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Hey everyone. So here we go another round of "TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM AND TAG A MATE' are you ready? You sure are. I had a great suggestion from @miranas today about changing the prize structure slightly and had another few suggestions from @doc.hodes on how to do so to keep this as engaging for as long as possible and to close the gaps in range between prizes. So today's contest will be structured a little differently to make it easier all round as well as to incentivize the last two commenters with a second last and a last position prize. As we all know the comments come in thick and fast towards the prize numbers so now the last comment will have a two spot win, naturally the last commenter having the biggest prize but second last at least doesn't go away empty handed, How does that sound?

Last weeks winners were, 1st comment @kerry234 a first time winner 0.20 SBD. 10th comment and 0.60 SBD went to @miranas, 1SBD and 25th comment went to and it was controversial so I decided to award three players 1SBD @penderis @doc.hodes and @alan083, 1.2SBD and 60th commenter @aamirijaz and the fastest 150 comment to date and winner of the 'coveted' 2SBD went to @azharhussain in an epic 'RACE TO THE END' and end in style it certainly did. I have just transferred your winnings. Be sure not to miss out on another episode starting later today.

I truly feel this tourney has the potential to be massive. For everyone not familiar with the contest please see the below link..


Most of my current contests are incentivized for commenting, this will be the same just accelerated, more exhilarating and my highest prize pool to date.

To Enter: You need to tag a mate Example: @aquahelix preceded by the number of your comment. Example: 1 @aquahelix relative to your commenting order. So if 1 @doc.hodes 2 @mykos 3 @janine-ariane 4 @aquahelix commented before you, you will be 5 @yourtagsname. Make sure you put the number numerically and a space between the number and the person you have tagged this is very important if the format is not met it wont be considered an entry. You may comment and say anything you like as with other contests but it is very important as a valid entry to start with the number then tag then you may say whatever you wish. Example: 55 @craigcryptoking It is December the sun is up the weather is fine and the beer is cold. Please note: your next comment will need to be 56 @yourtagsname and a comment because 55 @craigcryptoking just commented and was the 55th person to do so, you will hence need to be 56 @yourtagsname .

You may comment as many times as you wish, however not consecutively after yourself you need one other contestant to comment in between your last comment to make your next one valid. Every time you re-comment tag a different friend/follower of yours and reply to this post to count and not to comments to count as to avoid confusion and please don't tag the same person twice.

Prize structure...

Be number 1 and you will win 0.20 SBD
Be number 25 and you will win 0.80 SBD
Be number 50 and you will win 1 SBD
Be number 100 and you will win 1.20SBD
Be number 149 and you will win 0.50 SBD (consolation prize)
Be number 150 and you will win the 2 SBD top and final prize.

You may win more than one prize in this contest like my others where you may win multiple times, however can only win every second prize for example prize 1-50-150. I have the final say and decision on numbers, Where confusion may arise you as well as someone else both posted the same number in which case you will need to edit your post to be the next correct number after the previous comment. If there is a dispute I will have the final say settle accordingly ie (pay both) or split the prize as I have many times before.

I truly feel this tourney has the potential to be massive. For everyone not familiar with the contest or if this is your first time playing please see the below link...


This will be the 'TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM AND TAG A MATE CONTEST' Mascot, Whenever you see this get commenting. The more the merrier the higher your chances.


Did you spot the S for Steemit ^ ;)

I have named this contest 'Take one for the Team and Tag a Mate' because in order to reach the 150 th comment prize of 2 SBD it will need to be a community effort, which is exactly what Steemit is all about people helping people, you will not be able to reach that number alone you will need to help others who in turn help you, as this competition evolves as per all my others there will be more and larger prizes. The 150th comment number sounds very high but it really is not that bad, we reach high comment numbers in my two other 'commenting tourneys' in an hour or two, and the 2SBD incentive will make it very worthwhile.

Naturally any sponsors keen to 'up the ante' please let me know so we can greatly increase this honey pot for the contestants, but for now and until that happens as my affordability rises so will the prize money ;)

You will notice I have changed the comment prize numbers slightly from last time and the prize pool giveaway is also higher than ever, this will keep going up as per my affordability, I have also put all my other contests on hold to be able to run this twice a week every week.

Any suggestions as to how I can structure this better do let me know in the comments below I try to improve this contest every time I run it to make it better and more exhilarating than it already is, please also comment on how you like this new prize structure and prize number intervals ??

Competition starts now.



Number 200 gets 1SBD AND a few 100% up-votes from me...

WOW @drdave thanks a ton I am sure the contestants will love that.. HEAR that folks this now pays up to 200 lets hit that in a day or less this tourney just became an almost 8 SBD contest now.. Thanks again good doctor... Lets do this thing... Shoot....

2 @crystalize ... Lets do this...!!!

2 it is missed ya brother where and how have you been ?

Sunshine and palm trees brother... I'm doing a job on Naples beach so I spend as much time on the site as possible...

I thought of you even before I saw you had commented... aww

Good to see you here @superdavey... Like the new avatar btw...

thank you! another Steemian, @grow-pro made a few of them for me in different color schemes and patterns. I love them and brag on other social media platforms while trying to become a #steemambassador

Awwww saweett post some pics man??

i only have job pics in my phone right now - I'll get some cool beach pics tomorrow...

168 @doctorcrypto ...

C'mon folks, we're almost there... Lets hit 200 today...

Doc flipin the bird.gif

Behwhahahaahah you looking good here good doc...

168 :) Not a good doctor :D

WooHoo... We got there...!!! Congrats brother...!!!
I sent ur prize & let me charge up my SP today and i'll hit you with some killer votes - here and on your blog...

Thanks for your generosity!

Yeeeesssss! I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so nervous at the last moment

Thanks so much @drdave a true man of your word, Thanks again for taking this contest to the next level no way would we have hit 200 without you, this was the best one yet for sure, another to follow this Wednesday and thanks to you again I will be lifting the prize money....Cheer$;) brother.

You snuck in ther!! Good job!!

70 @superdavey... A quickie before work...

70 it is well entered.. Quickie ROFLMAO if only this was that good ;)

Thanks again for your generosity and making this even cooler and more exciting @drdave

I am faster than light

LOL I see so ..

25th it is BOOM ... WOW man you won that by 6 seconds .. amazing .. very well done indeed..

That was an awesome game chaps well done. @drdave and @aamirijaz (Sheriff) please may you mediate on the 200th number as per my rules one player can't win twice in a row but this 200th was your baby @drdave so I feel it is fair that you decide on the final winner with the Sheriff in my book it is between @imsteimsbrother as he was 200th but won 150 and @abookworm, who can we declare 200th and final prize winner? Cheer$;)

Ah! I was enjoying my sleep and it has been achieved. So as it is the prize from @drdave, so he can better declare the winner. Actually, 150th was won by @em3. So there is no doubt for declaring @imsteinsbrother

Okey dokey thanks Sheriff let me make it official then BOOM 200th is yours nice one @imsteinsbrother Cheer$;)

Not sure if the sheriff is on this one but yours came up first by only 5 seconds...

Hey Doctor! I can't make two comments in a row that is the rule. So I am not the one this time.

I was referring to @ikechi - his comment popped up only 5 seconds before @alan083...

@drdave You mentioned Sheriff in your previous comment on this thread so I thought I am being addressed :D

No worries brother - was looking for your enforcement / guidance... Lol...

50th BOOM nice one, see it wasn't so hard now was it... congrats.. keep going.. shoot.....

It actually is on the mobile phone. I actually typed it when it was at 48. In phone you shoot blindly

Yes! I won!

You did you see .. and as per the rules above you can win again .. keep going ...

100 @golde

Boom 100 it is nice one mate.. keep going chaps the biggest one still to be won and another at 200... shoot...

I am runner-up thrice :D

BOOM! 1.20 SBD is coming your way! Boss style :D

BOOM 150th .. hahahah awesome mate so nice to see you again well done... Sheesh i haven't checked in, for a few hours amazing you hit this nice one CHAPS well done everyone especially @em3... 200th next shoot...

150th BOOM! you are winner now :) Congrats

It got very confusing there at the end!!

Yeah, you were confusing yourself and all of us! I think you did it on purpose! lol

gg sir, G G

It gets confusing when many people jump into :) Keep it going to 200 as there is a reward there as well. :)

1ST BOOM nice one mate, again ;)

I check your profile every time I open steem

LOL haha Nice brother appreciate that. This is kinda exciting hey even for me.. Maybe soon I will be able run em every second day...

Well that was fun!

Maybe I'll have better luck next time.

Congrats @imstinesbrother and goodjob everyone! Over 412 comments @craigcryptoking that is quite impressive!


It always is fun but the last one was little slower and its big prize wasn't achieved by anyone. When I first started playing this contest I enjoyed a ton. At that time there were so many participants.

Well technically there are many more now bud.. Be sure to play later @drdave requested you be on top of your game today's episode is gonna be hectic amazing, bigger better more prizes for longer etc.... See you there!!

Sure, I am foreseeing a big crowd today. If my bandwidth allows me I will be on top. See you soon :)

Thanks bud and thanks to everyone... Todays will be enormous biggest yet!!

haha I tried. Thanks for the invite @public-eye

K stand by next prize coming up ;)

Looking for it :)

22 @necromortis The reward scheme is modified?

22 it is .. yes you like? As above for 200th comment @drdave will give full power upvote as well as 1SBD .. nice hey??

Oh wow! Thanks mate!

Oooo now we getting there ... who will it be who shall it be ??

24 @alonekim I cant be the 25 Lol

You could of if you waited.. strategy much for the higher prizes? I like your thinking ;)

Haha Well I don't mind to bag lower one I have been following a saying. So instead of losing the higher I would prefer it to be anyone :D

Something is better than nothing.

Beautiful S

26 please edit.. man that was missed by 6 seconds.. but you now have chances at higher numbers and better prizes .. shoot... ;)

31 @apon87 Keep it going guys!! Please,

Sho rocking it all the regulars.. we gonna hit these numbers fast i see.. nice.. shoot..

LOL sleeping I guess? They will be back in the morning Im sure.. its 11pm here in South Africa currently @penderis is South African too

@doc.hodes hasn't been here for a long!

I chatted to him today .. He will be here tomorrow I think..

That's great! They pour some value in this contest :D

12 to go lets do this thing.... What do you all think of the new structure BTW??

I just remembered the first one I played here that was quite a fun! I don't know why people aren't partaking now. Well, the structure is better than previous. Actually, you put a lot of gaps in the last one as the previous to last was more famous! :D

Hhaa so this better than the others in terms of prize structure right? Or what?

Its better in the term of number of comments which are to be rewarded :D I don't know if I have conveyed you my thoughts lol

I think you and I are interested in stretching the comments. Others are just waiting for the right time to comment Lol

seems lik so! Hehe

39 god what a mess :D

Where is the tag man? and it's 40 :)

The Sheriff has spoken ;)

As Usual :)

lol 40 mate... 40 @mrweirdowski is how its to be done brother.. and what a beautiful mess it is.. You will get the hang of it.. especially when you hit a prize number.. ask the others they will tell ya ;)

Please edit to 40 @yourtagsname !!

41 @atomfalse If 40 is not DQ!! In my opinion it is DQ :D

Naa Sheriff he is an old mate and old contender I will let this one slide he will get with it still hes new to this contest don't stress ;)

Ive already considered it :) Cheers

42 @craigcryptoking Get it done Son!

42 bad boy... ooo look what the cat dragged in?.. whats cracking .. haha .. where ya been??

All over, and nowhere. .. 50 is approaching fast!

45 @ayedee Heading to 3rd prize :)

5 to go who will it be who will it be?? I see strategy and stealth at play here again ? ;)

44 @runicar pls i need this badly!

46 please edit .. keep going buddy you can do it.. many prize still to be won on this contest keep playing you can take at least one of them down and see the 200th comment is a golden egg too eh ...

49 @beros I am not the 3rd on too lol

Taking more for the team eh Sheriff?

I am giving way to new members ;) You have seen I am the runner-up twice :D

Nice one bud.. I guess we can all see why its called 'Take one for the team? ;)

Yeah, You can say, I have wholly understood the meaning of that phrase :D

4 @senorcoconut ... sunshiny day!

4 it is, welcome back nice to see you again.. Hoping you hit a number or two this time around...

51 too close .. keep going ...

Just some seconds make difference UL!

Its crazy hey.. I love how close to the number we get 4 comments in a row of the same number.. sniping I see.. I like it.. great strategy!!

Yeah but the only some seconds make it or break it hehe

52 just missed as well unlucky .. go for the big ones now next prize coming up who will it be .. shoot .....

53 @cryptopie let me sleep now. I'm coming for 150

Make it 53 before you go sleep! :D

54 @best10 Will join you guys in morning! Its too late now.

Well played night all, congrats to winners see you all again tomorrow for some more action... keep commenting... Cheer$;)

63 @kunilunde
How the hell can you keep the overview here? :D

With ease brother.. You will get it right on the next comment? ;)