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New Contest Enter The Comment Challenge


So you want to win some hairshares to get a free upvote?

Want to enter in an easy contest?

Well you came to the right place! Hairshares are tokens you can win and earn to upvote your Steemit posts! For example, if you have 100 Hairshares, that upvote is worth at least 1 dollar. If you are struggling to get your post more than a few cents, this is a great contest to enter! The Whaleshares community supports minnows that are struggling on Steemit and that have great content!

So what do I need to do to enter?

All you have to do is answer the question what I love most about steemit , in the comment section along with your bitshares account name so i can reward you the prize if you win! That's right all have to do is comment, so easy. Just follow the rules posted below!

The Rules

Submit your answer to the question: what I love most about steemit in the comment section below, along with your Bitshares account name so the rewards can be sent to you.
Do have the comment in English please.
If you do a spam comment or you copied someone you will not receive any rewards. So make a comment that is original. Plagiarism/spam comments will not be accepted!


1st place-100 Hairshares
2nd place-50 Hairshares
3rd place-30 Hairshares
4th place-10 Hairshares
5th place-10 Hairshares
Rewards will be awarded once the post reach 7 days!

How To Redeem Your Rewards

You will need to have a Bitshares/Openledger account. If you don't have one, here is a link to sign up:
If you have never used Whaleshare tokens before, this post by @Jepu will let you know how to use Whaleshares to upvote your posts.
Also you can go to for more information!

Consider an upvote or a resteem to this post, so more people can enter. To enter more contests like this, join the Whaleshares Discord server, We have events there weekly as well. Also, consider following @contests on steemit.
This contest is sponsored by @krazykrista and the Whaleshares community. She is the one providing the prizes. Good luck to everyone who enters the contest!
Pictures provided by the Whaleshares Community
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I love steemit because:

  • I love learning from other people who are passionate about things I would never have considered
  • I love sharing what I love with people who are like minded and those who happen upon it by chance
  • I love connecting with people who are done with shouting into the void of traditional social media
  • I love the idea of financially rewarding someone for a well written and educational post
  • I love seeing upvotes as "a job well done"
  • I love steemit.


bitshares: a419344350

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I like steemit because it is a different and unique from other social networks where it is fully decentralized and the best thing is we get payouts on our hard works,the posts here are own made by people and lots of EVENTS which are great and funny thing is i am currently writing for the event😂😂

BTS NAME :- muh543

i like steemit because it is a mutual aid society. MAS based DACs are powerful economic tools in the hands of communities that are responsible and work to bring value to the platform.

Dan always tries to build tools to empower others and steem was the first live chain he used to bring to the world this concept he came up with in 2014.

I know about whaleshares, but hadn’t heard about hairshares yet...???

Okay, here it goes:
Just like anyone else, I came here because I was promised I could earn some (good) money here. It didn’t take me very long to realize that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.
But then I was approached by @davemccoy, who asked me to help him build the #newbieresteemday initiative. At first, I was a bit hesitant, because in ‘real life’, I’m not such a community-minded person, and I’m rather shy. Talking to people I don’t know usually gives me the creeps. Still, I agreed.
That was the start of a journey in which I not only met a lot of interesting people, but also learned a lot of things about myself and the world.
In my LBS (‘Life Before SteemIt’), I could never have imagined I would be able to get so involved in a community, let alone consider a bunch of people whom I never met to be my friends, my family, my ‘tribe’...
My ‘real life friends’ would be stunned, because it took me years to allow myself to get emotionally attached to them, while here on SteemIt, it all just happens without thinking.
I guess you can say I completely fell in love with the SteemIt community. And every day again, I’m meeting new people, who are all so amazing that I’ve got to pinch myself every once in a while to check I’m not dreaming. Lol, I realize this all sounds a bit cheesy (I hate cheesy), but I can’t help it. It is what it is.
I’ve been working online for 15 years, and always was a loner. Here on SteemIt, that changed, and I can see that change have an effect on my offline life too.
SteemIt: you come for the money, you stay for the community ;0)

Bitshares account: simplymieke315

P.S. I’m going to come back as @newbiegames to resteem your contest to our members for more exposure

I love Steemit because, first off I had never actually jump into doing hip-hop, and rap.

It has allowed for me to come out of ones shell so to speak. All the people here has helped me learn and grow and show me that I can do the things I am seeking, and the goals I am looking to accomplish.

This is a great little contest and also one of the reasons I am loving Steemit. There is just so much to look at and experience it can be a lot to take on but completely worth it!!

here is my account name: reds-fallin1

I love connecting with all the amazing peeps here on the platform the most of all but also love the fact that we can talk about everything and anything without being judged!
I have been here for almost 2 years now and every day I am still impressed with everyting I see and hear! Steemit is a life changer! The start might be hard and long for some but it's so worth it!

I need your bitshares account name please :)

I love steemit because, other than the financial incentive, I have found out about so many different types of talent and people excelling at it. Also, it has even allowed me to meet many people face to face to learn from and help out others with the little bit I know about the platform.

I need your bitshares account name please :)

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Thank you!

What YOU love about Steemit or what I love about Steemit :D lollll

I find the fact that blogging gives us all a chance to earn a buck is fantastic. There is such a big community of people active on trying to make this all work, its just beautiful. Also the fact that we as a community have the ability to actually change peoples lives (look at venezuela, philipines, nigeria) is more than heart warming.

A stolen quote from I dont know who 'I came for the money and stayed for the community'

I need your bitshares account name please :)

karinxxl1984.. do what you gotta do ;))

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there are so many things i love about Steemit but will mention few among them

  1. i had the chance to interact with different people around the world
  2. i learn new things day in day out
  3. it gives me different ways to look at thing and solving problem
  4. to make it short, steemit brings all of us with different personality, with different language etc. as one people and one family.
    this is a great achievement
    thank you

I need your bitshares account name please :)


I like that people dont post photoshopped pictures of a fake life on steemit (mostly).
Facebook got all same
Insta is really lame
reddit makes me scream
so I'm here on steem

I need your bitshares account name please :)

wallet name: chrr21

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Thank you for the support!

Easy contest?
I really don't know what bitshares is 🤔

Easy would be if you just transfer 22 SBD. That's the total amount you have right now. I can't come up with a more easy idea 😋😜

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well try googling "what is bitshares" and maybe you'll find out ;) that's sounds easy enough to me.

That might indeed be a good plan. Which I will do in the end. Only issue is that I keep googling, because there is so many I don't know.

Things like Medium, Reddit, SMT, proof of work, etc 😩

What I Love about Steemit most. Has to be the people. Maybe not all of them. But the majority of the ones I have interacted with. Without those interactions, I would have said "feck this" and moved on a few weeks ago.
The sharing of knowledge, experienced users giving their time and guidance is a great thing. The new points of views you read which can expand your own views. The things you never thought of before and now think oh I never thought of that.
Those are all things on Steemit, but they come from people using Steemit. So there are many things I like about Steemit. Those things I like come from people though.
I love that there are people out there, Still willing to try to help others.

I need your bitshares account name please :)


I Love Steemit because of new friends, opportunities, techology and future

I need your bitshares account name please!

Id: svarogvolet2

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I might be newer to steemit than some of you. But I've been here long enough to love how friendly the community is. There are some passionate people on this platform who are willing to lend a helping hand and also answer questions that people have. Everyone is very polite too. Someone told me that that's what steemit is all about and I agree.
Bitshare: proto26

I love steemit because of the partial anonimity. No one I know from real life is connected to me here, no I know from real life even knows of this place! Thus, it gives me the freedom and courage to write from the heart without fear a real world judgement. The people who read my posts, only judge on the words that are there and the interaction in the comments.


Why I like Steemit is because
1.steemit thought me how to relate easly with people
2.before I joined Steemit I don't really I love reading but not long article, so far Steemit has incured in me the habit of reading and equal writing too
3.steemit made got exposed to crypt world
My whaleshares account name is Blery716

I love steemit coz I express my feelings freely and the community are awesome, steemit is my capsule to forget all the pain inside of me. I loved to share my photography too and I almost traveled the world seeing those beautiful photography by fellow steemians around the world. I've met a lot of good people with the same passion plus a bonus of rewards added to my pocket.😊

I need your bitshares account name please!

sweetcha69 my bitshares account name😊

I love Steemit because I consider it a structure of possibilities, like a tree whose roots expand and allow to create the real bases to build dreams. Through the interaction with different users, from all over the world, I can access the exchange of culture, information, and projects that are born as dreams and each day they become a reality.

The pages of Steemit can be what each individual wants, in my case, it is the beginning of a course. Steemit represents a new vision of the world and all the things that I can achieve through my actions and with the help of many people. Steemit, in short, is the bridge to build the future I want next to the people I really consider adequate to create a destination, something worth to call "life". That's why I love Steemit.

My account is: nrb-gav
Thanks for all :)