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Hi Steemians and Dtubers and welcome to this big huge contest...
This contest will be about music...what ever kind of music (instrumental, openmic...etc ).
here it is, you will make any kind of music but it MUST be an original by you plus it's Must be as a Dtube video and as we said at the title the winner will get 1000SP Delegation for 1 month, it's a great chance or deal for new people who are they just joined Steem platform to start and any Steemian or a Dtuber to get this huge support and to get some motivation :)

How to participate ? :

  1. Upvote this post.
  2. Resteem this post.
  3. That's it!

i'm saying it again it MUST be your original work and as a Dtube video.
the contest starts from today (20th of January) until ( 9th of February)
means from 1/20/2019 to 2/9/2019 after this date we will show the winner and all works of Steemians who are they participate in this contest.

of course i will show some updates of this work, i mean i will show the work of people who are they participate in this contest in those 20 days as new post and i would like to see your hard work to get succeed in this contest :)

this is a 20 days to make and post your original work as a Dtube video, i prefer to mention me @cityofstars to get my attention to your work and not forget you :) or you could send your work to me on Discord to get my attention.

Don't forget to tell your friends to participate too hehe :)

This is my Discord : cityofstars#8381
if you have any question feel free to contact me.

This contest sponsored by @cityofstars and @altouq

Take your time and have fun :)


Good idea man, upvote and reesteam. Good look to particpants, greetings from Venezuela community dtubers ( VDC ).

thank you for enter our contest
hope we will see your great work

Let's spread the word! This is a great opportunity for everyone. Thank you very much!

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welcome to our contest

Giving others will make us rich.
It would be a great benefit for new users who have problem with rc. As after the hardfork its creating problems for having low steem power users.
I know how it feels when you cant post anything due to short Rc.Many steemians still have this problem but your contest is a best way to help them.
Love this initiative. Keep spreading the love.
Thumbs up.

ya of course i must give this amount of power to motivate people and give them a good start :)

Sounds awesome looking forward to entering

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great thing :)
looking forward
show us your greatest song and try hard to win this contest :)

Awesome initiative my friend! Do I make a single post specifically for this contest to enter?

yes of course that's will be better :)
i would like to see some more people enter this contest

wow sounds like lots of fun. I just resteemed this. However i am not a musician by any means so i cant do contest,but least i can do is pass the word around. i also put this on my twitter. thanks again. just here from the community to offer my support as well.

Thank you for your support :)

Wow It sounds great!!!

YES if you interested do the rules , upvote this post and resteem it then you will be in this content then what you have to do is make a song and kind of song as i said , mention me or send it to me on Discord it get my attention and not forget you

Waiting for the participants... :) there must be some awesome entries...


It's a awsome look thanks body

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hope more people participate :)

Great initiative to support minnows and new comers to steem and spread more music on the blockchain! Full support Keep it up!

thanks lethal!
are you going to be in ?

My pleasure akh! I might leave this for new comers and minnows as they might need it more but I'll keep an eye might contribute something we'll see. Keep it up 🎧💯🙌

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great , will see the talent of other people and good luck for everyone :)

Respect ✌️✌️🎧🔥

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Great initiative my brother @cityofstars. Its big chance to dtubers. Unfortunately, I can't sing and create a video, but I hope this contest succesful. Upvote and resteem

i appreciate your support thank you brother :)

can I invite my friend here ?

of course let him know about our contest :)

Very generous Contest. For sure @cityofstars :)

hehe thanks , we must be generous to motivate people and to make them trying harder to win this contest :)

Sounds awesome @cityofstars :) I'll upvote and resteem of course! Not sure if I will enter, but I will try my best ♥

hehe i would like to see some people like you working hard to win this contest.....i gave you guys 20 days to take your time , after 7 days i will submit another post as update of this contest :)

that is just CRAZY! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!

we MUST do it that CRAZY to motivate people and make them trying harder to get win this contest and get big support :)

I am intrigued inspired and VERY interested. I love CRAZY! <3

show your hard crazy and win this contest hehe :)

Good luck to all

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ya good luck for all musicians :)

Hey This is a big step as a form of support for music on the Steem platform. Maybe you can try using Esteemapp because we will provide a little support for music content. There is nothing wrong if we try

comment using eSteemapp V.2

Excellent clear initiative that I join, but I can upload a new publication with some topic that I have already recorded? I ask or should I say something specific in the video to participate

so you want to put a recorded one for this contest ?
Alright no problem but you should say at the topic or the post something that indicates the contest and please when you post it mention me in the post or send it to me in discord to get my attention please

How could I miss this post? Upvoted and resteemed so that many talented musicians will join. Original means they compose their own song? Or they can do cover but originally sang by them? How about language?

thanks for your drop by :)
originally or cover will works , means they can do a cover played by them :)
and about the language it's can be any language :)
tell your friends and other steemians about it let them join this huge contest :)

QUESTION, my dear @cityofstars or @altouq:

I'd like to produce some kind of music clip. Or does it have to be live music?

Alright but this music MUST made by you , i mean you play the music
please contact me on discord let's talk about it :)

my discord : cityofstars#8381

A great opportunity, I will share and comment with friends. Many successes.
Good vibes.

thank you for sharing it , let them join us and try hard to win this contest :)

Since you made the announcement by discord, I thought it was great the contest is an excellent opportunity for the musicians, on all new users.

yes , we would like to motivate you guys :)

Ooh!! This sounds fun, hopefully it'll be just what I need to motivate me to get back into playing ukulele. I have a song I wrote for last Valentine's day, but it's not what you'd expect for Valentine's day. I think I'll just make a few little changes to it and hopefully I'll participate

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please resteem this post too to make sure that you entered the contest

awesome we are waiting your work :)
mention me when you post it or send to me on discord to get my attention and not forgetting you :)

I'm not entering because I don't make music, but I am resteeming you and tagging some people for you!

@scottf - you should put the @xcountytravelers theme riff in this!
@katrina-ariel - you have bunches of stuff!
@pechichemena - I think you could have some fun with this one!

That's all the people I can think of specifically.

HEY, NEW PEOPLE!!!! This is a great opportunity!!!! Check it out!!!!

no problem at least you helped us to make some people know about it :)

It's a good contest. I hope you get many entries.

i hope that too , and hope you enter it if you could :)

Unfortunately, I am not musical at all. I am not sure about @brittandjosie. If she is, I hope she joins in.

tell her about our contest , and if she could she can joins us , the due date will be 9th of February

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thanks for support :)

Looking forward to participating :-)

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upvote and resteem then send to me or mention me on the post that you want participate with in contest :)
waiting your work :)

yes Im going to participate :D

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