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Hey everyone. I ran our round 4 of this epic contest 5 days ago and on that contest I promised that I would run it twice this week. I have always tried to lead a life of integrity and honor so in keeping with that promise and pausing all my other contests, I proudly bring you round 5 of this most epic contest.

Last weeks contest won a top 3 position in @arcange hit parade for most comments in a day, only to be beaten out by two whales we missed second position by 3 comments all info here https://steemit.com/hit-parade/@arcange/daily-hit-parade-20180116 and it is all thanks to you folks. So thank you!

Last weeks winners were, 1st comment @kerry234 a first time winner 0.20 SBD. 10th comment and 0.60 SBD went to @miranas, 1SBD and 25th comment went to and it was controversial so I decided to award three players 1SBD @penderis @doc.hodes and @alan083, 1.2SBD and 60th commenter @aamirijaz and the fastest 150 comment to date and winner of the 'coveted' 2SBD went to @azharhussain in an epic 'RACE TO THE END' and end in style it certainly did. I will be doing an official winners announcement and transferring prize money this coming Wednesday. The prize and winners announcement for this current tourney will happen next Sunday!!

Most of my current contests are incentivized for commenting, this will be the same just accelerated, more exhilarating and my highest prize pool to date.

To Enter: You need to tag a mate Example: @aquahelix preceded by the number of your comment. Example: 1 @aquahelix relative to your commenting order. So if 1 @doc.hodes 2 @mykos 3 @janine-ariane 4 @aquahelix commented before you, you will be 5 @yourtagsname. Make sure you put the number numerically and a space between the number and the person you have tagged this is very important if the format is not met it wont be considered an entry. You may comment and say anything you like as with other contests but it is very important as a valid entry to start with the number then tag then you may say whatever you wish. Example: 55 @craigcryptoking It is December the sun is up the weather is fine and the beer is cold. Please note: your next comment will need to be 56 @yourtagsname and a comment because 55 @craigcryptoking just commented and was the 55th person to do so, you will hence need to be 56 @yourtagsname .

You may comment as many times as you wish, however not consecutively after yourself you need one other contestant to comment in between your last comment to make your next one valid. Every time you re-comment tag a different friend/follower of yours and reply to this post to count and not to comments to count as to avoid confusion and please don't tag the same person twice.

Prize structure...

Be number 1 and you will win 0.20 SBD
Be number 15 and you will win 0.60 SBD
Be number 35 and you will win 1.0 SBD
Be number 75 and you will win 1.2 SBD
Be number 195 and you will win 2 SBD

You may win more than one prize in this contest like my others where you may win multiple times, however can only win every second prize for example prize 1-35-195. I have the final say and decision on numbers, Where confusion may arise you as well as someone else both posted the same number in which case you will need to edit your post to be the next correct number after the previous comment. If there is a dispute I will have the final say settle accordingly ie (pay both) or split the prize as I have many times before.

I truly feel this tourney has the potential to be massive. For everyone not familiar with the contest or if this is your first time playing please see the below link...


This will be the 'TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM AND TAG A MATE CONTEST' Mascot, Whenever you see this get commenting. The more the merrier the higher your chances.


Did you spot the S for Steemit ^ ;)

I have named this contest 'Take one for the Team and Tag a Mate' because in order to reach the 195 th comment prize of 2 SBD it will need to be a community effort, which is exactly what Steemit is all about people helping people, you will not be able to reach that number alone you will need to help others who in turn help you, as this competition evolves as per all my others there will be more and larger prizes. The 195 comment number sounds very high but it really is not that bad, we reach high comment numbers in my two other 'commenting tourneys' in an hour or two, and the 2SBD incentive will make it very worthwhile.

Naturally any sponsors keen to 'up the ante' please let me know so we can greatly increase this honey pot for the contestants, but for now and until that happens as my affordability rises so will the prize money ;)

You will notice I have changed the comment prize numbers slightly from last time but the prize pool giveaway remains the same and hopefully that will be going up again soon as per my affordability.

Competition starts now.

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87 @chey

You got a 50.00% upvote from @steembloggers courtesy of @miranas!

Dammit I wanted to send the link of the post but somehow sent my comments link.

LOL heeh nice one bud all good appreciate the gesture ... you don't need to do that man really all good. Thanks a ton though brother ;) You took the top spot.. haha

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

26 @doc-hodes ... Where are ya brother...


Its 26, doctor ;)

Lol the Sheriff has spoken.. how are you @drdave so nice to see you again. Thanks again so much for your compassion and generosity earlier this week really appreciate it matey, guys like you really do make this place supercool.. Cheer$;)

Hey brother - its folks like you that make it all worth wile for the rest of us...

Awww man its a community effort.. Glad to see you here man and thanks a ton for playing.. I feel we gonna hit records this week over 1000 views over 400 comments is my guess... did you see last contest we came 3rd on arcange for the day on comments, missed 2nd by three comments LOL ? Awesome right? Cheer$;)

Lets see if we can get ya up to number 1...


Jeez brother .. you do too much .. Thank you so much, truly appreciated ..


Number 200 gets 100% vote(s) from me too...

AWWW brother you beaut thank you.. Folks proper motivation thanks to @drdave what a legend. Three beers to you mate... Cheer$;)

I am surrounded by two generous pals at the moment :) Thanks guys

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

31 @crystalize

Edited... it's hard to keep up... :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

37 @razzek

Edited... I'll get one right sooner or later... Lol...

37 Please edit good Doctor ;)

LOL thanks bud..

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

44 @svosse ...

You are a good doctor! :)

Just remember ...

I'm not this kind of doctor:
I'm more like this kind of doctor... LOL...

Behwhahaahahahahahaahaaha classic.. Hey it could have been worse, this dude in the meme could have been an optometrist ;)

Or worse yet, a proctologist...

Maybe he is an optics surgeon? He will inject it anyway :D

Oh! spare me, please lol

50 @chey

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

oh my. I am number 1 today. hahaha

You had better edit fast as this is not a valid entry..

1st BOOM..... I am going to give it to you darlin but the entry must be correct.. ;) Congrats as per above you can win more than one prize in this contest... Shoot...



oh, I edited before I see your comment. Is it a valid one now?

yip you are good, well done..


Aww thanks @seyiodus please send it to @teamgirlpowa !!! Pls n thnks

15 @gprince I win :D

15 BOOM yes you do.... nice one.. next number 35 ... Shoot....


35 Unconfirmed , Sheriff check me but I think this is right so that I can make this official ?

Yeah that's right! I was just 10 seconds behind lol

35th BOOM @fc-barcelona nice one mate 1SBD coming your way.. thanks for the confirmation @aamirijaz

Pleasure dude!

75 BOOM, thought it was gonna be one of you 4 nice one.. Ok chaps lets properly go for that top prize now and also that 100% upvote at 200th comment thanks to @drdave ... shoot...

BOOM! I win :D

10 @themobilewriter Amazing! So you fulfilled your promise :) Hope to gather some for this week as well :D

10 it is .. ye gonna try to do this twice a week if i can raise the funds, last time really was epic eh? Welcome back!!

I fear for your being broke again! Lol Yeah last time was so fun.

Oooo close to next prize number.....

  ·  2 years ago (edited)



16 @a-a-a

17th it is welcome back mate.. its amazing how this gains more momentum after a few hours ... keep going lets hit those next numbers...

18 @jist

20 @kay1

20 it is picking up properly now ... nice one ... shoot....

Yeah, I had already seen 19 above :)

21 @always1success Keep it going guys!

Next prize at 35... Shoot .....

I am focusing on it but others don't seem to take that lol

35 @ikechi how u doin?

BOOM! you won :D Are you kidding me bro?

@ikechi you are 22

22 nice try ..

23 @penderis where are you hiding man?

23 Sheriff please edit ..

Edited! I didn't want to make this as my entry but situation changed lol

Lol when you tag someone its an entry. The number just helps me count, and those who can't count, to count ;)

Actually, 21st was also mine so I just wanted to call @penderis to join and if @ikechi hadn't jumped into, it wouldn't be my entry ;)

24 it is next number 25 lets do this thing...

2 it is nice one.. Welcome mate how are you ? ;)

3 it is welcome back bud did you have a good weekend?

Nah... Studying for the exams

Ahh damn studying sucks..

Sooooo close to the next prize again ... shoot ....

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

31 @aytim

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

32 @infa

32 :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I am going to resteem this for more visualization.

4 @zofcamb

G thanks nice entry. This will pick up, it always does, Sunday night and all that, but fireworks as usual it will be ;) keep going ...;)

36 edit Sheriff please

5 @thekittygirl lol cuz why not 😂🤷‍♀️

5 and exactly you are gonna love it just ask everyone ;) Nice to meet you thanks for the entry.. keep going.. shoot...

38 @wolv

39 @animalsworld Please send some animals from your zoo to join us! :D

40 @wanderingkells I think this number is right but sure I am never :-)

41 :D

42 @doyou

42 it is because the Sheriff says so ;) 75 next number lets hit that now... Shoot... ;)

The interesting thing is, I look at him if you not around lol

lol he's golden, You cost me money last week with your sneaky moves ;P

That was by chance. lol sorry for that

haha sure you are :P

6 @ahmads So it is running the second time, I'll be winner again :D

Hey buddy welcome back please edit to 6

Edited! :) Need to reload page again and again lol

shit, I'm confused, my english is ugly, but this contest caught my attention 😥

As above copy her mate.. just tag someone different.. Shoot...

2 Come on @faisalazmi 😤

mate comment below 2 is taken so 3 @faisalazmi.. ie reply to original post and not to comments ;) Shoot

Thats the spirit welcome back ;)

Hey, @syiodus Let's make it quick to 75, I will comment after you and your comment after me?

I am stuck, I can't comment until some other do it!

Gotta blame the boss for structuring this contest that way ;) Wink.. Cheer$;)

Not blaming that, just thinking about others why they are reluctating to comment. Gotta go for now, Meet you in the morning. See Ya!

You have to edit it to 7! :)

7 please edit... hi and thanks for the entry keep going ;)

51 @bakoucha Thanks for making a way for me @drdave

I welcome you on behalf of the boss! :)

54 @gaff

Can you lend me a hand?

Im little busy

Yours is 59

60 it is, nice one.. Everyone please remember as per @drdave above the 200th comment gets his fullpower upvote too, more incentive.-----> drdave (56) · 12 hours ago

Number 200 gets 100% vote(s) from me too...

62 it is lets do this thing chaps it is a new day and all the big prizes need to be hit.. we are 13 away from the next one.... shoot..

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

64 @cemke ... Looks like we're gettin the band back together...

Ooooo Daddy's back I think we are gonna hit 75 soon now.. Hi Dave welcome back big man ;)

Sorry cant stay long - It's 4am and unfortunately (or fortunately-depending on your perspective) i'm off to work... Check back in once I get to the office ...

Sweet brother have a super day. Chat later!!