What is that?! Is it soap!?

Baby powder by Tupperware

Baby powder! Omg @carrieallen soap would not be one of my choices! 😂

Soap might have tasted better 😂😂😂 one of them flavored soaps

That's gross too! Baby Powder?! Meeeeeh!

You so crazy!

Powdered soap! Not everyhing can be powder Carrie!

Not keys! Powdered keys aren't keys at all!

Okay. Okay. I will have to concede on this one... A Powdered Key would no longer be useful... or a key....

Depends on what you guys mean by the word "key." If you use "key" as a nickname for "kilo" well.......

Powdered kilo's are often worth an awful lot. Just syain'

Yes. Yes. You are true. 😎

I really had to think about this. And look at all the things around the room 😂

Bwhahaha! I'm sure there are other things... probably.

All live creatures turn into compost :(