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We are currently in an era of technology, where mobile devices, social networks and everything associated with internet and technology is paramount for anyone, regardless of age, since little by little it has become a useful tool for anyone, either for work or entertainment reasons. Since you can see how the internet facilitates the work of many people and there are also many people who work online, it is a new regulation nowadays, previously for many people this was never going to be a job but working online or getting income through the internet has become very profitable and solid in this age of technology.

We can find many bloggers, people who get great income for uploading videos to the internet, for publishing informative content, we can even find people who give classes online and through different types of advertising. But perhaps advertising is a bit more complicated to obtain money or profits, because there are many pages and applications that exceed advertising and that becomes very annoying for the average user, causing the user to choose to stop visit the page and stop using the application because of so much annoying publicity; and another problem with advertising is that it is a great competition because it is one of the oldest methods and perhaps one of the simplest to obtain profits.

Mining - Cryptocurrencies

Since the appearance of the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency, which had a great impact on the market and has been a great influence on digital assets, a large number of cryptocurrencies have appeared, more than 1,600 to this day, and one of the best known measures for obtaining cryptocurrencies and for creation is through the mining of these digital assets but many people do not know how to become mining or simply do not have the necessary tools to achieve it.

What is the connection between cryptocurrency mining and obtaining income through the internet? It is web mining, which is something relatively new but is already well established, there are a lot of pages that are using this method to get their profits and have been totally successful, one of the most important is Unicef, who has monetized their web system to increase the income of money. And recently a new page has come out who wants to take care of providing the necessary tools to large and small entrepreneurs, in order that the web mining is successful and thus help them to have large incomes and in this way avoid the annoying ads, this page is call Gath3r.

What is Gath3r?

Gath3r is a platform whose purpose is to provide the necessary tools that bloggers, publishers and content creators need for an optimal development of their monetary income, all this is possible through mining in the browser, as a new form of income, being a simpler and much more comfortable way for users who consume the products, in addition to improving the way in which the owner of the website gets the money.

Gath3r changes the way to win

The most common ways in which bloggers, creators of websites and publishers is through ads, pop-up ad, subscription models and paywalls, these forms can be the most important when it comes to earning income, many large companies depend most of this advertising system to get their income, but in recent years it has become more annoying for the user the huge amount of advertising that can be found on a website and the number of people who choose to block the page ads, being a problem for the owner of the website.

Source: WhitePaper

Gath3r offers a different way to monetize websites through cryptographic mining in a web browser, I feel this relatively new method but it has proven to be efficient, with this method the website owner will make profit with the simple fact that the user navigate on your website and also the user will get rid of annoying ads, being more pleasant for the user to stay on the website, all this is possible once the owner incorporates a code to their web pages and in this way the user will begin to extract cryptocurrencies with their unused computing power, called CPU or GPU; everything will depend largely on the user, because immediately they will be notified of this option and the user will choose whether to want to mine or not, everything is in a transparent way.

How to implement the Gath3r code to the website or mobile application?

Coded Websites:

  • Generate the code from your Gath3r account dashboard at
  • Copy paste the generated code into the website source code on each page you want it on.

WordPress Websites:

  • Generate the code from your Gath3r account dashboard at
  • Navigate to ‘Editor’ in your WordPress admin panel.
  • In ‘Editor’, open ‘Theme Footer’ and copy/pate the generated code.
  • Click ‘Update File’.
  • Make sure to check out our video for a step-by-step walk-through of the process.

Gath3r as the solution

In recent years according to studies of different pages in charge of blocking ads, the number of users who have begun to block ads has increased in a large number, more than 600 million users, this can be an inconvenience if it continues happening, because many large companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon and other large companies have a net income through advertising on their web pages, so a massive blocking of ads would cause the decline of these companies, and even more small companies that are growing, are the most affected.

For that reason Gath3r is the solution, in an era where cryptocurrencies are the new asset in the market and are already accepted in many parts of the world and by many companies, the option offered by Gath3r of the web mine through a code that must be insert in the web page, is the option of the future, then free of annoying publicity and the imminent danger of blockages, web mining will become the new way in which companies and entrepreneurs begin to obtain their income.


"Web mining is by far the most profitable approach to address declining revenues from traditional ads. If your site is able to retain numerous miners' time, you can expect to earn a decent amount of cryptocurrency. "

• The benefits are for both parties, both for the user and for the owner of the website, with web mining the user will no longer have to deal with annoying ads, so the user can read and enjoy the site web without any inconvenience.

• The owner of the web page will have a longer and stable revenue stream than with advertising, this will largely be due to the time the user is on the website, the longer the user's time on the page, the greater will be the flow of mining that is generating, being a greater income for the owner of the web page.

• The user can also earn money if the owner of the website wishes, this is because the owner of the website can give at least 5% of the profits that the user is generating from web mining.

• Everything will be transparent, the blockchain technology has been characterized by its transparency and is that web mining should also be announced to visitors to the site to avoid any negative reaction or accusations of malware, and the user has the option to choose whether to use the mining system or will not use it, all in a transparent and free will system.

Source: WhitePaper

Merged Mining

Gath3r is the only platform currently offering the power to mine several cryptocurrencies simultaneously based on the same algorithm, this method can represent greater scalability and avoid centralization, since new and small cryptocurrencies usually present problems due to their low rate of hashing , but when using the main chain of Gath3r, this problem is largely solved, in addition to increasing the security and reliability of both cryptocurrencies.

"The parent chain needs no additional work to participate in merged mining. And the only additions to its blockchain are the auxiliary chain that has been added to its transaction tree. "

Gath3r looks for the benefit for the user as for the owner of the website, this through the implementation of the Nodes Lite, in the blockchain system, the Masternodes are those nodes where all the heavy data of the network are stored, on the other hand Gath3r will use a Web lite string with a compressed web-lite blockchain node that is stored locally in the browser in order to avoid an overload by the user, that the user only manage light data avoiding an overload in the browser, in this way the user and the owner will feel calm at the time of web mining, knowing that they are not overloading their computers with web mining.

"This model promotes simplicity as it lowers barriers of entry by orders of magnitude and will foster mass-adoption of cryptocurrencies. The main purpose is to establish consensus quickly to provide their accounts' balances and send transactions into the network."

The Gath3r Blockchain

Source: WhitePaper

Characteristics of Gath3r

Building loyal users: Gath3r offers the user the opportunity to have a percentage of profit depending on the time the user spends on the website, this makes the user is motivated in web mining and spend more time on different pages Web.

Transparency: Something that characterizes the blockchain system is transparency and here is no exception, Gath3r is responsible for informing the user of web mining immediately when the user enters the page, and it is freely available whether to use mining web or not.

Decentralization: The platform offers an open bifurcation capacity, which allows the creation of new chains.

New source of income: Web mining will be the new entry method for many entrepreneurs, bloggers and companies, Gath3r offers them a new, significant and long-term solution.

Merged Mining: An innovation of Gath3r, which helps grow new cryptocurrencies and motivates the user even more.

Chain Governance

Source: WhitePaper

Use cases

Case 1 - Cooking Blog

Carol has her own blog where she weekly publishes new recipes for food and desserts, and also uploads videos explaining recipes in a better way, she has been doing this for several months, and she has seen how a large number of loyal users already have they visit and comment on their recipes and videos, it all started as a hobby but Carol sees the opportunity to have an extra income with her cooking blog, but she knows how annoying it can be to have advertisements on the web pages, and she does not wants to annoy her loyal users with annoying ads.

But Carol finds on the Internet a new way of having income through Gath3r, a new project that is responsible for mining on the web and in this way the owner of the website gets income without users having to be driving and watching annoying advertising, with a simple code on the website, each user can start to mine if desired, and so in this way Carol began to have great income with your website and without annoying advertising on your cooking blog.

Case 2 - Spanish App

Spanish Worldwide is a micro company which designed a mobile application for users to learn the basics of Spanish, incredibly many people have downloaded this application and spend a great time in the application, Spanish Worldwide launched this application to be known, It was not for the purpose of earning income as such, but now they see the opportunity to earn profits and in this way expand and reach more people, so they turn to Gath3r, a new way to earn income through web mining, free of any announcement that bothers the user who only wants to learn a new language, in addition to this Spanish Worldwide will give a percentage to the user of what they mine, to help them grow as a company.

Why use Gath3r?

Gath3r offers new alternatives for both the new entrepreneur and the average user, Gath3r is a project with a long-term vision and its uniqueness lies in transparency and increased profitability, in an era as technological as today in which many people see as an alternative of an extra income to web pages, the options Gath3r gives mining is very striking for any user. In addition to the implementation of web mining, many users will be happy to finally get rid of the annoying ads, and all in the hand of blockchain technology that is so transparent and secure.

Gath3r Crowdsale

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This publication that I have presented has been to inform you about this innovative project, which is Gath3r, and how through the content presented in this publication, you can know what Gath3r is, its main characteristics and the visions that this platform has and that without a doubt the Web mining will impact the current market.

And is that Gath3r offers the solution to many of the problems we encounter today when viewing a web page, or because of the large number of publicity that we can find, Gath3r seeks to help new entrepreneurs and users in obtaining income and helping the growth of cryptocurrency and reliability of blockchain technology, there is no doubt that Gath3r will have a great impact on the market and will be a great innovation for the blockchain system and for the income of the web pages.

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