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Alright! After the great success of the last photo contest, I decided to do it again! But this time with new rules and 3 winners!

So here are the rules:

  1. Post a photograph of YOUR new year's eve
  2. Say where you are on planet earth
  3. Say what is your #1 goal for 2018

Criteria to pick a winner

I will pick on a few criteria:

  1. Quality of the photo
  2. Originality / Authenticity
  3. Respect of the New Year's Eve Theme

I want to make sure your photo is authentic to you and represent where you live in the world. Make sure to mention where you are located.

3 Winners

  • Top Winner will get a 100% vote
  • 2nd place will get a 75% vote
  • 3rd place will get a 50% vote

I will choose the winner tomorrow night! Now post your photo in the comment below!!!

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with friends at New Year 2018 Party

i am away from my home due to my studies.
i am from Pakistan but i celebrated my new year 2018 with my friends of hostel at my University in Germany


That is what I would call a great celebration. That must have felt so awesome there. I can only imagine the energy felt, by looking at the pictures. Super job on the picts too.


i am glad, you found it awesome

Hoping you haven't chosen the winning photo yet @cryptoctopus!

Here's the fireworks at the KLCC Petronas Towers, Malaysia, viewed directly from our room at the Traders Hotel, cool right? :)


And this is my #1 goal for 2018!

Instead of just giving it a quick look,
I see Steem replacing Facebook,
And coming across a lot of Twitter,
Would be a lot of Steem content, a whole load of chatter,
I foresee Steem here, Steem there, Steem everywhere,
Daily usage with tremendous fanfare!


That is a real awesome picture. Great job.


Thanks @naturalguy, just lucky to be at the right place at the right time! :)

Hey, @cryptoctopus, I am from New Delhi, India.
I am celebrating my New year in here.
my goal for 2018 is to earn a lot of money from steemit and use it for the poor community so their children may get education.


Awesome photo!




Thank You very much dear @cryptoctopus.
I really appreciate it.

New Years Day 2018.jpg

Where ?

London England - temperature 6C


Victoria Park Lake


My Wife and two young Daughters. feeding the Ducks and Geese.

For 2018

Use my knowledge of BlockChain to allow me to work my own hours so I can spend as much time with my amazing family.

New Years eve... I was taking pictures of fireworks over main Christmas tree in small Country called Lithuania. I wish my hobby (photography) to become my main job. If your hobby becomes Your job, You dont need to go to work anymore, isnt it?
DSC_3976 web.jpg
I wish all the best to all people reading this post. Chase Your dreams, You live only once. Peace ;)

My New Year’s Eve ball drop will be tonight , I hope I can get a photo in before you choose . Happy New year from my little family to you . Have a blessed 2018

new year eve is over here in my country ...@cryptoctopus....
but here is my entry

celebrating new year with my friends
I'm in india (chandigarh)
my goal for 2018 is 100k steems in my wallet



Now that's a great picture! I wish you the best of luck with your 100k goal!


I ended my 2017 in Springfield, Ohio, with my wife's extended family. Music is a big part of life for the Dyes so we always end the year with the song Auld Lang Syne.

Five of the Dyes are in a Folk/Americana band who recorded the song several years ago, you can check it out here.

My goal for 2018 is to spend my free time in more productive ways. I find myself browsing Reddit or Youtube in any free time instead working on projects that I "never have time for."


Very Cool!


I wish this thing had the ability to click on to expand the photo/pic.

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Celebrate new year wid my small nd sweet family
Very very happy new year to all my steemit frndz
M from india nd my 2018 goal for my family ...specialy fr my daughter who is 4+ live always happy nd stay blessed..


where are you?


Hey m in home nd from india delhi.....start my new year wid fmly nd cut dis little cake at 12 am 2018...thnx fr upvoting me


So cute


Happy New Year!, I'm at my hometown in the Netherlands, maybe not the greatest city in the world, but great to me since here's where my family and friend live :)

My goals for 2018 are spending more time offline (yeah, crazy I know), but doing that I can have more wonderful moments to share on Steem (2nd goal)


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new year my very first comment is for you. new year eve passed & i was at home (colombo - sl). nothing much happened, preparing to goto university. wish you a happy new year @cryptoctopus

reteemed & upvoted & commented & followed

@cryptoctopus - Sir, first I wish you a happy new year, my son's b'dy is at tomorrow 2nd of Jan... So, we are preparing to it... New Year eve I was at my house with relations... Hope this will be a wonderful new year for whole world with peace & happiness...


Happy new year to all, may this year brings lots of happiness and prosperity in your life. I am in Delhi (India). My aim for 2018 is to get a government job and travel more and more cities. Thanks @cryptoctopus for bringing all Steemians together on the Eve of the new year and sharing our happy moments.

Our new year eve already passed! Now we are at New Year! Therefore, I wish you all a very happy new year. This wish is coming from Sri Lanka!


Oh, yes, my friend, my family and I have just met the new year, I am from the Republic of Uzbekistan and my goal is to achieve success in the Steemit! I wish you success @cryptoctopus and congratulate you on the New Year 2018!

Happy new year mate!
Great to see you make the steem network really move :)

Do not know how to post a picture in comments, so I made a post instead . Located at New York City

Resolution or my dreams is to take the LSAT exam and enter law school , and be able to pay a down down for the house my parents want to buy (our first own house)

Happy New Year

I don't know how I missed this, but I just saw it. Pretty cool idea, interesting to see what people do all over the world.

I am in my hometown Ljubljana, Slovenia.
My number one goal is to "start" traveling around the world, since this was my childhood dream. HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Hello Happy New Year to the whole community of Steemit, I find myself going through New year in the jungle of Peru on my New Year's Eve decided to do a hike where the mountains to receive the energy of nature, and asking as a goal to reach the top of the hill you see Strong with Steemit

i m still in pakistan with my parents and i live here for next whole month and also the new year night is not so celebrate here like other coutries but we are all happy this night and wait for next year and pray from GOD to give us the better and a joyfull new year...and my next year goal is earning from steemit and save it in 3 parts for my daughter for my parents for some poor peoples here in pakistan


Here is my pic


I am on my grandmothers house in Venezuela.

My #1 goal for 2018 is to gain financial independence

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Thanks @cryptoctopus for this wonderful opportunity once more.

My number one goal is to get better grades in all my examinations. Because lately I've been working towards it, without any improvement. So help me God.

Location: Nigeria
Continent: Africa
State: Edo State

The picture was taken around 6 pm Nigerian time, but my time now is 11:05 pm.
Happy new year in advance @cryptoctopus.

upload image high quality

I am in Udaipur Rajastan INDIA on new year eve and My goal in 2018 is to make at least 10000 SP in my steem account and I am already working hard on it.

Love these contests you're doing. I doubt I'll have a chance to post a picture, but good luck to everyone sharing!

I have heard a lot of your competitions after joining , I am looking forward to sharing my New Years experience with you . Happy New Years in advance . Blessing for 2018

Wishing you Happy New Year @cryptoctopus

Have a great day.

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  1. This picture might not win me this contest (# SAD), but I will like to show you and the world that we have people who still have a boring and lonely day on a new year eve and I am one of them. The time is 10:15pm in Nigeria and I am with my laptop steeming into 2018. Thats how i am celebrating my New Year Eve.

  2. I am in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, Africa.

  3. My #1 goal for 2018 is to fully delve into the world of cryptocurrency starting with steemit .



I'm sorry that you're lonely on New Year's, but I'm in the states, and I'll be all alone too.

Remember, as long as you have Steemit, you're not really alone. :-)


Yea i really appreciate steemit and the great friends i have come to know and meet here...

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Happy new year #2018
Location; jammu and kashmir, INDIA

My resolution for 2018 is;
Steping into 2018 by forgetting all problems of 2017

Happy New YEAR from Madrid, Spain

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the red and white bridge, Ambon, Indonesia

My goal in 2018, developing a lot of steem power, and produce at least 100 SBD per month.

Happy New Year @cryptoctopus

This is me on new year eve in Lagos, Nigeria, during the light house event, crossing over in grand style.
My plan for 2018 is to tap into my potential and bringing them on the steemit blockchain.

This is myself with the lovely @matildakim in South Korea at a masquerade party. My main goal on steemit this year is to create an environment where new users have The ability to join and start succeeding right away. My biggest goal overall is to earn enough where I can personally sponsor several children in different countries who currently do not have the resources they need to be successful. Happy new year and all the best in 2018.




I am in Mysore(India)
Goal for 2018 is to be happy and keep others happy:)

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New Year's Eve 2017.jpg

Happy New Year @crytoctopus, my husband son and I spent New Year's Eve on Jomtiem Beach in Pattaya, Thailand. There were many people setting off lanterns, fireworks and enjoying the forthcoming year by the sea.

My goal for 2018 is to be kind to others such as family, friends and the less needy, a few cents to you can be a whole lot more to them! There was a homeless boy on the beach, he came and sat with us, my husband gave him some sparklers and candy, the smile on his face was beaming. Happy new Year to all and I wish you can achieve whatever you set your minds to! Sawadee Ka (Hello) from Thailand!

Receiving the new year in front of the campfire with my family while we camp in the Kama Meru camp in the Canaima National Park of Venezuela.

My main goal for 2018 is to boost my brand of special coffees @cafe4d and open my bakery and coffee shop!
Thank you por el upvote @cryptoctopus

I am with my Dad in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria.

  • My first goal in new year is to get some steem to power up, which I have been working on it already.

Sunset Nam Rong2.jpg

We celebrated New Years' Eve on Had Nam Rang Beach, Sattahip Thailand. You can see my wife gazing out to the horizon on the water's edge!

My 2018 goal is to spend more time connecting with my family and friends. These people are priceless and no amount of money can substitute the love and care that we should show to these people, people who will always be there for you, through thick and thin, through wealth and through poverty. They have always been there for me. I would like them to know, I will always be there for them no matter how far away we are.

Happy New Year Everyone, I hope this is a great year for you all.

From Quito-Ecuador, I wish you Happy New Year 2018, together with my husband. May the Almighty God grant you health and prosper in everything you do, just as your souls prosper. May we achieve our dreams and our desired goals.


happy new year from shelter :)

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(2) Am posting from the South-eastern part of Nigeria, specifically, Enugu State. My new year eve was awesome, was in a youth empowerment summit.

(3) My goal for 2018 is to sensitize youths in the rural or local areas on the need to be more productive than depending on the government for white collar jobs.

This is my goal.

Happy new year from Tunisia. I wish that i will reach 1000SP.



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IMG_3037 .jpg

We were skiing in Mt.Hood Meadows ski resort in Oregon USA. I spent a wonderful day with my two little boys and my husband. Say bye to 2017 and Hello to 2018. My new year goal is to keep painting and read three books written by Stefan Zweig.

Happy New Year to all Steemians!

My Number one goal for 2018 is to be closer to God and to br successful in my academics and financially.
Happy new year @cryptoctopus

This is not Paris this is Eiffel Tower bahria town Lahore Pakistan
My First goal is to earn money $3000 in first month

A very happy new year to you and all my mates on steemit. I celebrated this new year with my lovely friends and i wish next time i have more friends to celebrate this eve. There was a smile on every face yesterday, may god keep these up throughout the year.

this me (last hidden face) with my amazing younger siblings in a bus as we headed to church for a crossover service.

in 2018 i just want to be very happy, richer and loved.

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New Year’s Eve @ Subic Bay, Philippines
Goal is to recover my health
Thank You☺️

New Year’s Eve fire
Out with the old// in with the new
Missouri USA

Goal to be giving from our abundance


This is how we celebrate our new year's eve. We go to Church morning and evening to sing praises to God as a show of appreciation.

I am located in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

My number 1 goal for 2018 is to get married. It's been on my mind since and 2018 it is.
Sorry, had to post two pictures since we had two services with different outfits and i can't choose between the two. Thanks.

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i m in home from philiphine....and give a amll dinner party my friends in my home

and my goal is 2018 will be the get a new car with my steemit earning which i will get i hope bcz i want to work now proper and regularly now and earen more like some big rank person

I'm in Nepal and celebrating eve with Nepalese Rock bands. My goal is go finish my DJ course. :) Happy New Year.

Here is my new year eve photo in my place of birth, Sapele, Delta state, Nigeria
2018 Is a year I wanna fully explore the steemit steemit blockchain and build a reputable account with enough SP to support great content authors.

Dear Steemians and steemianas, I wish u all a happy 2018, from the beautiful Peninsula Höri, in the lake of constance, Southern Germany in the heart of europe.

My first goal 2018 is the only thing that can sustainable make our world a better place , having fun, spending quality time with the kids ... done :D


  1. gott nytt år.jpeg

  2. I am in the Netherlands

  3. My number one goal is to sport more and lose some kilo's while doing that!

Thank you @cryptoctopus. There is my entry

I am a Nigerian living in Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria. This picture was taken in the Catholic charismatic renewal centre at igbiyoko Edo state, with a Nikon D5300 DSLR camera. My #1 goal from 2018 is to work harder on my contributions to the steemit community so as to graduate from being a minnow to being a dolphin.

Happy New Year! from Mutual, Ohio. I captured the last sunlight of 2017 as the sun set over a snow-covered field. My goal is to improve my photography skills over the coming year.


Great shot! I've followed you, and I look forward to seeing more of your work!


Very nice!
Upvote & Followed!
Keen to see more beautiful clicks!

This is my entry photo for the new years eve contest.

I spent my new year's eve in the church. The aim was to usher in the new year to the hands of God. This picture was taken at about 11.50pm (gmt+1) . The light from the candle serves to symbolize purity and a chance for new beginnings.

I spent my new year's eve in Edo State, Nigeria.

My number one goal for 2018 is to be a better person in general and be more sensitive to the needs of others.
I hope this post qualifies and meets your standards @cryptoctopus.. I wish you all a happy new year.

This new year I celebrated with my girlfriend and had time to visit Santa Claus:) All happened in Belarus, city Gomel. But then it became very hot, because the lit up Christmas Tree... My main goal for 2018 is to help people to become the best and development on Steemit, I want to unleash your potential and wish you all a productive year!


Happy New Year!

I'm From the Philippines
New Year is more fun with my Family
that's me on a green shirt and my brother's and my father!
my goal is to accomplish my new year's resolution to QUIT SMOKING!

I'm in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada! It was -35 degrees Celsius (-31 Fahrenheit) or so last night when we walked home from the bar.

My number 1 goal for 2018 is to do my best in everything I do. That way, if I fail, I know I did everything I could.

20180101_003514 (1).jpg

My new year eve was in church, i had a great time in church, worshiping and thanking God for all He has done for.

I was at Abuja Nigeria, with the redeemed christian church of God.

My #1 goal is to overcome all that has draw me back in the previous year, actually, it wasnt easy for me @cryptoctopus

I didnt snap any photo because i was soaked in praises and didnt even thought about it.

I really appreciate and love it to talk about my new year eve on this platform. Thanks for this opportunity

Wishing you @crytoctopus a very wonderful new year beginning. Thanks

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I think we have consumed a little too much alcohol :) We do not have any photos in the end of the day :) And I just saw this sharing. I hope you will see. I'm coming to my new self :)
Happy new year everybody :) The Christmas is very nice for me :)

very happy for you... You deserve to Enjoy your time.
most of my colleagues are off today except me and my best friend colleague we will be working today until the beginning of the new year.
Happy New year for all of you and I wish you the best of the best


Its celebration time to our family with delicious food.
I'm from Sri Lanka of the south Asian Island.
I have some goal its will increase my steem power in this 2018.

Peaceful and prosperous new year to you!!!

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Key West! Remember, going to a nude beach without getting naked is like reading Steemit without posting. My goal for 2018 is to make more quality posts. Happy New Year!


You voyeur, you. lol Can I go too?

excellent work and nice to help others and make chance to show there ability

I am mall hopping in Delhi on New Years Eve
I have been a shy person. Goal for 2018 is to make a lot of new friends Specially here on Steemit

Happy new year image

It's about 1:45 AM in Pakistan and I still hear some fireworks. I usually don't go outside and party on new year's eve and same routine this year.

I am busy in creating a small kingdom/empire on my laptop, so I guess I am out!

celebrating new year my friends
I'm in (dubai)
my goal for 2018 is 100k steems in my wallet.



I was in Mumbai, India in my office party on 31st.
My goal for 2018 is not use any kind of Fire crackers in any festival and will make other also aware about harmful caused by them. Air pollution is major issue in metro cities of India. Hope will try to convince at least 100 people to avoid using them.


Spent most part of the day preparing for the evening party which was at our place
My Goal is to generate enough revenue from my steemit blog so I can travel the world and showcase it the way I see it. This is very important to me as I would be able to get freedom from work deadlines and instead write stories and experiences of meeting the wonderful people that I meet during my travel. As my blog is on steemit blockchain it would be a good way of leaving behind my impressions and experience of life, world and people that I meet. These writings would be there even after I am gone.
Wish You a Very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2018

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Hey i am from india ..present we celebrate the new year party in my room with my friends....we took a biriyani bottle of brandy of chilling and mixed with a thumpsup drink..fully hangover...before the party we roaming on roads with my friends and we enjoid a lot in this new year party...i hope that this year god will show some sympathy about my carrer are give some health and wealth to me.. i want good job and carrer and good earning in this year...i am also do hard work for achive that needs what i want...thank you for conducting this type of contests and want ti know the lifes of ours...m



Location: Ile-ife, Osun state, Nigeria, Africa.
My Number one goal in 2018 is to attain financial stability.

I was visiting friends to wish them before the new year rolled in
I encountered a lot of fog
Luckily one of the part destinations had a bit less fog so I could click this
Please don't blame me for the pics not being clear as there is too much fog all around. They are right from the battle front err... on the roads of Delhi where I am currently present

My Goal is to Make a lot of friends on Steemit and made a decent amount of money too.
This is @alz190 wishing you a very happy new year
& Signing off
Be Happy Be Healthy

Gambar Animasi Kembang Api Bergerak Fireworks Animated Gif (1).gif
no new year and the sound of trumpets aceh, Indonesia, but for stemian friends who celebrate the year, have fun

i m from england and no speciall celebration only with my family with some dishes


i have no speciall goal only want to hold more and different coins which in my list and these are estimately 20 attractive coins in my list,,,in many amount coin hold and sure i will buy and hold


Lovely and clever girl!
My daughter is also working in England , as a doctor, living in Walsal, near Birmingham , with her aunty & doctor uncle.
Upvote & Follow!

wow!!! amazing photographs

i m in muree pakistan and here is not celebrate christmass like europe countries and i only going outside and my friend taken my shot and we also wish u happy new year



my goal in next year is to complete my exams of bscs and get more good marks and going to austrailia for my mphil study

Paso Real de Macaira Guarico Estado Guarico Venezuela
En víspera de año nuevo solo deseo mucha salud, y que en este país sale muy costoso conseguir medicina, y con salud todo lo demás es gratis.

Happy new year everyone.

I am in Tunisia. Celebrating alone at home :)
My goal for the next year is to become a whale :P

Happy new year everybody :)


I'm sorry that you'll be all alone for New Year's, but so will I.

Happy New Year, future whale!! lol


Thank you and same to you :)

Heheheh I am the a real loser in this contest because am in UGANDA deep in the village here i can't take photo coz it is too dark


hhhh dont worry about it. Just wait for the fireworks :)

Hey guy! .i am at pharmacy complex university of Nigeria nsukka to meet a friend of mine.As i was there connected to school wifi .i check cryptopus to know wether he made any new post ,i found this on going contest.then i told my friend to snap me to make this entry.
My goal in this 2018 is to improve my qaulity of my post to get a reasonable upvote.because each time i introduce people in this platform they become discourage because i have not benefited enough to convinced them that this is actually working

Love this ill see about getting a pic :D Happy new year everyone!

I spent my new year eve at my village. Name: Mirpur Azad Kashmir
My goal is to keep my family & myself happy
Thank you for the contest

You might like these new years pictures an AI produced check it out

Hi buddy ,, happy to follow every post you ,, best regards by @simarhaban happy new year

Hi @cryptoctopus , first of all, thank you for this wonderful contest, Happy new year to you and to your family, more power to you, please see my entry, thank you.

The Last Light at Penang Island, Malaysia

My goal is to share more pictures in 2018!!

From Lecheria, Venezuela, Happy 2018, my wish for this year is to promote peace and love in every nation!

Boom 163 dollars in 42 min! Bam, hot Jambalaya

may i share your post


No! You are on steem. You have to resteem the post. (and there is no permission necessary)



Happy new year world..i am in my home town delta state in Nigeria for the new year is my church (grace house) these candle represent light through out the new year 2018 we normaly put it on 2minites to the new year..haleluyah

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I am in Chennai ,India .I celebrate my new year with my friends by cutting cake and throwing eggs each other .
Friends.( I am in opticals )

Mygoal is to get a job and settle in my life.

happy 2018 to all of you