Yeah, I work out in a box. Have been going at it now for over 5 years I think.

I have done the hero WOD "Glen" a few times over the last years, it has 100 burpees in the end. Every single time I'm doing OK up until that point. I can be in front of quite a lot of other members at my gym, even if I'm a horrible runner. But as soon as I get to the burpees it just grinds to a halt and I end up close to last. :)

Oh dear, I've never done Glen. I'm gonna have to check that one out. But, anything at the end of a hero WOD is gonna be bad. Lol. Did you watch the live announcement of 18.1 tonight?

No, the announcement started at 2 in the morning here, so I decided to get some sleep instead. I’ll try to catch up after work, I kind of like seeing the professionals do the workout before trying it myself.

We have almost 200 signed up for the open at my box so this is going to be a pretty big event.

OMG! You must belong to a huge box! We only have like 200 members total! Wow!

I think we probably have north of 400 members in our box. It is the only affiliate left in an area with maybe 200-250 thousand people, everyone else ended up going bankrupt for various reasons. We do have a big focus on joining the open for the social aspect of it, so members of all levels are taking part.

I just love seeing the newer members in particular, how they fight so hard to get their first du, their first pu or whatever skill they need for that particular week. It truly is the last finisher who gets the most cheers.

Yes!!! LOVE that part!