10 SBD and other prizes in Steemmonster TOURNAMENT on 26 DEC AT 9:00 PM IST ( 7 SBD GIVEN IN FIRST TOURNAMENT )

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Hello guys after organising one tournament successfully on steemmonster , I am back with a new tournament .

Rules for the tournament and read all of them carefully click here

  • Upvote on this post is necessary to be in the tournament .
  • Any donation will be appreciated and send donation to @cryptobychirag and write docry in memo.
  • Registration will be closed 10 minute before the match starts.
    For registration click below:-
    The match will start on 26 December 9:00 pm IST ( INSDIAN STANDARD TIME).

How To Play
Once it's your time to fight, do the following:

1.) Head over to https://steemmonsters.com/ and click on BATTLE > CHALLENGE.

2.) Enter your opponents name, the specified level-limits & allowed cards.

3.) Click on Send.



  • First prize -> 10 SBD
  • Second prize -> Monster card

Serpentine Soldier.png

  • Third prize -> 1 SBD


Thanks steemmonster team and a great full thanks to @aggroed

Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord

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To know about this cat click on the picture:-

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Will there be a Discord server where the tournament will be regulated, or do we just base us on the bracket?

Please read the discussion session at challenge .com
I have given there all information

I have read it 5 times by now.
So I get that the tournament bracket will be on challonge, that you changed the starting time from 9pm IST to 10 pm IST. (which is half an hour from now) But are you really serious about having the conversations in the tournament chat room in the Discord server?

And the bracket is still not completely filled, by the way. I don't even have an opponent yet

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

Good, choosing to participate in your tournament, I hope verification of participation. Thank you @sirtorito.

Thanks for participating .

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