Krypto Gamers Referral Contest Promotion - Win 10 STEEM! Play Blackjack on Steemit!

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Krypto Gamers Referral Contest


  1. Upvote this post

  2. Use my referral link to sign up to Krypto Gamers

  3. Play at least 1 Game

  4. Post a comment saying you've signed up, to receive an upvote and to ensure you're in the reward pool!

Winner will receive 10 STEEM

Other Contest Rules:

  1. Winner will be announced in 7 Days from this Post
  2. Winner will be randomly selected using Steemwinner

Enjoy playing...

In case you missed them, here are the referral links:

Krypto Gamers

Krypto Gamers Dice

Krypto Gamers Blackjack


Thanks for contest . I just sign up with your ref.

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signed up
played roll the dice

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