The Butterfly Colouring Contest #21 - The Results!!

in contest •  21 days ago

Butterfly Colouring Contest 21 Results.jpg


Here are the results:

Congratulations! The prize of the full contest payout of 0.670 Steem goes to @sketch17 with 5 votes.

Here is the entry:


by @sketch17

If you want to see all the entries and check the result follow this link:

In addition, this week I am awarding 5 Steem each to the entries I like best.

Here are my choices:


Congratulations to daring-celt.


Congratulations to cetb2008.

The other 5 entrants (@stanestyle, @lildebbiecakes, @integridad, @tahiaarq and @jamerussell) all have a prize of 1 Steem each for entering.


You can all find your prizes in your wallets :)

Thank you all for entering!!


Don't forget to enter The Butterfly Colouring Contest #22:

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Congratulations to all the winners 🤗

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Thank you for upvoting this post :)

Thank a lot, Dee!)))
Im very pleasant to my art choosed as best)
Congrats all prize winner!
All pictures are wonderful & really festive!)))))
Happy New Year!


You are welcome. Thank you for entering and upvoting this post :)

Happy New Year :)

Greetings, what a surprise, thanks, and congratulations to the winners




You are welcome.

Thank you for the award, that this 2019 is full of happiness for you


You are welcome! Happy New Year :)

Thank you for the prize Dee, I very much appreciate it friend ❣️


You're welcome :)

Thank you, Dee, and congrats to @sketch 17, @daring-celt, and @cetb2008.
They all did fantastic artwork,,,


Greetings thank you


You are welcome. Thank you for entering.

Gracias feliz dia de reyes