Win 5 SBD By Posting A Pic of Your Favorite Drink And Commenting Why You Like It

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Hello, fellow Steemers! It is time for another "win that 5 SBD contest"!

What is your favorite drink and why?

Pixabay image

That thirst-quenching thought inspired me to post a contest that lets you win easily 5 SBD! Yes, you read that right! You win 5 SBD by posting a picture of your favorite drink in the comments section below and commenting why you like it. Your comment must be interesting enough.

Great, so what are the rules?

  1. Upvote and resteem this post first. I need to have the free publicity.
  2. Post a picture of your favorite drink in the comments section below and comment why you like it. Your comment has to be interesting.
  3. Only one entry per Steem username account to be fair.
  4. The entry that I choose as the most interesting by the time of this post's payout will win 5 SBD.
  5. Entries without following the 4 rules will not be eligible to win.

Please read the rules well before submitting your entry! No more upvotes by bots this time to be fair to others as I'll be the one to judge!

5 SBD means really it's worth about 20 USD or more in today's current prices! Great! So what are you waiting for? Post your entry in the comments below now!


My Favorite Drink on a hot summers day , or when i am watching the hockey game on Saturday night ( Hockey Night In Canada ! ) is having a Nice Ice Cold Beer ! its crisp , refreshing taste , goes down nice and smooth ! "As one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world ! " Mmmmm, bubbly and Delicious , with Beer Nuts served on the side ! CHEERS MY FRIEND !! Upped and resteemed @darthnava ! 🍺🍻🍺🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻
This photo is from a post I did last summer on steemit !

Great contest @darthnava ! upped and resteemed , I will be bck to enter soon !!👍✌💕🍸🍺🍻🍷🍹🍶☕🍵🍮

Imperial Beer.

Costa Rica's Beer! Pura vida!

A proper cup of British tea, there is NOTHING that can compare...


As for the reason, I can best sum this up in the medium of song... Enter my esteemed colleague Professor Elemental:

Oh and Mr Jack Buchanan:

I'd say more but all this is making me thirsty and I can hear the kettle whistling!

The name of this drink is "Grind it pear".
This beverage is made of pure fruit.
It is famous as the best drink for hangover relief.
This is the most effective drink hangover drink you've ever drank.
The feeling of fresh fruit juice. This can be enjoyed in Korea.
This beverage is called "갈아만든 배" but it is called IDH in foreign countries.
It is said that the word "배" in Korean name appears as I.D.H in foreign eyes.

How do you see this picture?

This is me drinking/enjoying a 'Duvel'. This is one of Belgium's fine beers. The taste is great. You have to treat it with respect.


The brewery is next to a highway. On the building it is written in Dutch : 'ssst hier rijpt den Duvel'. This means ' shh be quiet, Duvel beer is ripening here'.


Beer is a very old drink, coming from the time it was unsafe to drink water.
Up to now in Belgium they are able to keep a real beer culture. I'm part of that culture.

Citronella infusion
I like this infusion for several reasons.
To begin this infusion you can take it both warm and cold.
If you are tired or tired an infusion of citronella will help you relax and release all that stress that causes weight, it is also good for muscle pain, flatulence and spasms.
This infusion has antidepressant, febrifuge, analgesic, antibacterial actions, among others.
You can also take it cold with lemon, sugar and some mint leaves, I assure you it is very refreshing and delicious.


Well my favourite drink which i like tge most is apple juice. As i like it most because it is more versatile fruit and good for health as for drinking as well as eating. The most of its production take place in china, even it has many colours like reddish and pinky ted and green etc.

As today apple is eaten raw and even also be drinked as it is obtaining good responses from world wide.

There are many benefits of apple juice, some of them are:-

  • Increase heart health
  • cleans liver
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • reduce problem like asthama.......

_In last I want to say that drink good and be healthy_.

images (2).jpeg

Roses are red, violets are blue, water is good, but coke is better 😁

My favorite drink and the best thirst quencher for me is Buko Juice or Coconut Juice !

Image credits: Flickr
Perfect for summer!
Aside from the refreshing sensation and the delicious taste of the coconut juice, it is also rich in vitamins and minerals, it also has antioxidants which is good for the body. Drinking coconut juice or coconut water has numerous health benefits, one of those is that it is a good diuretic too.

It is also affordable too! In our country, you can buy one buko or coconut for only 35 to 40 Php or less than 1 USD, so that's only 0.005 sbd! But there are lots of coconut trees in our country, you can find it everywhere. Sometimes we just ask one of our neighbor's permission to climb up their coconut trees and get one coconut for free!

My favorite drink is a 3 in 1. Made of beet, carrot and orange. traditional drink in my country Venezuela. Its flavor is strong but very delicious, refreshing and energizing. ideal for a day of hangover or thirsty.
A rich blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. They have to prove it


In addition to being one of the best rums in the world is made in my country Venezuela and its taste is fantastic, a subtle oak flavor.

Here's mine. Usually in the form of a gnt. Love gin because it's actually proven to be beneficial to your health.


@darthnava make my own shake to build and recover. this nitrotech blend is best. great blend of proteins plus i put oats, chia seed and flaxseed for absorbtion and omega hit. This gives me a good recovery and building good muscle.


This drink is Kombucha! I could tell you all the reasons why it's a great drink... (Because it's healthy... And tasty... And a GREAT alternative to soda) buuuuut... I think you want to hear how it colored my entire kitchen PURPLE! 😱
Kombucha is naturally effervescent... Which means if it's in a closed bottle, you CAN'T shake it or the pressure will build up!!!! I had made blackberry kombucha (the one on the left) strawberry (the one in the middle) and passion fruit (the one on the right).
I put some extra of the yummy blackberry kombucha into a pretty Grolsch bottle and left it for a few days to get EXTRA bubbly. 😋
When it was ready, I couldn't WAIT to drink it... but it had a few bits of fruit on the bottom. Soooooo, I swirled it a little bit and went to open the top and.... BOOOOOM!!!!💥 That bottletop shot off like a rocket and blackberry kombucha was EVERYYYYYWHERE! on the counters, on the cupboards, dripping from the ceiling...ughhhhhh!!! It took me an hour to clean up!!! But the worst part???? Instead of sipping my delicious drink- I was WEARING it! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

For me, the best drink is coconut water. I live in india and the heat here is insane. A Refreshing coconut water helps me quench my thirst as well as keep the body temperature in control. You might as well read the benefits of the coconut water from here Thank you!coconut-water-e1466173173922.jpg

my favorite drink is cocada. It is a typical drink of my country Venezuela, it is made as its name indicates with coconut and it is mixed with pieces of ice, milk, sugar, condensed milk and if the person likes cinnamon. It is very tasty and refreshing very characteristic and common in the Venezuelan coasts because of the heat. Since it has a natural base, it has benefits. There are several nutrients that are acquired by tasting: phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E and C, folic acid and fiber. I hope you try it.


This is one of my favorite drink, it name is milk. Yeah, I knew you already knew it. I drink it when rainy day to warm up my body, and sometimes I drink it when need nutrition I mean (inspiration) to write something.



This is one of my favourites drinks, a rum and coke. Its best enjoyed with 4 others!

mqdefault.jpgThis is my favorite drink.This is a local drink which is called Borhani.We usually have it after having some heavy food.It helps to digest food very well,it is very nutritious drink.You can avoid acidity because of heavy eating by drinking this drink.Borhani is very delicious indeed.Whenever i drink this it make me feel refreshing.People in our country in marriage ceremony after having their food they look for this drink.@upvoted and resteemed

Good day everyone! Thanks for this interesting contest @darthnava 😇
Here's my entry 😊

I have discover this new fruits shakes & juice stall "Bare Fruit" in Mactan Island Mall just this month of February.
I'm happy that i discovered this because it is affordable and healthy. First to catch my attention is the "Guyabano Shake" guyabano is one of my favorite fruit and im looking for this Natural flavor guyabano shake if im going to buy a shake. As we know, guyabano is one of the healthiest fruit. I like the taste of guyabano that it's sweet & a bit sour hhhmmm hehehe while typing this my mouth is craving for it even at this dawn time, im salivating 😁
Guyabano is believe to have a Natural cancer cell killer. May help lowering blood pressure and boost immune system. Good for the bones and prevent UTI. I also remember my childhood days when we we're playing and going to vacant lot where there are grasses and some fruit trees, guyabano is one of the fruit tree that's there and we get the fruits just for free not like this days that we need to buy so that we can eat. The ingredients for their shake & juice are, fruit, milk, sugar, water, ice. The last time i bought i requested for a lesser sugar to be put than the usual amount.
I also like there other Flavor of shakes & juices and want to try other flavors. As to think that it's made of Natural fruits, not just fruit flavor powder it makes me to love it than other drinks that cost as much as this. It's best to choose this healthy, nutritious & delicious drink.
Kanpai! Cheers! 😇

All the best! More Powers and GOD BLESS US ALL!


I can't live a day without you...

This drink is not only my favorite but my companion too. We have been together since my 1st year in High school, haha!
I discovered this interesting caffienated drinks during review for my final exams, due to much lessons I needed to put everything in my brain and there are times that they are poping out in my mind and I get too sleepy and tired. 😂
My mom told me to drink a cup of hot coffee before doing reviews and homeworks, and its like magic! Its so wierd for a hot drink with a refreshing effect for me. And it became my daily dose, in the morning and before doing a particular task. Its like a fuel in my system everytime I drink coffee.
Until I discovered that it is also best after meal and a bonding element with friends while chit-chating. Also, it serves as my stress reliever.
Ah mother always knows best! 😊😊

Photo captured by my Sony Alpha Nex-3.
Thank you!

best drink.jpg

These are the best drinks by for for three different reasons:

  1. They give you energy
  2. They burn calories while giving you energy
  3. I get paid a % of what I spend on them each month back, so I get paid to drink them!!!

And that doesn't even mention the fact that they taste delicious!


It has to be a proper cuppa. Being a typical Brit a good cup of tea fixes everything... poorly - “oh a nice cup of tea might help”? Happy - “cuppa to celebrate?”, heartbroken - “let me put the kettle on and grab a monster pack of biscuits!!” Haha.

No putting the milk in first though! Needs to be a nice strong brew 😉


Coffee, what else?

My mix of Fortissio Lungo with coffee mate double chocolate.

Because, it makes me alert, focused and better at decision making. Because, I'm grumpy when I can't have my caffeine dose. You wouldn't like that. Because my good moods are sponsored by coffee. I never needed inspirational talks, I needed coffee.

Coffee makes everything better. Coffee is my survival juice.

I love your idea for this contest. Amazing......


I give you a cup of coffee,
so I assure my participation with cache
in this lightning contest that I watched
in my community of Steemit yesterday.

I love coffee
have a cup at sunrise
in the company of my cat Fernanda
I feel my senses burn

Yo te entrego una taza de café,
asi aseguro mi participación con caché
en este concurso relámpago que observé
en mi comunidad de Steemit ayer.

El café me encanta
tomar una taza al amanecer
en compañía de mi gata Fernanda
siento que a mis sentidos hacen arder

Aqui les cuento porque la Pepsi es mi bebida favorita

Mi bebida favorita es la Pepsi, desde chamo tomar refresco era sinónimo de fiesta y alegría, ahora de grande representa muchas facetas, desde saciar la sed en un día de calor, a los días de almuerzos especiales que es indispensable acompañar la comida con una Pepsi con bastante hielo, un viaje a la playa además de llevar las respectivas chucherias es ley llevar una pepsi también, una tarde de ocio en donde me ataca la ansiedad nada mejor que una Pepsi y un cheesetrees, cuando voy al cine unas buenas cotufas y una Pepsi, cuando salgo con los panas tomamos ron y a mi en particular me gusta ligarlo con Pepsi, aquí en mi país Venezuela se le llama cubalibre a ese trago y tomamos mientras la guitarra suena al ritmo de una buena canción, mi esposa me enseñó a comer pan majándolo en la Pepsi bien fría demasiado sabroso, por estas razones nada mejor que una Pepsi, y en mi casa nunca falta una en la nevera, eso si la original, nada de Light.

i'm very like coffee mixed with a little milk inside. Bitter taste still dominant and milk just give a little bit sweet.
I'm drink it twice a day and i'll do it everyday.
Sorry for the picture, because i just finished my cup of coffee with less milk called "Sanger" in my province Aceh, Indonesia


You had me at "CHOCO BANANA SHAKE"

I have been loving Choco Banana ever since I started going to Boracay which is almost every summer. So crazy good! Boracay is the most famous beach resort in the Philippines. Jonah's Shake has been an institution. It has never failed in giving out some the best shakes in the island.

There's nothing like relaxing on a beach of clear water and white sand with an alcoholic fruitshake in hand. Yes, you can have your shake with alcohol or none, you choose. The addition of milk gave the shake a good creamy taste. It is a bit expensive no doubt but it has got to be the best tasting fruit shake on the island. And like most food in the Philippines, they not only taste like heaven. Sooo good! Perfect for the hot weather between swims and long walks. Fruit shakes are just so perfect in 32 degrees heat. Travel bloggers always recommends this drink. If you're looking for a light buzz and a great taste, try the banana choco peanut with rum. Happy buzzing!


Tastes very refreshing each and everytime. Best served ice cold anytime of the day. Cheers!!!!


Dreaming about the delicious Choco Banana Milkshake. I loved it so much that I had it almost every day when I was in Boracay.


Fruit smoothies are my favorite drink. They can be of different combinations, I love the acid and creamy flavors, such as strawberry with blackberry and orange, strawberry with banana, blackberry with pineapple. Actually these drinks with very refreshing, especially when they are prepared as frappé. Nothing more nutritious, delicious and refreshing like a good fruit smoothie!


AVENA mi bebida favorita , la puedes preparar de distintas formas , fría o caliente , es muy nutritiva y te brinda mucha energía , ademas es rica en vitaminas del complejo B y puede ser consumida por niños y adultos y es muy fácil de preparar.


My favorite drink next to water! :) A cup of hot chocolate every morning or cold weather just soothes the whole me. It's like superman's Lois Lane or Popeye's Olive Oyl, a man's happiness, their happiness! And me? Nah! I just have cup of hot chocolate. That will do it! Lol! :D

This is my entry. My favorite drink is FRESHMILK which is ANCHOR full cream milk. I used to drink this for almost a year because I love the super creamy tatse😊
I have a routine to drink this yummy fresh milk, In the morning,before I start my exercise because I always go to the gym, I have to drink first my freshmilk. Actually I have read so many articles that is better to drink milk first before going to exercise for it is good for the bones. So i did 😊

Also in the evening, before I go to sleep. I do believe that the best time to have milk is before heading to bed because it can help me to sleep better. 😊
So drink milk everyday 😊

(Actually, I drink this milk just this morning @8:30, And after finish drinking, I took a picture of it 😊)

Every weekend, me and my co-workers drink Asahi beer moderately. Aside from it was our routine it is also our way of having bonding together and our way to relieve stress from the very tiring work.



A cup of Coffee! Anyday, anytime!
Because I need it to survive!
As a medical student, I need coffee to survive the incredible amount of workload given in medical school.
It helps give me the much needed extra hours of a day to keep up with everything.
So, God bless Coffee! And @darthnava too!

Esta bebida es mi preferida, por que es riquísima refrescante sana y nutritiva aqui mi link :

It must be Dr. Pepper!
I only had tasted it like, less than 10 times i guess, because they dont sell it here in Venezuela. I only had the chance to drink it in the US. For me, it's like a Super Saiyan Coke. I specially brought a bunch of them here to drink it at my wedding party!

This is my favorite drink the "Lemongrass with lemon (tea/juices)" This is my favorite drink simply because it tastes so good & aside from that it can also gives a good healthy benefits! there's nothing else I could ask for.

Thank you for this another interesting contest more power and godless everyone!!

I prefer MUM drinking water. It is almost same taste every time. Top class brand and quality of the country. I think if anyone drinking frist time and next time will want this. When I drink this water, I feel safe and refresh. So it will be top, Wouldn't it?

my favorite drink the papelon with lemon, since it refreshes when it is very hot and I can accompany it in the meals
WhatsApp Image 2018-02-20 at 17.21.47 (1).jpeg

If you dont make life fun,that is no life at all just keep taking chances and having fun. No one looks stupid when they are having fun. Time flies whether you are having fun or not. The choice is yours.

stay blessed and have a fun full and joy full life...


That is "ice cold MILO" - one of my favorite chocolait drink which gives me energy throughout the day. Best served when chilled and goes with my Breakfast....

This is the Brazilian Favorite-a Caipirihna, by far the most DELICIOUS drink- like a sweet Mojito.
You drink it and you go to heaven. I used to dream about drinking it :P
trust me, you will when you try it too lol

My favorite drink is malt, specifically from the Polar brand. It is known in Venezuela and in some countries as Maltinpolar. I love this drink because it is nourishing and revitalizes part of it makes you active when you are down. The malt I love is a drink made from cevada, it does not contain alcohol.

drink 2.jpg


Water is really favorite of all, almost all flavored drinks are delicious from sofdrinks juicea and such , but qater is really rhe one for me , because rhis one eases my thirst even i already drink flavored ones i still choose to drink water after because this one satisfy me . also i feel like when i am drinking water it cleanses me. when i have headache i drink water it's gone , water for me also curea a lot of my pains in my body , so definitely this ia the best drink for me , aside from the fact that it's cheaper than any other drinks


The drink that I like to drink is Isotonix OPC-3. It is basically a health supplement or dietary supplement. It was in the form of powder: crystal-like powder that I will have to mix with water

The reason why I like to drink Isotonix OPC-3 is because it taste like berry. The I ngredients in OPC-3 include red wine extracts, pine bark, bilberry, citrus and grape seed.

I would say that this is the best taste of a health supplement that I ever tried.

and my drink is coffee and I really like it on friend coffee. and hopefully friends like it!

Coca Cola- Because it's the real thing.

of course Turkish coffee. I am addicted to it. after breakfast in the morning, when I'm talking to friends, so I can drink anytime. the reasons are very clear ... happiness, running metobolism and keeping me alive. I love turkish coffee.I can not live without it :)
![FB_IMG_1519131530642.jpg]( @dartnova thanks..

Water is the best natural remedy.Drink your way to better health.Water is the driving force of all nature.A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man....
stay blessed thanks for sharing the post:):)


For me, I choose ice cold creamy coffee. Why coffee because I'm a night person and since I am working on graveyard shift I often drink coffee to keep me alive & awake all night long during my working hours. As fare as I know coffee has caffeine that will helps you be more active & alive so that's why I love coffee because it does a lot of help for me. Hope your contented with my choice. Thanks for reading😁😁😁

save water to save life


My favorite young coconut water, because water to young is very useful for our body and skin and coconut water is also contained cytokines or one of growth hormone. and coconut water is also very good for digestive health because coconut water contains enzymes that can help the digestive system and metabolism in the human body.

You got a 22.28% upvote from @allaz courtesy of @darthnava!

Yoohoo is gonna be my favorite drink. Despite being my favorite I don't really drink it that often, partially because it's not very healthy for you and also partly because just not that many stores carry it so I don't often get it.

I like it because when I get a sweet tooth instead of having a piece of cake or something like that I'll just have a yoohoo and also it reminds me of my childhood

it is really nice picture
Well, my friend, you are a really successful person

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