Steem Monsters/Steemhouse Token Giveaway!

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Do you want to win some Steemhouse tokens and Steemit Monster Cards?

Want to enter into an easy contest?

Well, you came to the right place! In this contest, you can win both!

What Do I Need To Do To Enter?

All you need to do is tell me in the comment section what is your favorite thing to make. It could be a crafting project, food, music, you name it! Just put a picture or comment saying what your favorite thing to make is, along with your bitshares account name so i can reward you the prize if you win! That's right! All have to do is comment, so easy. You can see the pictures below this my favorite thing to make is art and food! Looking forward to seeing everyones entries! Just follow the rules posted below!

The Rules

1.Submit your answer to the question: what is your favorite to make (you can do more than 1 if you want) in the comment section below, text or picture or both, along with your Bitshares account name so the rewards can be sent to you.

2.Do have the comment in English please.

3.If you do a spam comment or you copied someone you will not receive any rewards. So make a comment that is original. Plagiarism/spam comments will not be accepted!!


1st place- 200 STEEMHOUSE and an epic steem monster card
2nd place- 175 STEEMHOUSE and an epic steem monster card
3rd place- 150 STEEMHOUSE and an epic steem monster card
4th place- 125 STEEMHOUSE and an epic steem monster card
5th place- 100 STEEMHOUSE and a rare steem monster card
6th place- 75 STEEMHOUSE and a rare steem monster card
7th place- 50 STEEMHOUSE and a rare steem monster card


Everyone who participates will receive at least 5 STEEMHOUSE Tokens, and if you share something being made by a fellow Steemian and sold for STEEM/SBD, include a link to a post about it, and you will receive a 25 STEEMHOUSE bonus!

How To Redeem Your Rewards

You will need to have a Bitshares account. If you don't have one, here is a link to sign up:

This contest is sponsored by The Steem House!
@thesteemhouse is an endeavor to open a real-world makerspace where people can make and create anything they can dream up! We love having fun, and engaging with creatives and entrepreneurs, and we’re more than happy to be sponsoring this challenge! STEEMHOUSE Tokens are a means of raising funds to open our first physical location, and if you’d like more of them, you can purchase them on Bitshares. Good luck to everyone who enters the contest!


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My favorite thing to do is to make photoshop designs

Double Exposure No2+.jpg

3D Design.jpg

Double Effects No1.jpg

water splash with phone.jpg

BTS: desmond414

This is a difficult one for me. Some people are creative and can make almost everything with their hands, or maybe even with their mind. But I cant. Im a beta person, so more like a thinker.

The one thing I am good at is making guide dogs. Yes, training dogs so they help blind people the rest of their life. I havent done it for a while now since I wasnt living here, but maybe getting to Switzerland will give the time and space to pick this up again.

So I make dogs who help people ;)


bts: karinxxl1984


That's the most awesome answer :D

Ohhh now this is easy for me to pick :)
I love to be creative and make Art, especially illustration style work. Be it for myself , a contest, an idea for a kids book to even just a simple doodle on paper. Art has and always will be my main creative output. Since I was a kid :) I've found inspiration all around me and turned it into my own visual interpretation.

The wonderful thing about art is it can take any form too :) so not just the 2d form like the images above but 3d modelling on a computer to physical sculpting with clay, heck even a sandy beach is perfect playground to express yourself :D It's something that I'm actively passing on to my kids too :-)

Most excellent contest @crystalpacheco30

My favorite thing to make is apps. Technology is awesome and I have a great time making apps. Its a process that I like very much.

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 11.48.15 PM.png

Give my steemhouse to someone else. I got a good pile and someone else needs to accumulate more too.


Are you sure?

My favourite thing to make is this Healing Balm
Though I am not advertising yet I will be selling these for sbd soon


need your bitshares name please!


My bitshares name is andys-antics48 :)

My favorite thing to make is... to make my daughter smile! 😁 IMG_1267.JPEG


IF i have not read the comment you posted and just watched the picture i thought your favorite thing to make is babies xD but it was moving to see the comment where you said its to make her smile :)


This just made me smile. Creative and awesome.


Playing it a bit loose with the rules there, but she's very cute :D


Lol thanks man!


need your bitshares name please

WHOO! You're engagement challenges are the best, Crystal!

Glad I could finally come through on the sponsorship!

BTW, since you're being so kind as to give away some of your Steem Monsters, I'll be gifting you a booster pack in the next day or two, and highly encourage anyone reading this to do the same!


Awww thank you so much!


As im trying to lose some weight after getting inspired by you and giving up several times xD now typing to get back at it again and while doing so i realized the diet i was on was getting quite boring so had to learn and switch up things by making some twists to all the same old things i eat everyday and learning to make some dishes which suites my taste and i do not crave for junk food as these ones are really tasty too but without messing up my whole diet :P so yeah the thing i like to do currently is mess around with the healthy ingredients and see what i can come up with :)


BTS - dev8

One of my favorite things to make is MEMES! :D


Thanks for the opportunity @crystalpacheco30 :D

BTS: crystalhuman420

My favorite thing to do is pen spinning, I see it as a hobby, I have started in 2013, you can check some of my videos about pen spinning here:

Hope you enjoyed :)
My BTS: lost108

sound sytsem.jpg

images (10).jpg
wow another great contest by queen crystal , my favourite things to do is to setup a musical sound system such as jaguar amplifier,mixer ,speakers and lot of related music sound system , i found joy in setting such up , also i love soldering, fabricating of metal steel as my professional (mechanical engineering)
My Bitshare ID: deewon23

I love to draw people as their animal zodiacs or animals in general.... Not quite sure why, but it helps me to understand them better...o.o


this one is of @crystalhuman & I


Whoops, forgot to put that in -

This is a lovely and friendly contest @crystalpacheco30! :D

My absolute favourite thing to make (well, you've listened to me when I was on the Easydex show last week, so this can't be a surprise) is 'a photograph'. A photograph is more than 'a picture' as I select the subject, the gear, and after shooting I select the best picture and edit it in the best software to get the best end result. I believe people underestimate photography because everyone can make a picture nowadays, but in my eyes a picture and a photograph are not the same :-)

The most recent photograph I created and posted:

  • Subject: awesome building in my city
  • Gear: simple iPhone
  • Lens: experimental lensbaby lens
  • Software: Photoshop on iPhone

Good luck on your Giveaway! :D
Greetings @soyrosa / BTS: roos-dd :-)


Thanks for the kind words!

my favourite thing doing to play games... Lol am addicted to games.


need your bitshares name please!

My favorite thing to make / create is photographs that move people :-)


need your bitshares name please!


Still need your bitshares username in order to send your prize

Earning money with zero investment. everyone likes this!

I like to make Steemit Posts! I suppose we all do, but lately it's become sort of a hobby of mine! @ironshield

bitshares: ir0nshield <----with a "zero" for an "o"


I so much love cooking and have a food page on instagram where I make people salivate.

This is called Jollof rice, I garnished it with cucumber and green peas. There are some pieces of turkey in there too.


I love style and long braids too.
I give style inspiration on my personal instagram page when I can.

BTS ACC: chinwengozi1

Well i am good at making fan arts and taking part in steemit awsome contest by making fan arts previously participated in fuzzy contest and winning Eos fan art challenge, and also winning synergy (smoke + easydex) challenge fanart below is the pic of what i made.
Recently working for SBI LOGO contest hopefully I’ll finish it before time.



Hope you like it crystal 😃

Bts name muh543

great contest - and its awesome to see so many engagement 👏 👏 👏 tempted to win some but they are some great talent skillful than i so i passed 😂 😂 😂

My favorite thing to make is "A Photograph", but not just a photograph. I want to 'create memories'. As I am a dogminded photographer I love to go out with dogs and their humans, to 'create some beautiful memories'. The photo's that I take during that walk / shoot will not be posed, I try to get to know the dog, learn about his character and take photo's of the dog, so the owner will say immediately "Now That IS my dog".

Much photographers take dogpictures and ask the owner to let the dog sit down, lie down, or whatever the photographer thinks is pretty. I try to let the dog do his thing, and take photographs of what the dog thinks is pretty. In that way you get photo's that definitely show your dog's character. After I come home again I make a selection of the photo's. And that ones I'll go edit. So the owner receives a photograph that will stay a precious memory forever.

20170522_Alaskan Malamute_1117.jpg

bts : hetty-rowan

My favorite thing to make is music


need your bitshares name please!

Another awesome contest Crystal! :) My favorite thing to do is to travel and take pictures of places I've met!!

bts: andyngng90

My favourite thing to do is take photos of anything beautiful😀



need your bitshares name please


Stevenson777 😀



Desserts in general

Though I haven't really applied myself to it in quite a long time... I've been thinking more and more about it lately. My daughters 5th birthday is coming up, and with it a burning desire to make her a bad ass cake. :)


need your bitshares name please!


Still need your bitshares username in order to send your tokens.


my favorite thing is to make watercolour sketches and painting


need yourbitshares name please!

Being a party entertainer is my favorite thing to do in the whole world! It's so fun to play, dance and make people's day special!


I also love to do collages because that allow me to express myself and relax.


Bts acc leribyleri1992