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I have decided in my happy mood to organize a contest. This contest is my own way of sharing love to members of this community. After achieving my 40 rep, I looked back and realized that it wouldn't have been possible without support from members of this community.

The contest is a simple one. Simply read my last poem which I will supply again in this post and write a detailed explanation of what you understand.
First prize is 3 SBD
Second prize is 2 SBD
And the third prize is 1 SBD


  1. Winners will be announced after 8 days and will receive their prizes shortly after
  2. Only approved entries will be considered
  3. Entries should be submitted as a comment to this post.
  4. You must resteem this post after you submit your entry.
  5. Use of upvote bots will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate disqualification
  6. Remember that the winner will be picked through number (and not worth) of upvotes after 7 days.

Good luck. Here's the poem

I opened my eyes, everyone was joyous
I started crying to protest this new sojourn
No one even paid a heed that I was forlorn
Their only care, there was a newbie in the world.

Slowly I realized that I was lonely
That I was in a crowd that wasn't so loving
That everyday they keep wishing and craving
But none was ready to do the granting and giving

Then I met with others that were lonely
I decided I would be quite loving
Everyday I would also keep wishing and craving
But I was also ready to do the granting and giving

Slowly they would realize they all are lonely
Gradually they would all learn to be loving
That even while they do the wishing and craving
They should also do the granting and giving

Then I would close my eyes and be joyous
And forget the days that I was forlorn
I will be happy with my unplanned sojourn
And I will know there's a legacy for the unborn

You can check out my poems by using the following links

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It's basically about life, how everyone celebrates your arrival to the world ....the love and affection declines as you grow up.... You are now faced with the reality of life where no one cares about you,where most people are always expecting from you but they all forget that two hands has to wash themselves before they can wash the face clean... You knowing this decides to teach them to be caring,loving and putting others first.... With time they start adjusting... You go home happy because you've brought happiness to so many... When you die, your legacies lives on and posterity celebrates you

Congratulations. Your entry has been approved. Make sure you stick to the rules. I wish you luck

The poem starts with the birth of the a baby. Everyone is happy that there's a new person brought into the world. The baby finds the environment strange and starts to cry.

From this the baby begins to grow but nobody cares much to show him love and affection. Everyone seems to be busy with getting things but no one cares to give to another. The child believes that to get, another has to give and it should be a cycle.

Over time the child meets with others who have been neglected like himself with whom he shares the common bond of loneliness. He decides at this point to make it his obligation to make others realize the need for sharing and love.

Over time people begin to learn this virtues and it spreads to others. People realized that to receive, one needs to learn to give. People begin to show love and affection to each other.

At the point of death, the man now is happy that he has managed to have an impact on the world positively to make it a better place even for future generations

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I think this poem is about being born into a world that at first seems loving and comforting. But as the protagonist gets older and experiences the world outside of their bubble, they see that they aren't special and nobody pays them any heed. Not only that, everyone ignores each other and don't treat one another with any significance. This causes the protagonist to seek out others that feel isolated and unloved. However, the protagonist actually starts loving and caring about all of these other lonely people. The love becomes infectious and spreads through the world. The protagonist can close their eyes and die happy knowing they brought happiness to future generations.

Congratulations! Your entry has been approved. Make sure you stick to the rules. I wish you luck

Thank you!

Kindly take time to resteem this post. It is part of the criteria for selection of winners.

Done! and upvoted.

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I think this poem is about being new in Steemit :P

The user made an introduceyourself post that got really popular because they were a newbie.

After that though, the user's posts got much less attention and no one upvoted their posts.

Then the user started forming friendships with other users and decided to be giving to others, while keeping up their unnoticed posting.

Slowly, other new users would also realise that being giving to others is the way to go, so they become active in the Steemit community while hoping their blog gets noticed.

And eventually the user is happy with what they've done, and has forgotten about the previous troubles, and tries to help new users find their way around Steemit now.

This poem is about life. Your entry has been declined. You can try again by making another entry. Good luck

Alrighty then... I thought we were allowed to interpret the poem...

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True. That's the plan. But if the interpretation derails totally off the idea it will not be approved. It's a life poem and that's your tip. Good luck once again

And yet the whole steemit experience is about life. Whenever we enter a new community it is like we are being reborn. The same principles apply. I do not believe this interpetation is a total derail, just narrowly focused. But hey your poem, your contest, your rules.

I read this poem as being about a life. You are born, you open your eyes and everyone is glad to see you. You cry, which is usually a negative act, but everyone is overjoyed by the fact that you have been born. As you grow up and meet adolescence and young adulthood, you begin to realize the coldness and cruelty in the world that you live in, that nobody really cares about you, and that everyone just wants everyone else to care about them and give them love and attention, but aren't ready or willing to give it in return. Then, someday, you begin to mature. You have children, who you recognize as feeling the same loneliness as you, and you know the best way to treat that loneliness is with love, but you too need love, but you are more concerned with spreading the love to others than getting it back from them. As your children grow up, they realize they are lonely, just like you were. You taught them well, however, and they mature just as you did and learn to love their children like you loved them. As your life comes to an end, you die happy, knowing of the great legacy of love you left with the family you started. As you move on from your life on earth, you know that for generations to come, the same traditions of love will be carried on. While you may not have chosen to be born, you know that you spent your life well, and that those who follow you will spend their short time on earth spreading love just as you did.

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I think this poem is about what you have to do in life, no matter what is happening in it, i mean you always need to give the best of you, help, be grateful, accept that everything you have in life is great and when you accept that, you'll have better things.

Also i want to say that i thing this poem is more like an advice of what you have to do in your live, to tell you that everyone need to embrace their life and start to do grate things, such as love, give and be the great person that you are definitly meant to be

Congratulations! Your entry has been approved. Make sure you stick to the rules. I wish you luck