🤕 Cheese rolling contest - Ozzy man reviews

in contest •  5 months ago

The cheese rolling at cooper's hill is one of the most spectacular and dangerous events in English history.It takes place on an extremely steep hill (45 degrees).It involves competitors hurling themselves 200 metres down the hill in pursuit of the cheese.
Commentary by Ozzy man.

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What is the present price of Cheese in that country??😂😂😂😂


It's expensive!!!😂

my friend, i hope its ok for you when i share this video in my own post for the turkish community. its so funny :)


Yeah cool carry on!

Always wanted to do this, its up in Gloucester isnt it?
This Auzzie commentary is amazing, literally wetting myself in the office


Yeah it's in Gloucester,Ozzy man's commentary is hilarious ain't it.I'm gonna put some more of his stuff on here today!


Sweet, I'l look out for it