Dapp Your Mind, Blow Our Mind [Competition by Dapp]

in contest •  4 months ago

Ever wanted to create your own game based on the world of DApps? Maybe a Pokemon Go game with Axies and Etherdragons? How about a Sims-style platform where your Cryptopunks own and nurture their CryptoKitties? Now, thanks to Dapp’s latest competition, you can win prizes for these new fun ideas! Dapp invites you to create new stories and ecosystems using multiple blockchain collectibles and games for their contest “Dapp Your Mind, Blow Our Mind.”


Learn more about the process and rules here.

Name: Dapp Your Mind, Blow Our Mind
Website: https://www.dapp.com/blog/dapp-your-mind-blow-our-mind/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dapp_com

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Wow this is really great news for who have new ideas @creativecrypto I didn’t know about this thanks for sharing with us I have several friends I share the link of this blog with them. Keep sharing great news with us

I find games being integrated with crypto a fascinating concept. I look forward to seeing what this contest ends up producing.


We're looking forward to it as well. It's exciting to see more collaborative efforts like this.