by being a fundamental part for the expansion and existence of the network, therefore, ProximaX has defined common economic incentive frameworks for the work carried out, together with the reputation system.

Any application can use the ProximaX platform

ProximaX is viable for any application, this is possible due to the REST APIs that are included in the platform as well as the SDK, adding to the aforementioned, ProximaX can mainly store data and transmissions, therefore, whether they are decentralized applications, semi-centralized applications or non-decentralized applications, all have the availability to use the ProximaX platform.

Something very important to highlight and take into account, are the abstract functions that different classes of consumers should consider, since it is necessary that the consumer who is building or wants to develop a project on the platform, has to integrate its application, but ProximaX has in several ways to make all this possible, such as the following main features of the component:

  • Account: This step is of utmost importance in any environment when developing an application, as it is a requirement to consume any type of service.

  • Namespace: It is important for the representation of possession or domain of the company to develop, so in this way, the name of possession or domain will represent the name of the project to be developed in the Sirius Chain environment.

  • Mosaic: It is the ideal way to represent an asset, single object or unit of measure within the ProximaX environment.

  • Metadata: This is an extension of Sirius Chain to be able to give key pair value that is even more necessary when they have an application that depends on third-party services through unified resource locations (URL).

  • Supercontracts: It is a main feature in Sirius Chain, project or application developers are free to create contracts that best adhere to their needs or they can use pre-existing platform contracts.

Case of use

Steve is a visionary, since he was little he has liked the creation and development of different applications or things that serve as comfort, distraction, tool, support or help for himself and for other people, he is also very good with computers and technology itself, Steve had previously decided to develop a project that would help many users, but he could not find a correct platform that would provide all the tools in the same interface, so it was complicated for him.

When Steve was about to give up, he reads about a new ideal platform for project and application developers called ProximaX, which also implemented blockchain technology, which generates great reliability for any user, Steve decides to look for this platform and learn more on this, what Steve discovered left him amazed, because he had all the necessary tools in one place, in addition to implementing new processes, with impeccable reliability, scalability and security.

Steve decided to launch his first project through ProximaX, using the necessary implements for the benefit of him as the consumer, Steve was finally able to launch his first application with the help of ProximaX Sirius, and it was better than he expected because his project was very successful and since then he has continued using this great platform.

Team ProximaX


Technology Partners



This publication presented has been to inform you about this innovative project, which is ProximaX, and how through the content presented in this publication, you can know what ProximaX is, its main features and the visions that this platform has and that without a doubt, blockchain innovation will have a great reach in the market.

And is that ProximaX offers the solution to many problems that can be found today when the tools that web developers need for more efficient work, such as the lack of tools available to the user in one place, lack of incentive for consumers, in addition to certain problems in safety, reliability and expansion. In this sense, ProximaX has managed to solve these problems, innovating processes, using blockchain technology, together with its powerful creation called Sirius Chain, thus creating the ideal platform for developers.

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