Goldenproject contest: My success story on steemit...

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My encounter with steemit has been a great success. Here are what I have gained ever since I joined steemit, thanks to @mimy who invited me.

My first pay-out on steemit which was just 20SBD was the highest amount I have ever made in my life. Before then, I was already scared because as a graduate, what I was earning was a little above my transport fare.

Steemit gave me the opportunity to write about the things I love. On steemit, I am not restricted, unlike when I worked for others. On steemit, I decide to express myself anyhow I like.

There is something thrilling about making and interacting with cool friends you can't see but know they care. Steemit has given me online friends that I can't trade for any other thing.

I don't fancy reading, but on steemit, in order to make good comments, I have learnt to read different articles which ranges from those on fiction, watching Dtubes, science posts and especially cryptocurrency.

Before, I was a great hater of Cryptocurrency because I thought it was like other ponzi schemes, but now, I am a great fan and have started inviting my friends to start investing in it.

Thanks so much to steemit. It is my shining light, the hope I got when every other thing seemed hopeless.


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I am so happy you have found your way here. Your English is very good and writing is wonderful! You can speak at least 2 languages, I can only speak 1.

Wow! Thanks so much for being my friend, I must say that you are part of those who keep inspiring me as you post articles using correct English sentences.

Yea, I can speak two well and I am currently learning the third.

You could sign up for a foreign class if you feel passionate about learning another language dear

Ahh I could. I wish I had money! I took some German in uni, but just 101.

Wow! Guten morgan?

Can you try online courses?

Oh hi chubby chemmy 😂😂😂, You are one of my lovely online friends that i cannot wait to meet.

I am glad steemit has worked magic for you 😂😇, keep steeming love ❤.

Lol... To one of my best online friends who keeps calling me "chubby Chemmy" even though I am very slim, I sight you o.

Thanks so much. We must surely meet ke.... That day, I would huuuuuug you and keep shouting, "so soorefunmi, this is your face!"

I would definitely keep steeming dear

Let me not blush but you are wonder to have a strong a friend.... Most importantly loyal

Missed you in the whatsapp group and my blog

Oh oh oh! I am so sorry it has been a while I have visited your blog. I have no excuse! I definitely miss you too... xo xo

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