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Crypto LANDscaping

The team behind Decentraland is preparing to launch an easy-to-use builder, making their blockchain powered world much more accessible to creatives and designers without software backgrounds. According to a recent announcement, the drag-and-drop interface will be available in early March. Alongside the new scene builder, they've also planned a Creator Contest;

To cultivate the growth of Decentraland, we’re launching the Creator Contest! Submit your most imaginative and immersive scenes for a chance to win LAND and MANA.

Explore the Creator Contest Homepage

Sign Up for the Creator Contest

If you're a designer looking for a cutting edge challenge, make sure to explore the contest homepage (here) and sign up! The contest begins in early March and will last 2 weeks. Winners will receive premium LAND parcels (prime blockchain real estate) along with 100 MANA.

Click here to visit the Creator Contest Homepage.

Project Name: Decentraland
Roadmap: Link here

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oooh, definitely going to try my hand at that !

LAND is not cheap on Decentraland, so getting one in a design competition would be wonderful !