Crypto Contest #2 - Win 4 SBD (about $15) For Your Crytpo Prediction

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Hi Crypto Contest Lovers,

Contest #2 here, last time someone won $25, but didn't get the doubler to $50, because they didn't follow or resteem.

Don't let that be you :)

The total current market cap of all cryptos is $439,426,030,589 (Approx $440 Billion USD).

I'm looking for predictions for where total cryptocurrency Market Cap will be at this Monday @ 5PM PST (1AM UST). I'll use the Market Cap shown by at exactly 5pm Monday, and whoever is closest I'll transfer Steem Dollars to. You must register your guess by Saturday midnight.


Winner - 2 SBD

Bonus: If you are the winner of this challenge, and you upvoted, followed and resteemed, I will double your payout to 4 SBD!

How to support challenge:
Vote on this post
Resteem this post
Make Your Best Guess As A Comment

Good luck!

Photo Courtesy CryptoVest

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$460 billion


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

the price will be $455,500,047,000

The price will be $461,100,000,000

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

$452 billion

$ 442 billion