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On the internet we can find many pages to get another income, which never hurts for our bank account, many of these pages are about mini jobs, surveys or other content, but works at the end of the account.

One day I came across Steemit, a platform where you can earn money simply by making content of your interest or voting for publications of your liking, something incredible and wonderful, Steemit has gone very well and I have met incredible users and creators of content and competitions, one of the most important and that has changed my life has been @OriginalWorks, which offers weekly competitions in which one has to create publications about Blockchain technology or cryptocurrency, for many it is a job but for me it is as a passion to speak of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, it is the asset of the future.

Through @OriginalWorks, I met CateredContent, whose main theme is to create quality content about platforms linked to the blockchain technology or the launch of a new cryptocurrency.


But what exactly is CateredContent? In this platform you can participate in contests in which you have to make a publication talking about the operation of the platform that is sponsoring the contest, it is something really simple and fun and the best thing is that you get good pay making the publication, you can upload the article in different pages such as: Steemit, Reddit, Medium, Twitter and Instagram. You can also receive bonuses if you upload the article on different platforms, because it is the goal of CateredContent, to reach as many people as possible, and if you help it of course you will be rewarding.

CateredContent has a simple interface, where you can see the prizes to be distributed, past events and active events, of course it has a section where you can read more about CateredContent, its rules and privacy.

The registration in CateredContent is easy, fast and totally free, you only need an email address, a username and a password, as simple as that, you will already be part of this great platform.

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