Crypto Contest #1 - Win $50 For Your BTC Prediction

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Hi All,

I feel like having a bit of fun here... I'm looking for predictions for where BTC will be trading at this Friday @ 5pm PST (1AM UST). I'll use the price shown by at exactly 5pm Friday, and whoever is closest I'll transfer Steem Dollars to. You must register your guess by Wednesday midnight.

Winner - $25
Second place - $15
Third place - $10

Bonus: If you are the winner of this challenge, and you upvoted and followed, or resteemed, I will double your payout to $50!

How to support challenge:
Vote on this post
Resteem this post
Make Your Best Guess As A Comment

Good luck!

Photo Courtesy Coin Telegraph

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I think it's going to go to 10,000


I like the confidence!

3000 $

please it dont be near 3000. we all sink :)

g20 gipfel ende november schau mal rein;-)

I'm with you! I'm thinking 3-4k range is the bottom...

BTC Friday @5 PM $5914. I think btc will follow the down tick in the us markets and we will eventually see it level off about the $6000 mark. It will most likely raise in value slowly over the next few months to $10,000! Good luck everyone!

What do you think the SBD price will be???

hah! Good question... I've been actually following Steem value, and there's a great graph that shows Steem is here to stay and increasing over time against BTC. I think SBD will lose a little more ground to maybe $2-2.5 range, then continue the uptrend.



when bitcoin go down is better for the cryptocurrency market, people can invest without stress


5.500 and after that.. up!!

$8700..... Upvoted, followed, resteemed

10,222.22 - Cool Contest - Thanks

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Upvoted, followed, resteemed, and my guess is $7200.


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Contest ends this Friday, there’s still time to enter!


is that 13,880 rhema? That's how I'll count it... thanks!

I need to pay attention while I'm typing



7550 USD.

The beginning of a recovery (hopefully).





$10,001 usd



$6,354 USD. Already follow, did upvote, and will re-steem!!