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Hello my friends from Steemit.

Below is my new story with photos, made as part of the @adeljose contest. I invite you to participate in the game: link

Cat secrets

Neighbor's daughter - Maria - found a poor black kitten. Unfortunately Dora -Maria's mother - is allergic to animal hair and they could not take in the cat. I decided to help them. I took care of the cat. The neighbor promised to support me in this. We nicknamed the cat as Vampire, because his hair is dark black color. Maria visited the Vampire every day and played with him.
Last time, Maria has not appeared with us for several days. I also noticed that the Vampire has been acting weird for some time. He disappears for the whole night and comes back tired. Dora asked me to meet her because she is concerned about Maria's behavior.

The doorbell just rang.

  • Mark, it's Dora.

I opened the door.

  • Hello, Dora. What happened?
  • I don't know. Maria has been very scared from litte time. She looks scared. And recently I found this on her desk ...


  • Oh, what an ominous drawing. Did you talk to Maria about it?
  • Yes, she said the cat is a devil ...
  • The devil ?? Not possible, this is a cat like any other. I'll check it out for you.
  • Thank you, Mark.

The conversation with Dora made me believe that the Vampire's disappearances at night are actually disturbing.
That night I try myself checking out where my cat disappears for the night.
That night was exceptionally bright, bright moonlight streaming through the window.


The Vampire sliped away, I followed him.

Traces led me to a strange passage. On both sides of the entrance were guarded by two black cats.


I threw two pebbles. Confused cats ran after the pebbles. I just went through the passage. I found myself in a wetland. I could hear meowing and howling of wolves nearby. I hid behind a bush and watched the surroundings. I saw something terrifying. My cat celebrated a black mass surrounded by wolves. The altar was a human skull.


I got scared, I started to run away. The wolves chased me. Suddenly my cat standed in front of me.


He began to speak in a human voice.

  • What you saw were hallucinations. It is not happening to real.

I passed out. In the morning I woke up in my bed. The Vampire was gone, they would disappear somewhere ...
I wonder if this is a dream, is this cat really a devil ??
I met with Dora, I told her that the cat would disappear ... Dora did not hide her happeniss. I still wonder if it was a dream or a reality ...

AUTHOR: @deathtox

Thank you for your attention

A special thanks to the people who make up this wonderful community and motivate me to be creative:
@xpilar, @leveuf, @axeman, @adeljose, @jacorv, @franyeligonzalez and other.

Thank you.


Interesting story, my friend @deathtox.

Thanks for your entry to the contest.

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Thx my friend.

Me encanta, le colocaste una historia a tus imágenes y dibujos. Deberías continuarla como si se tratase de una serie, se ve bastante interesante. Me encanta leer sobre vampiros, lobos y magia 😁

Thank you very much for your words of praise. Your thought is very interesting ... Maybe I will actually start a series of short stories for the drawings :)

Sii, voy a estar allí para leerlas. Cada vez que el internet dejé. Jajaja

Thank you. It's very nice.