Preview of the Themes for Artstorm Contest #62

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Hey Everyone!

Wow! Another celebration week!

This time it's Chinese New year of the Pig.


Here is a preview of the themes for Artstorm Contest #62... Chinese New Year Week:

Monday 4th February – Year of the Pig

Tuesday 5th February – Chinese New Year

Wednesday 6th February – Red Pockets

Thursday 7th February – Chinese Dragons

Friday 8th February – Chinese Lanterns

Saturday 9th February – Chinese Food

Sunday 10th February – Tea from China

Artstorm is a contest for challenging yourself and having fun!

Artstorm Contest #62 will run every day from 4th to 10th February inclusive (7 days altogether).

Each day I post a Chinese New Year theme. Entrants should create a picture using the medium of their choice.

Each theme runs for two days.

Digital and non-digital (trad) art are accepted.

Your entry must be your own original work relating to the theme and created for this contest. No old art, please.

One entry per person.

The prize from me will be at least 2 Steem each day.

All prizes are paid after two days, for the entry or entries I like best.

This is what you need to do:

Make a post for your entry with the title 'Entry for Artstorm Contest #62 - 'The Theme of the Day'.

Leave a link to your post and a picture of your entry in the comments below.

If you upvote and resteem this post it helps me afford the prizes for another contest.

  • Sorry, photography is not accepted.

The entry closing time after 2 days is 8:00 am UTC (Follow this link for a time zone converter.)

Don't leave entries here.

I will make a daily post for your entries.

I hope you will have time to enter and have fun!!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hello my lovely sis ❤️ I have missed you and your drawing contest so much... I wonder how everyone is ?? And sis if I have time I would surely be taking part in this.


How lovely to see you again! We missed you more!!


Thank you sis 😇 💗 .. 😊 I stopped drawing ever since.. last time I was here...hahaha but as soon as I get free I have to draw.


Come back soon, dear friend :)