300 Followers , 5 SBD Giveaway (Damn it was fast)

in contest •  8 months ago

HI all, Crypto Sludge here.

Holy shit, this was fast, but here it is, just hit 301 followers. Amazing.

So as i promised, here is another 10 SBD give away to celebrate your awesome support.

Unfortunately i didn't expect this to happen so fast so funds are a little low, so only 5 SBD this time (i'll start to put some SBD aside for the 400 and 500 celebrations!!)

So you all know the drill, upvote, resteem, follow - whatever you feel like it and in 48 hours i will draw 3 names from my followers list.

1st place : 3SBD
2nd place: 2SBD
3rd place : 1SBD

Good luck to all!

Trade ON!

Crypto Sludge.

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Praying I win plus I'm your 310th follower.I'm in!U5dttGQNn5WW3RV2ru8U7rFybJSWiNQ.gif

Waooh. Amazing. I hope to get where you are sir, soonest. I have followed, upvoted and resteemed. I hope to win. If not, fine too. No actual loosers on Steemit as far as am concerned. Wish you more success ahead.

Nice I'm your 303th follower


heheh nice! ty.

wowww awesome thanks so much for your wonderful gesture..
i also followed you now so i guess am making it either 304 or more ..lol..
its nice i love your heart.. you have a good heart of giving ..just keep it up.. more are still going to coming and you will be counting them in thousands.. (smiles)... thanks for that and am happy to be you follower and a friend too on steemit..
thank you...


Congratulations @cryptosludge on a wonderful milestone. It's definitely not an easy one.... I'll Love to be like you when I grow up😁😁

I hope I can learn from you and be a better steemian. Thanks also for giving back to the community. It shows you have its interest at heart. Congratulations once again Sir

Congrats @cryptosludge,I just started my Steemit journey today with Zero followers,hope I will be like you someday.

Congrats! Awesome giveaway.


Thank you!

Hey! Loving the profile pic.


Thx! i been using it for ages, couldn't find anything that fits me better :D

Congrats @cryptosludge thanks for this giveaway, wish me luck🙏


Good luck!


Upvoted and resteemed!

Upvoted, resteemed, followed.

Congratulations and good luck ahead

We get bigger daily... Congrats

You definitely should be setting aside the giveaways because I know it would come sooner than you expect


hehehe, it sure looks like it! so i defiantly will.

Congratulations and warm wishes to you. I hope you will achieve many more milestones to come.

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and enjoy our content :)

Congrats.... I M In

Good job, man!

I said I would have a chance to follow. but I'm already following. :) I think I am one of the first followers. I hope this time I am lucky! !!


What's a better way to win support than to feed your followers. As a cat I have no problem begging 😻

Good Luck All

I'M IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks @cryptosludge

Upvoted and Resteemed!
Already followed you month ago.


Congrats boss... we're waiting!

Congrats @cryptosludge
Upvoted and resteem..

congrats! :)

Gratz count me in :^)