Win 5 SBD By Posting A Pic of Your Favorite Food And Commenting Why You Like It

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Hello, fellow Steemers! It is time for another "win that 5 SBD contest"!

What is your favorite food and why?

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That yummy thought inspired me to post a contest that lets you win easily 5 SBD! Yes, you read that right! You win 5 SBD by posting a picture of your favorite food in the comments section below and commenting why you like it. Your comment must be interesting enough.

Great, so what are the rules?

  1. Upvote and resteem this post first. I need to have the free publicity.
  2. Post a picture of your favorite food in the comments section below and comment why you like it. Your comment has to be interesting.
  3. Only one entry per Steem username account to be fair.
  4. The entry that I choose as the most interesting by the time of this post's payout will win 5 SBD.
  5. Entries without following the 4 rules will not be eligible to win.

Please read the rules well before submitting your entry! No more upvotes by bots this time to be fair to others as I'll be the one to judge!

5 SBD means really it's worth about 30 USD or more in today's current prices! Great! So what are you waiting for? Post your entry in the comments below now!



Beautiful vanilla pink frosting cake picked up today by my girls 6 and 2 for my Birthday. Life's priceless gift!!!

Happy Birthday!!! 🎉🎉🎉 I love the shade of pink frosting on this cake, good choice kiddos. It looks delicious.

Happy Birthday! Lovely cake that is.

Thank you. I love dark chocolate, but my 2 year old likes only pink, and as the youngest (with full blown terrible 2s) she makes lots of decisions lately :). It was delicious, they picked the perfect cake

Happy Birthday 🤗

I adore this ripe banana roasted in charcoal. It tastes like my mother, she is an expert in roasting them. She puts them to roast on a charcoal grill with its shell, in this way it avoids the loss of liquids, and it does not carbonize and the flavors are concentrated. The shell is removed when they are ready to serve. These roasted her. A delicacy for your palate with a home flavor. She always prepares them when we go for a walk, on the river beach, under the shade of a tree.


If you, like me, are fish lovers, surely you will not be able to resist the sea salad, especially in the hot summer days! It is a true triumph of molluscs, crustaceans and fish enclosed in a single dish, to be consumed as an appetizer or, even better, as a single dish

Number of food pizza is my favorite food because it tastes fabulous.My mom cooks the best pizzas in the world. I always ask her to make pizza.My parents always scold me for eating so many pizza all the time because pizzas are not good for health. I hate being sick because whenever I am sick I am not allowed to eat pizzas by my parents.


I did a post on these Tacos I made last summer !
😋 My Favorite Food Is Tacos ! 😋
So delicious , mouthwatering , fresh and crisp that are not only a lot of fun to make and eat as a finger food , but also offer a lot of creative ways to prepare them ! So to me , Any Time Is Taco Time !! Mmmmmm! 😋💕


This is called lechon baboy in Filipino or roasted suckling pig in English. This is a popular dish in the Philippines. It is often served in every occation. They roast the whole pig over charcoal until the meat is nice and tender and the skin is crispy. I don't have a picture of the whole pig. I only have the picture of the chopped part. My favorite is the skin. It's so tasty and crispy. It's also the one that gets devoured first. Just typing about it is already making me hungry. Imagine yourself holding it, you can smell the aroma of the lechon. Imagine biting it, you can hear the crunch in every bite. You can taste the flavorsome spices that was absorbed by the meat and skin. Can you feel your mouth watering?

Upped and resteemed for now @darthnava ! will return later today after I wake up to finish entering your awesome contest !👍👌😋

I am from the eastern part of Nigeria and my best food is called ofe onugbu(bitterleaf soup) with fufu. Bitterleaf soup is made from a leaf called bitterleaf and this bitterleaf is not only a source of food but it is also medicinal. It reduces excess sugar in the body and cures stomach upset. So while eating bitterleaf soup you are at the same time taking medicine. It is a very healthy soup with fills you and cure you at the same time. The fufu that goes with it is made by method of mixing and pounding separate equal portions of cassava flour thoroughly with water. Fufu is used to eat the ofe onugbu(bitterleaf soup). Why I like bitterleaf soup is because it is my local delicacy, it is very sweet and highly medicinal and why I like eating it with fufu is because it is the prefect swallow to go with it and also is very filling so once you have had just one meal of it you can carry on the whole day without feeling hungry and you will have enough energy to work for those that do stressful work.

@darthnava. My favorite food is a spinach, onion, and roasted garlic calzone from Savage Pizza. It is a really cool restaurant that I take friends from out of town to when they come for a visit and the food is awesome.

Good food and good friends. Excellent combination.
savage yummy.jpg

I love your contests 🤗

I have to go with, without a doubt,
Mac and cheese

To me it is the ultimate comfort food.
There's almost something sexy about eating a hot bowl of creamy, cheesy goodness..
It has never, ever let me down


My favorite food is MATCHA! Matcha say?
Well, matcha is matcha-mazing with great health benefits and is packed with antioxidants. There are a lot of matcha-matics involves in preparing matcha delicacies but they are truly worth it and can make you dance matcha-rena macarena, hijo y hija! Although I would love me some matcha-roni and cheese (which are a matcha made in heaven), I still prefer my matcha in dessert form. But I have to control and monitor my sugar intake. Hehe.

These are the reasons why matcha is my favorite. Hayyy, life is definitely so matcha better with some matcha around. I love you so matcha, matcha!

Hope this comment got your attention. Haha! I’m matcha newbie here in Steemit so being recognized will be matcha’ppreciated. :)

I love everything with matcha... It brought back memories from my trips to Japan.

Wow, the matcha in Japan is the most legit! :)

Yep, not easy to find good quality matcha in U.S.

Great initiative @darthnava!

Thanks, my friend! It is a good way to give SBDs to minnows.

Hello everyone, first tell you, that I love this entry, to know so many delicious foods from so many countries, food that did not even exist.
I am from the north of Spain, there is a lot of fishing and rich products.
But the King is the cod Pil Pil.
It is the dish that I like the most and I can afford it from my land.
The origin of this dish is many years ago, the port was closed by wars and there was only one boat in the estuary, he was loaded to overflowing with cod, these codfish lived our ancestors and this tradition comes.

Its ingredients are easy:
Icelandic cod dried to salt.
Virgin olive oil
Chilli peppers
Only desalinate the cod, put the oil with the chopped garlic and chilli to the fire and when they are golden add the slices of cod, remove from the heat and cradle until the oil is tied.

i love 🐔 chicken because it is healthy n also buy chicken we make many delicious food 😋 many item buy chicken like kabab ,kadahi chicken, khorma, n lot mny more item we make by chicken my favorite is also chicken today i make chiken karahi have look soo yuppy 😋😋IMG_20171228_220619503.jpg also kfc we make buy chicken 😋😋....

mang inasal... we have the best original inasal na manok in Bacolod city..


Cakes take "the cake" when it comes to comfort food that's why it's my favorite. Feel happy? Have a cake. Feel sad? Sweeten your sorrows with a slice...nah, a whole cake! 🎂

Cakes for all occasions and all colors, shapes and sizes and for all kinds of people! My favorite cake of course is shown in my avatar - Rainbow Cake! 🌈 - 7 different layers with 7 bright palettes and 7 different flavors, pleasing to both eye and palate. 😊

If you ever visit Bacolod, try Bacolod Cupcake Cafe's Rainbow Cake , it's Amazing! 👍

So Yes, cakes are my favorite food and it's not a lie. 😁


(Straight from @shenchen 's Kitchen)

SELDOM you will know of a Visayan or a Mindanaoan who does not love this.Its everyones favorite in every corner of its town all over each Region 😊 and in my Kitchen I prepare it the traditional way with my late Father's secret touch 😉 Fresh Barilis (Tuna Sashimi) is still the best in it seasoned and squeezed with BIASONG (Citrus micrantha) where its is commonly seen and is known in MINDANAO in particular. I live in the Northern Part of Luzon now, and I brought a plant of Biasong all the way from Mindanao to keep the KINILAW at its best 😊


I love 'Cauliflower fairy cottage flavored' because my mother made it. And it's very good for the health.

2 cups of potato gourd pieces
2 tablespoons of onion paste
1 teaspoon of garlic paste
Ginger paste 2 teaspoons
Yellow curry half teaspoon
2 teaspoons of red chilli powder
Coriander half tea spoon
Dry fenugreek 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
1 cup of tomato pieces
2 table spoons of oil
Coriander leaves crisp

First put the pan in the oil and spice the spices and fry the spices. Sprinkle the spices, cook them with nuts in a tomato piece, for 10 minutes. Now add potato pieces of potato, dry methi, and salt to taste and cook half a cup of water and let it cook for 20 minutes. Coriander and cauliflower just sprinkle coriander leaves on top.

i love carrot sweet the an indian delicious n healthy food my Screenshot_2018-01-20-19-35-40-460.jpeg mom make this for me with lot of luv 😋😋 😊😊😊

i love KFC chicken popcon because popcorn is spicy test ,crispy also n good for health also their are lot of protein find in chicken food so i like it also make mny item frm chicken 😋😋😋😋IMG_20180109_212409543.jpg

We have somewhat the same contest Sir! I hope we could collaborate soon hehehehe!

Yes, its a good way to giveaway SBDs while attracting upvotes.

If talking about food is all about, I am a lover of good food, one of the most exquisite delicacies that I like to eat is sushi, Japanese food !!! As a basic ingredient they use rice, accompanied by multiple ingredients from the sea and in some cases meat or chicken, why do I like it ??? Simple explanation and very simple that mixture of flavors that in the end its touch is the delicious soy sauce, or eels is a maddening mix, definitely my favorite!!! @gersson



My favourite food is of course none other than banana leaf rice. I get to eat my staple rice served on banana leaf (oh so very nature-feel) that usually comes with 3 side dishes of different vegetables cooked in 3 different styles, plus you get to flood your rice with the curry of your choice; whether chicken curry or crab or fish or mutton or dhal (lentil) or combination of a few/all curry. Usually banana leaf rice comes with pappadum, a thin crispy fried seasoned dough. BEST of BESTEST, you can eat this whole dish with your fingers. Finger-licking good plus don't need to wash cutlery and plate.

After that there is still lingering after-taste of curry on your fingers...hmmm😋 it is the most balanced nutritious taste-bud-tickling food. EVER! Never miss it!


I'm a gelato lover and this platter of banana fritters comes with four different flavoured gelato, how delightful can that be! The crispy banana fritters tasted superb and is definitely a great combo with the gelato! Who wouldn't love gelato right? :D They are smoothier than ice cream and they just help anyone destress!!! When I m stressed, I definitely go for gelato even though there is a warning within me to watch out for my weight. But when I see this, I totally can't hear anything about the warning anymore!!! Warning? What warning?! I only hear the gelato saying: eat me,eat me! I'm here to help you! You will feel better after this :P true enough, it works it's magic!!!

My favorite food is pork meat, I love it because it's the only thing I eat that tastes good in my mouth. Most of my friend laugh at me because of this single reason, but I still love it

It's called puffed rice I love it because it is easy to make.



This Thai red chicken curry with pineapple and litchi is one of my faves. I love how the sweet fruits soak the curry in, giving it a heightened taste. Of all the curries we've made, this one leaves memories on your tongue for hours after.


I loooove everything about lechon! Crispy on the outside, soft and tender meat in the inside. Pair it with the perfect vinegar or sauce and a hot steaming rice and I am solved. It's something that shouldn't go missing on special occasions especially during fiesta.

After munching on this high-in-cholesterol food, what could probably be the best thing to have next to this? Have some dessert in the form of moist cake or any pastries. Cakes are my favorite thing on Earth!

But here's the twist, this one on the photo above is actually a Lechon cake! Happy to see such a unique cake(although I'm a bit sad that it isn't a real lechon😂). All of these are edible except for the candle. You got me there! 😂

Sisig in Kuya Juan's.jpg

I like sisig because only Filipino ingenuity and adventurous tastebuds will see pig's face and ears and say to themselves "Hmm.. That will be delicious with a lot of onions.." 😁

I just love Poached eggs with Asparagus. Its my favorite comfort food. If your hungover or feeling lonely, eating some poached eggs on the window sill with some sun shining through just makes everything better.

P.s not my picture

I love how creamy and yoaky the center is. Combine this with the nutty goodness of asparagus and there is a orgasmic eplosion in your mouth.


delicious and nutritious and affordable!!! specially if it's hot and spicy! yummy!

Is that what I think it is 😮

I think that is spicy chicken feet adobo.

Ah, thanks, that's what I thought, unusual for me but would definitely try

the only type of food that i can cook, fried, hence my favorite since i am still starting to learn how to cook and i am my best to teach myself. it might be very plain and simple to others however for me it is already a great achievement :D. adulting is hard however i am loving it and everything that comes to it. cheers!


Hi @darthnava, thanks for this contest, have resteemed and upvoted. Here's my entry.

My favourite food is 'Nasi Ayam' or Chicken Rice. It's basically a set of rice, chicken, bean sprouts, soup, chilli, garlic & ginger paste and soy sauce. This is its normal set whenever you order chicken rice in Malaysia.

  1. The rice is cooked using chicken broth.
  2. The chicken is either steam or roasted.
  3. The bean sprout is stir fried with oyster sauce.
  4. The soup is chicken soup.
  5. The chilli is blended and mixed with vinegar.
  6. The soy sauce is mixed with sesame oil.
  7. The garlic and ginger is mashed together.

I eat it mostly during lunch and dinner. Hail the 'Nasi Ayam!' Cluck Cluck Cluck!🏆plus Ice Latte...YUMMY!



I fell inlove with american burgers. After having this meal, eating a burger here in the Philippines will never be the same again. This is the best burger I had so far and I was able to try it back when I had my vacation in the East Coast of US.


I haven’t tried In-n-Out and Five Guys yet and I’m excited to try both of them.


Hi @darthnava✋ My favorite food is Lechon...As we all know lechon is the all time favorite of almost all Filipinos and also known internationally. Even though it can cause high is still sinfully delicious and hard to resist. No one can resist Lechon😊..btw this is the photo of the pig that we've roasted during our visit to my uncle's place in an island called Maslog way back then. We bought the pig for only 1,200 pesos. And everyone on that Island enjoyed the feast for there were only few of them that lives there.


This is my favorite food, it originated from my region Aceh, Indonesia. We used to call it Mie (noodle), but the people who live in difference regions in Indonesia called it Mie Aceh (Aceh Noodle), I like this food because the taste is very delicious, aromatic and spicy. However, you can choose what you want, as if you can’t eat the spicy one you can ask the chief to cook not spicy. honestly, I have been eating this food since I was a Kid, it is like I am addicted to this food. Mie Aceh are present in three kinds like fried noodles (dry), noodle soup and Fried noodle wet. For meat that is in use can be customize with our tastes, because it does not reduce the taste and delicacy of the noodle. Menu to complement the presentation of Mie Aceh can usually added fried onions, crackers, cucumber, and lemon. The thick yellow noodle are served with slices of beef, meat or seafood, such as shrimp or crab. You can feel the aromatic of food when the chief cook it. I hope you can try it someday when you visit our country. But nowdays, it’s a bit hard to find the delicious one, because not all the people can make and cook it better.



The photos above I captured when I wanted to eat this food last week, I needed to go in small village nearest the mountain and far away from the highway to get a delicious one, I don’t know why they don’t want to find a place in the city and try to promote it, I believe they will get more money with selling it in the town.

This is ISAW

ISAW is a Filipino food. It is the intestines of a pig or a chicken. Do I sound so yucky? HAHAHA well, this one of the best and yummy street food (FOR ME). Of course, it is safe and clean to eat for it's washed inside and out for several times and then boiled before putting it on a stick and grilled it over the charcoal. When done, I preferred dipping it on a super spicy soysauce with calamansi!

I love this one coz aside from I could buy it at the cheapest price, I loved it because it is so delicious can't resist eating more and more of this. haha

It's so YUMMY! Try one :)



Nick named by world famous chef - Anthony Bourdain "Breakfast of Gods" never disappoint anyone during early morn's meal. Rich in flavour, loved by all Sarawakian's (or most of them) are combination of bee hon (rice vermicelli), shredded chicken meat, boiled prawn, shredded fried eggs and prawn based soup. Paired with spicy belacan (shrimp paste) mixed with lime juice, I am even drooling typing this.

Early morning, when sun just prepare thyself to rise, weather is cold and body is just starting to work, Laksa Sarawak can kick start everything with the flavors when you savour it in your mouth, and in my personal opinion, pairing it with Teh Tarik (pulled tea with milk) is ultimate combination, from within or outside Sarawak, Laksa never let you down.

Pasticho! It´s and have always been my favorite food. Pasticho is how venezuelan call "lasagna", although here we make this dish in many diferent ways besides the original recipe, so you can find it with bananas, eggplant or vegan.
I love it because its flavor combinations, red sauce with white cream, cheese, pasta, ground beef hummmmm my mouth is wet hahahaha. When I go to a restaurant sometimes I ask somthing different to eat, because I tell to myself "pasticho again??" So I ask barbecue or steak...But I still long for my pasticho.
I hope you like it too!
PS: It only matches with cocacola.



It is in Philippine tradition that in any occasion pansit is present, just like a birthday, Christening, Anniversary pansit is present, for lifelong & prosperity.
It is my favourite because it's loads of veggies and meat. And I remember my father who is very good in cooking pansit ( noodles). Pansit cause us to bond as family too, as I remember in my childhood, when we eat pansit cooked by my father, we are very happy waiting to be served😃.

Thank you very much I hope to win this contest it's a big help for me. Thank you for reading!


I love Döner because Döner makes beautiful.I like the meat and the bread very much and the vegetables


I believe in sayings that "GOOD FOOD FOR A GOOD MOOD"

Thats a fried isaw :) so crunchy, fresh and tasty. :D
Why i love it? I love that street food when i soak in a vinegar whin small cuts of onion, garlic and chilli <3 .. OMG my heart is beating so fast like a timer of a bomb :).

Fried isaw is the intestine of a cow, pork or chicken. When you fried it just put little bit of salt and dont forget make a tasty vinegar for it :)

I just typed and describing it now, but now my stomach is in trouble and I miss that fried isaw:( . I need to have it this coming weekend and its bcoz of this contest .LOL :D


This is a very cheap food. Price of iced Cheburek is 0,1$. In addition, it is easy to prepare. It is enough to fry in oil a few minutes. Me enough to eat 3-4 pieces for dinner. inside dough is minced meat with onion. It is tasty

I'm fun of seafoods, like lobster, crabs, Its good for our health source of copper that plays a role in energy production, it is also source of selenium,makes our body fight oxidative stress, contains zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B12, magnesium, vitamin E and of omega-3 fatty acids, less cholesterol.. I love to eat this kind of foods and with crabs, its delicious aligue which compose of the fats and eggs from the female crabs , seems to be tasty.. yummy.

Yet another philantropist.. @darthnava.. Im full time in this contest but it will be later in the night..


I really love to eat bagoong (fish salty sause / anchovies) and eggplant best of the best! popular here in the PH with fried tilapia!


Ichiban Boshi - Ramen with Kaarage.jpg

Picture is Kaarage Ramen, but my favourite food I've chosen (since I have many favourites) is Ramen, because it's just so easy to modify and doesn't play by any rules. You can get the stock in various styles that are sweeter or saltier or heavier on the soy. Thinner or Thicker noodles, which can be cooked more or less to give different textures, and then the additionals. Char Sui Pork most commonly for meat, but as in my image, that could be anything, including Fried Chicken! And other vegetables can be pretty much anything you want. You can vary the heat level as well if you want, and one of the other serves I had from this same place had Kim Chi to add in.

Add to all that with it being super tasty, very warming in winter and filling and it's just a great all around meal

This is garri and soup. I love the combination so much because as the African man would say "E day make my belle full" which means it satisfies.


BBQ! And Kansas City BBQ is the best! The pic I am using is from Jack Stack but there are oh so many different place to get unbelievable BBQ. And if you are ever in the Kansas City area, you got to get some burnt ends, it’s Kansas City specialty.


Kansas City BBQ is okay, better than that stuff up north, but Texas BBQ is really the best, especially the brisket. KC BBQ I would never turn down though.

I love this dish from Bicol, Philippines, for me it's mouth watering. The combination of ginger, vinegar, coconut milk are perfect for whale shark or sting ray meat while the chili's do enhance the flavor more especially when you put horseradish. I love it more when my father cooked it for me. The love and passion while cooking it can really felt, oh I miss my dad!

This is my favorite food, Spicy Curry Noodle.
I'm very like this food because spicy taste from the curry. Sometimes i add more chili powder or sambals cause i like food with spicy taste.
by the way for the noodles, i use instant noodles always. egg,shrimp or beef for topping is make it more delicious.


Representing my favorite food "champurrado". The reason why i love champurrado is aside from it was so delicious, champurrado was very special for me when i was a child. My mother use to cook this food every time i got sick. It is not just a simple food for me but also a way of my mother to show her undying love for me.


My favorite comfort food is Pansit Palabok. It is a Filipino cuisine made with delicious noodle topped with shrimp, smoked fish or pork flakes, ground pork cracklings and egg. Filipinos are known to have great affinity for noodle dishes.

Biryani one of the best favorite food in my life. Most of the day I eat biryani but flavor different because all the biryani's name in different restaurant. I like this food because it's looks delicious and also taste. And all the time biryani taste in my tongue. I think chief is the best to cook biryani so it's taste was awesome and day by day it's gonna favorite. I couldn't tell how I like this food very much. Only biryani is real. By the way I need a own restaurant where eat biryani 24 hours as a free. At the end Biryani in my tongue and biryani in my mind all the time.

My all time favorite crab. I never get tired of craving for this every meal if and only it is available in the table 😊😁😁. But just a reminder steemians eat this one occassionaly. Remember too much is dangerous.

Hmmm. Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum!


spaghetti with a runny egg, Because i love to run away from my problems.

Falling in love with this dish is very easy. Its crisp, light skin and soft, juicy and delicious meat is hard to ignore when set on the table. Litson or Lechon is almost always present in all feastings and celebrations all over the country. People are looking forward for the next time they will be able to taste. A friend of mine, a lechon fanatic, always gets lit up whenever lechon is served. Why is there so much anticipation and excitement over this? Mainly because of two things: its taste and its price.images (8).jpeg
It is Cebu's best just like me.

I love to eat " bandeja paisa " because in each bite you feel the flavors of a whole region. Regards

I'm getting a little trypophobia from the beans. Huhu.

This looks and sounds delicious!

This is Bean porridge and plantain. I love it because in a twisted way, I think it makes me grow taller.

🤣 you can always try, right?

My favorite food is durian because I can scare people with its smell after eating them. If I need a time alone for myself and there's people want to disturb, I just need to burp out and they will run away because of the smell. It's almost like I'm having a super power after eating it. Also, it's my favorite because it is so delicious! :D


Here I present a typical dish of Ecuador but beyond that I am from Venezuela I tell you that this is my favorite food for its taste that is unmatched as it is an aphrodisiac meal and after eating this dish in less than 30 minutes it makes you very hard with desire to have sex and when being in the heat of sexual act under the effects of this food you have a strength and a resistance that makes every woman crazy. the truth is that the foods that have sea products have sexual magic and a lot of tropical flavor where at the moment of tasting a bite it feels like a party in your mouth for such reason this is my favorite dish

Aquí les presento un plato típico del Ecuador pero mas allá que soy de Venezuela les cuento que esta es mi comida favorita por su sabor que es inigualable ya que es una comida afrodisíaca y luego de comer este plato en menos de 30 minutos te pone muy duro con ganas de tener sexo y al momento de estar en pleno acto sexual bajo los efecto de esta comida tienes una fuerza y una resistencia que a toda mujer vuelve loca. la verdad que las comidas que poseen artículos del mar tienen magia sexual y mucho sabor tropical donde al momento de probar un bocado siente como una fiesta en tu boca por tal razón este es mi plato favorito

![[email protected]]()

thank you @darthnava for this opportunity that tells us about our favorite food hopefully this competition continue to support gastronomic stories greetings

Win 5 SBD By Posting A Pic of Your Favorite Food And Commenting Why You Like It

Cachapa with cheese is a delicious Venezuelan dish very divine fascinates me very much

This is a Indian famous Dish called Bhel. This picture is not taken from the Internet but it is original picture. Today i told my mom to make this dish and today i also see your contest so I am very excited to participate this contest.
The Bhel is my favourite dish because it is very spicy & delicious food and after put it in your mouth you will not stop to eat a full plate.with lemon the Bhel become more spicy. The spicy test of Bhel i can't explain you how it is.

So my favourite dish is Bhel.

CREAM PUFF with Chocolate Glaze


Yummy!!! Cream Puffs , this is my favorite desserts everytime, I want to ate this all the time. The outer part of this shines with the Chocolate glaze and filled with heavenly cream that makes it more fluffy. These are the features that I want in a great cream puff. And I just ate lasttime after our clinic. 'Cause I'm dying for Chocolate cream puffs this day!!

My favorite food is Tamales, it is like a sticky rice with sugar and coconut milk wrapped in a banana leaves.

It is so delicious and mouthwatering. You will surely enjoy the taste with coffee together while you are sitting outside of your home. 😊


Did your mouth also waters when you see my favorite food? That's why i love it! My senses know what food shoud be my favorite. Hahaha!


Potjiekos, in South Africa ( called small pot food) we make this outside on coals and cook it for a couple of hours, you can use meat, fish, chicken, or a vegatable one as well. The food is placed into the cast iron pot into layers, first onions, garlic, ginger and your spices and herbs, then you put the meat and let it brown, then you place in the potato, then carrots, then cauliflower or any kind of vegatables, than you put on mushrooms, tomato, salt, pepper. add beer or wine. you can also add chilli.
Close the lid and let it cook, check every hour or so, add coals to keep the heat. When cooked enjoy with rice, pasta or pap (mielie meal)

So this is my favorite food. Pizza ❤ Pizza is the best food on earth and nothing can change that 😁😁 i love pizza because its unique taste, melty and mouthwatering cheese 😋 and I always been craving for pizza no matter what 😀 We can create pizza any ingridients to put as long as you like it. & we can eat pizza for any meal of the day! So eat pizza as much as you want it🍕🍕🍕


Water is my favorite food. It is a fundamental need for all human. I chose water as my favourite food after I saw its effect on my uncle who was supposed to undergo a surgical operation due to the fact that he had kidney stone. Before the operation, a Doctor advised him to be taking water regularly, that there will be changes. To our surprise, he didn't need the operation any more. Water therapy saved him. To many water is not regarded as good but in truth, water is one of the classes of food. When i wake up, water is the first thing i take even before doing a few exercises. It flushes away toxins in my body and it makes for easy bowel movement. Water is readily available where i live but to make it purer, i boil the water to kill germs in it and make it safer for drinking. No matter the aroma or tastes of some delicacies, I will always pick water as my favorite.Thanks @darthnava for the opportunity


I love this for lunch. Namely rice +carrots, potatoes, shrimps soup + fish. I love it because all the ingridiences are fresh and healthy... it based on my opinion. he he he

I prefer eat salat in my rest time.

fruit is always good to your health.

kay makigpatay akong bana basta kinilaw nay hisgutan! (my husband would kill for this) :D thus it becomes my favorite too.


This is my favorite food. It is called MASAREAL. I actually submitted a blog about this food few weeks ago.

This is one longtime favorite of mine which is unfortunately not available in our city. It is sold and originally from Cebu City.

I used to ask my friends who are travelling to Cebu to buy for me some Masareal. My wife also do the same for me, if one of her colleagues needs to go to Cebu for whatever purpose she knows already what to do, to let that person buy some masareal for me.

Maybe the reason why I like it so much is because of its taste not to mention the fact that it is indeed a healthy food because the main ingredient is peanuts – which is considered also as the world’s healthiest foods, it is rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants that are important for optimum health.


This one’s my favorite since I was a kid. Anything with pasta with any sauce i could eat them all. Just like the photo below, I went out due to my cravings and go straight to my fave pasta house. Upon ordering 3 pasta meals, the cashier then ask me if for how many person and I said Just me! (she was shocked hahha) I ate them all myself. Hahaha


fettuccineXgarlicbread fettuccineXpiadina spaghettiXpiadina



Fondant cake for my 1st nephew.
Made by yours truly ❤️

Hi @darthnava, thanks for hosting this great contest. Just curious, how long will this contest last? When is the end date?

Tomorrow Saturday 1/27, it ends.

Noodles!!! 😊


Lemme give an intro first

I'm an Engineering student who's very very much involved in extracurricular activities. Meaning, I have little time for myself.

Now that we're done with that,

I love 'indomie' noodles and fried egg, as seen in the picture because;

  1. It's so easy to cook (Don't judge me, I've explained already)

  2. It doesn't require plenty ingredients.
    I could make them with cabbages, carrots, green peas/beans, habanero papper, onions e.t.c...
    But, it could also work with just the pepper and onions. Hence, less money spent

  3. It takes such a short time to make noodles (especially if you're not using all those ingredients)

  4. I love the seasoning in indomie packets. I don't know so much about other noodle types but indomie has the best seasonings in it.
    Plus, the aroma 😋

  5. I love fried eggs a lot; the mixture of the tastes of indomie and fried egg is just a slice of heaven

  6. Finally, Indomie is cheap.

Who wouldn't love it???



My favourite food is Afang soup :). It's a local dish prepared by the South- South people of Nigeria, that is, mostly Akwa Ibom and Cross River. And I just happen to be from Akwa Ibom.
Afang Soup is most times made from Okazi leaves and Water leaves. Then you add several other ingredients such as periwinkles, stock fish, roasted fish, meat, etc.
It is my favourite cause of its nutritional value. And here are some of it's health benefits:

  • Afang soup is rich in essential dietary fibre. Dietary fibres which have proven to be very good for weight loss and it helps prevent constipation.
  • The Okazi leaves used is rich in iodine. Iodine helps prevent goitre.
  • It contains alot of anti-oxidants which are important in preventing oxidation
  • The water leaf component helps slow down the digestion and conversion of starch to simple sugars.

I love pickles! Especially from my garden. These were grown from seed and harvested and pickled last summer! I have one jar left!


The food above is a mixture of Indomie noodles, fried plantain and fried egg. Its what Nigerians usually call student's food cos its very fast and easy to prepare. Its yummy, well spiced and nutritious with a bottle of water to gulp it down to aid digestion. I love this food cos apart from being yummy, its very quick to prepare. Under 5-7 minutes, its done and ready to eat. This is my own noodles style and i love it

I'm a nigerian by nationalization and here in nigeria, we have great taste for our home made dishes.
Fufu and egusi is a food i love so much, no matter how filled i am, my mouth salivates whenever i see it.
It's makes my feel at home
It nourishes my body
It also strengthens my muscles and i appreciate it because i'm involved in some gymnastic activities.
Egusi soup is made from melon while fufu is an outcome of cassava.
Darthnava, if you eat a well prepared egusi with fufu, you will definately forget your name.


The best noodle dish is Vietnamese beef Pho. The only thing better than Pho is home cooked Pho. I can eat Pho for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime of the day for that matter. The 4 hours it takes to craft the perfect beef broth, prepare the various meats, and cut the fresh herbs from my garden is well worth the pure bliss that I feel when I taste the many layers of flavor that explodes in my mouth from a good bowl of Pho. The steaming hot broth warms my body, while the fresh herbs awakes my senses, and finally the light rice noodles and different cuts of meats add texture to this perfect ensemble of flavors. I wish you could enjoy a bowl with me.


This Africa dish is one favorite most africans, cooked by most restaurants is very cheap to cook for the averaged Nigerian, With just recipe of tomatoe and pepper you good to go... Cooked with either chicken or any accompaniment. This food is a natural appetite drug for someone who is lost all appetite to eat, just because of the okro(that green stuff in the food). Give a child who is sick and has lost his appetite to eat, this food and the child would eat all of it and ask for more... When you are oportuned to visit Africa ask for Okro and obe ata soup and you would have it serve on your table best hot.. Hmmmm.... I still mama cooking it in the kitchen am off to eat. 😉😉😉😉

Homemade idli-sambhar made by my mother.😋😋😋

I love this dish from my childhood.
It is so much spicy and delicious.
Because of its spicy taste I love it.

Thanks @darthnava for sharing this post.😊

My fevorite food is Ciken fry ..😍😍😍
Cz ..its veryy yummy..
I really love it

My favorite food is fruits and vegetables. The are good to the body and norishes it.DQmRZYr4ThQNY2yWNS5risiPvtSmGdKTbUpKjhcKUYydSU1_640x480.jpeg

My favorite food is Korean Pork Belly BBQ dipped in sesame oil with salt and Korean bean paste sauce with rice or wrapped in lettuce. I find this combination really unique yet the ingredients blend very well. The spicy version of this Korean Pork Belly BBQ is also something that you will never forget. Actually, I really find almost all Korean food to be very delicious and are very well-thought of. Indeed most of these foods are healthy combinations yet they taste deliciously unique.

*Image from Google Search Results

My favorite food is Vietnamese beef noodle soup “Pho”. Aside from the fact that It’s my country national food, ![it’s a soup that’s being loved by the world, I guess? When I was young my grandmother usually cooks this for me, now that I’m studying abroad not any noodle shop can beat her cooking. This bowl is just contains so much nostalgia and childhood memories

The beef bone and oxtail is being braised for 8 hrs with some special herbs and magic ingredients ;) topped with lots of veggies and sriracha sauce. Try it once and I promise you’ll be asking for more:)


Found this food in Baguio City's Night market! Im not sure if its a quail or a chick and I dont even know what they call it. But it is delicious though

I can actually eat anything. I love eating but can say no to most of the food in I'm dieting. But desert I just can't say no to them. I love desert i can live just having desert. It's my happy pill

I love all sort of dessert and bun! One of it is Hong Kong style polo butter bun and egg tart. Polo means pineapple in Cantonese but you can't find any pineapple in the bun. So it's like a sweet and crunchy type butter bun. The incredibly delicious polo butter bun taste soooooo good if it's served hot, with a cold sliced butter in it.

I love rich buttery kind of egg custard for egg tarts. it is so easy to make but I really wonder why does people need to queue for long time and pay so much for a single piece of egg tart? I'm one of them hahah! That's reward for my taste buds! So fat but it makes me happy!


nice funny post,i like it
my fevourite food is barger

Nasi goreng has been called the national dish of Indonesia.

Nasi goreng, literally meaning "fried rice" in Indonesian and Malay, can refer simply to fried pre-cooked rice, a meal including stir fried rice in a small amount of cooking oil or margarine, typically spiced with kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), shallot, garlic, and chilli and accompanied by other ingredients, particularly egg, chicken and prawns.

But, in every nasi goreng small shop or nasi goreng stand or restaurant or even homemade, has their own recipe. Maybe like has their own characteristic. None has the same taste. But, it might be similar.

This is nasi goreng small shop and nasi goreng stand look like:

Deep-Fried Adobo Tuna Tail (Yellow Fin Tuna)

Interesting, isn't it? At first you will wonder how the TWO dishes; Deep-Fried and Adobo, were combined.

Deep fried is literally deep fried in oil while Adobo is sauted in soy sauce and vinegar with seasonings.

My attention was caught by its name, how can the Adobo be Deep-Fried or how the Deep-Fried will be Adobo?!?!?! So even it costs a bit, we ordered it....


Hmmmmmmmmm.... The smell of it is already a dish!!! 😋😋😋

So it excites me: "I hope it's smell is a promise of heavenly taste!"

And YES! The taste is a perfect madness... I indulged myself with every bite of it. 😍😍😍

It's skin is sooo crunchy, you can hear every piece of it while the meat is juicy til it's soft fats that is sooo tender... it's taste has a punch and remarkable, you can't help but ask for extra rice!!! 🤣🤣🤣

I am now feeling hungry reminiscing that captivating taste but I am toooo far to start the craving!!! 😥😥

The restaurant is called Yellow Fin located at Torres Street or Ecoland, Davao City, Philippines.

You may check my blog about my Yellow Fin experience. 😊 create a great post.... i am excited and impressed to see your post..... i waiting for your next post....i wish for your best of luck brother


Yakiniku is the best for me aside for being delicious it is fresh meat with fresh vagetables and mostly with glass of beer.

I totally adore lechon kawali! And as a filipino, foodie & Star Wars fan all rolled into one, i personally think that this is what porgs might taste like in real life. Deep Fried 'Porg' Belly, things won't get any better than that!😂