WINNERS for the September Better Than Fair to Middlin’ Contest and October Teaser!

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Grand Prize!

Hello All!
This month a Grand Prize is awarded to each - the 1st place contestant and his/her nominee!

The Grand Prize is your own stylized signature created by our very own @zord189!

For an example of one of these great signatures, look at mine at the bottom of this post or take a look at some other signatures zord offers here!

Here are the Grand Prize winners of the September Fair to Middlin’ contest:


Those that submitted a qualifying entry were listed in to achieve the following randomized list:

Each of the top three Plankton community authors will also be receiving 1 unit of Steem Basic Income (SBI) from @mermaidvampire!


However, anyone who entered this contest is a winner, especially because I had some *generous supporters add to the sweet pot of prizes!

Due to these generous benefactors, the winners and the remaining contestants (just below) will also receive 1 Plankton token each!


Recap of September Challenge and Prizes:

Just to refresh your memory, here is a recap of the contest rules and prices:

What You Need to Do!

All you need to do is tell me about your favorite visual artist on Steemit! Easy!

You and the person you nominate will be entered to win the Grand Prize!
All forms of visual art qualify!

  • Photography
  • Graphic art
  • Digital art
  • Abstract
  • Anything visual!

The Rules:

1 - Your entry must be no less than 150 words.
2 – Please do not go over the maximum of 400 words!
3 – Place the url/link of your entry as a comment to this post.
4 – Sorry, you cannot nominate yourself! (If you want your art to be included, please find someone to nominate you!)
(All posts must be easily accessed and read from the Steemit platform)

Bonus Prizes will be awarded to top 3 Plankton HODLers!

  • First Place – 2 Plankton and 1 Steem
  • Second Place – 1 PAL and 1 Steem
  • Third Prize – 1 Steem
Caveat - You must be a Plankton token owner to be eligible for a bonus prize!

(If you are not a Plankton HODLer, you can purchase Plankton in Steem Engine.)

October Contest Teaser

Like I said before, I want to keep things interesting, so the challenges (and the prizes) will be a bit different each month.

October will focus on collaborative storytelling, so be thinking about spinning a tale together!

What will get caught in our web?

gif by gerber!

@otom has already contributed a nice supply of Plankton to the prize pool! More prizes will be announced at the time of the contest post at the “middlin’” of the month!

Special Shout out to the Contest Supporters!

I want to thank the generous supporters that added prizes to this contest. Thank you on behalf of myself and the winners!

@kittygirl – 6 Steem
@mermaidvampire – 3 units of SBI
@otom – 50 Plankton! (using 5 for the month of September)

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL_float.png


Congrats to the winners. Another great contest, @cindyhartz.

Thank you!

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Wow! Thank you so much, @cindyhartz. I loved doing my entry for this contest to highlight @tattoodjay's work. He is awesome, and I m glad to spread the word.

And thank you to:

for supporting this effort. You all rock!

Congratulations! You earned it! Have you see all the signature gifs that zord makes? Please go visit these links and pick out the gif you want, and send zord a DM with your order, which is already paid in full.

Pack One choices:

Pack Two choices:

I am getting ready to send you your other prizes through Steem Wallet and Steem Engine.

What an awesome grand prize! I love the sig that @zord189 did for me, so excellent idea to offer that. Cool teaser for October too - sounds like exciting stuff coming up next month! Brava to you for having such an amazing and supportive contest like this, @cindyhartz!

Thank you Traci! Glad you like the teaser! Next month will be a contest like no other! 😊. I can hardly wait!

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Resteemed to help get some eyes on this contest. Congrats to the winners.

Will there be another post explaining more on Octobers contest?

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Thanks! 😘

Not until the middlin’ of October! Then folks will have up until payout for the announcement post to make an entry.

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Thank you so much @cendyhartz for the wonderful contest especially @mermaidvampire forever support to the plankton community.

??? Forever lost????

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Haha, what I mever forever support not lost..

OK! 👍

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Congratulations to all the winners!
Thank you for the tokens and God bless @cindyhartz. 'will be supporting you for your next contest.
Thank you she sponsors

Thank you very much for your kind friend reward.
Enjoy very much participate in your contest, I will be attentive to next publication to participate there too ...

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing more from you!

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View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @cindyhartz, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @cindyhartz, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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