Help My Company Sonic Alley Studios Win the 2018 FedEx grant contest for 25000$ in upgrades + 15k in marketing!

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Hi steemit community, my Recording studio business Sonic Alley Studios has been entered into a voting contest for a chance to win a 25000$ grant plus 15000$ in Marketing consultations!

I need all the votes I can get in order to be in the running. If you have a free minute, please follow the link below to cast your vote for me!


by clicking the "vote for this business" link, and filling in your name and email address.

You can vote for us once every 24 hours

Winning this opportunity would allow my company to expand to the point of having a local public presence as a preferred business to work with. We have been struggling financially to do much needed upgrades to the studio hardware to really push it into the "professional/ high end" status.

We thank all of you in this awesome community ahead of time for all that you do.

Comment "done" on this post once you have voted so I can get a sense of how many votes have come in!




Done. Good luck!

Awesome thank you so much, remember you can vote every 24 hrs if you can!

Good luck with the competition, I have been and entered my vote for you.


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