September Better Than Fair to Middlin' Contest

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I made this colorful subtitle with Word and Deep Dream Generator!

Hello All Good Steemians!

Welcome to my next Better Than Fair To Middlin’ contest! In keeping with the name, I will continue to post the contest during the middle of each month for an unknown, but decent stretch of time!

There Will Be Variety!

I like to keep things interesting, so the challenges and the prizes will be different each month.

Pay close attention to the rules to make sure you get a chance to win as many prizes as possible!

Why Better Than Fair to Middlin’?

In case you missed it in the first contest post; fair to middlin’ was a phrase my father loved to use!

Although you may find a few variations, the phrase originated as another quality category for crops in the U.S. Fair to middlin’ is a general and somewhat variable quality or grade between poor and excellent. Not the best and not exactly average either, but definitely good enough, or maybe just a bit better!

I Want Better!

If you are doing better than fair to middlin’, you’re definitely doing well, and that’s what I want for all my fellow Steemians. Let’s do better than fair to middlin’!

September Challenge - Open to all!

Grand Prize!

This month a Grand Prize will be awarded to each:

  • the 1st place contestant
  • and his/her nominee!

The Grand Prize is your own stylized signature created by our very own @zord189!

For an example of one of these great signatures, look at mine at the end of this post or take a look at some other signatures zord189 offers here!


If you enter the contest you get an upvote from me, which provides a share of the bounty (amount will vary each month) that I place on each of my contest posts! So enter! What have you got to lose?

What You Need to Do!

All you need to do is tell me about your favorite visual artist on Steemit!


You and the person you nominate will be entered to win the Grand Prize!

All forms of visual art qualify!

  • Photography
  • Graphic art
  • Digital art
  • Abstract
  • Anything visual!

The Rules:

1 - Your entry must be no less than 150 words.
2 – Please do not go over the maximum of 400 words!
3 – Place the url/link of your entry as a comment to this post.
4 – Sorry, you cannot nominate yourself! (If you want your art to be included, please find someone to nominate you!)

(All posts must be easily accessed and read from the Steemit platform)

A Few More Details:

$$$ - Bounty for the September Better Than Fair to Middlin’ is 20 Steem.

  • Contest deadline is right up until payout for this announcement post.
  • All qualifying entries will be placed in an online random generator to select the grand prize winner duo!

Special shout out and Thank you to: @thekittygirl

who already contributed 6 additional Steem
to the prize pool!

unless otherwise indicated, all images are from Pixabay!

Bonus Prizes will be awarded to top 3 Plankton HODLers!

  • First Place – 2 Plankton and 1 Steem
  • Second Place – 1 PAL and 1 Steem
  • Third Prize – 1 Steem
You must be a Plankton token owner to be eligible for a bonus prize!
If you are not a Plankton HODLer, you have time to purchase Plankton in the Steem Engine.)

gif by gerber

Good Luck to All!

Power House Creatives _night mode.png


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Happy Rewards Hunting!


Thank you for using steem-bounty

Thank you for making it easy to reward comments!

BTW, I never received my 6 Steem refund for the pre-hard fork hiccup period. A credit would be just as good, just want it spread out rather than lost! 😉

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May the best person win

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Ah! I like that

Better than Fair to Middlin' !
Great initiative to have I being the ones that are doing better!
I've got a few folks in mind but I will narrow it down and get an entry in.

Great! Can’t wait to see your submission!

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I was happy to sponsor your contest, and will probably do it again. You should have kept the Steem 'bounty' you sent me and put it in the prize pool! Do that next time! 😉

This time the bounty will be automatic! But I will check in with you on some of the prize ideas I have for the October contest! Thanks so much for your support!

I’ve heard the phrase ‘Fair to middlin’ many times and mainly when people are asked how they are doing.

This sounds like fun contest. I’m have to put my thinking cap on. 😊 👩‍🌾

I hope you will!

So happy to see this excellent entry!

I will skip this one. I have no favourite steemartist here. Those I liked left or stopped posting.
If I search by the tag I see porn and many things I would not call art and yes, I do understand why read good artists leave. Steemit is not the place for them same if it comes to writers.

Good luck with your contest.
A great day to all with love 💕

I am sad that you feel this way, because I still see many excellent visual artists on Steemit! Right off the top of my head, I know several artists and photographers and I love to see their posts!

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I think you are in another circle as I. Perhaps I should follow in your footsteps for a while.

Thanks for responding and sharing the good news. Happy Thirsdsy. 💕

That sounds like a great idea for all of us to try! 😁👍

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Okay I finally made my desicion from all the wonderful Steemit visual artists and have made a choice of @Frejafri Here is my entry at:

Yes! So many to consider! This is a great choice! Thank you for an awesome entry!

You are welcome! And thank you for setting up this contest Better than Fair to Middlin'!

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