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So I got two entries for this weeks Igbo-tales Contest from @scarletmedia and @curtwriter and I was pleased to see their expository write-ups . Ok I Chose the winner to be @curtwriter's post and He gets 2 SBD reward for this week and I also decided to gift @scarletmedia 1 SBD for putting out our story on Igbo-tales.

The contest is all about celebrating the Igbo culture or lifestyle. I choose to run this contest to appreciate and showcase the culture, lifestyle and heritage of the Igbo tribe/people of Nigeria where I originate from.

1. Use the Hashtag # igbo-tales as one of your tags and include Igbo-tales in your post title for this contest entry.
2. Write a fiction, autobiography whatever writing you choose to express your Igbo-tales (original content) - Word Count: 200 words and above.
3. You can also express your Igbo tales in any media form; that is by art illustration, video or pictures detailing an Igbo story,lifestyle or cultural display. In other words be creative. (Original works please).
4. Upvote and resteem this post.

This is a weekly contest, winners will be announced every week.
Best 5 entries get my 100% upvote, It might not be much but it is something sha!
Only one Grand winner gets the prize of 2 SBD
The Grand winner gets the opportunity to write a post on my blog and all SBD's generated from His/Her post is given to Him/Her. The winner will have to contact me @cwen on discord for this.
Hopefully I will get more Donations which will be given to the Winner and perhaps the number of winners and reward will increase soon as I strive to Increase (I've been playing with bots lately, lols)
This picture below is why I run this contest too, It is a beautiful picture and makes me nostalgic as I remember our village stream in my maternal home at Obowo. There is something though that makes it off for me, Its not depicting Africa, Nigeria or Igbo. I truly searched for a similar picture online but with the African vibe/person on it and I couldn't get one. Hence the need to Populate the blockchain and the internet with our Igbo-tales.

If you want to support this contest feel free to upvote this post or send any amount of donation to @cwen for this cause. Thank you.
The contest is still on as a weekly contest for now, the desire to populate the internet with our Igbo-tales is my drive for running this contest. I would really appreciate support and entries from minnows, so If you know a minnow that won't mind 2 SBD as a prize, do tell them of the Igbo-tales contest, Thanks for sharing the news.

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Hello there! I love the theme of your weekly contest so I will definitely join!

Incredible picture

Thank you @cwen. I'm greatly delighted to have won this contest. I'm always proud of my Igbo heritage and I hope all Igbos feel the same way as well.

Would hopefully be contesting in this one as well. Hope it is allowed. Congrats to @scarletmedia as well.


You are welcome.
Thanks for sharing your Igbo-tales.

This is an awesome initiative. Maybe I get a sidebar and learn a little about your community then write about it?


Thank you @mutimum

Wow...thanks a lot @cwen. I appreciate. Congrats to @curtwriter 👏👏👏


You are welcome.
Thanks for sharing your Igbo-tales.

Hi hi @ciwen very inspired what i have @ciwen tawarkat hopefully goodness @ciwen hope be a queen steemit best regards thank you

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