The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 62) /// clash of titans ///

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It is a pleasure to participate in this challenge of @xpilar where we use your digital art to exercise the mind by developing stories from an image.


original image of @xpilar

The time has come, the Titans approach and do not lower their guard, each one of them is projected in their triumph and the stunned spectators do not know what to expect, time for changes they say some, evolution others say, the worst or the best nobody He knows, the truth is that history is written when something different happens to what is customary and generally all change is for good, because the great forces before taking a step are already thinking where they will place the other.

It is difficult not to be on the side of the uncertainty where a clash of titans seizes the monotonous rhythm that many of us have taken, everything had been tense calm where nothing of this magnitude happened.

Some of the strongest species were trying to get in the middle of this clash to excel in the inevitable, but fate was already written and the weakest creatures were betting on it with a living hope of visualizing the surface of the ocean with which both They dreamed in secret.


El momento ha llegado, los titanes se aproximan y no bajan la guardia, cada uno de su lado está proyectado en su triunfo y los espectadores estupefactos no saben que esperar, tiempo de cambios dicen algunos, evolución dicen otros, lo peor o lo mejor nadie lo sabe, lo cierto es que la historia se escribe cuando sucede algo distinto a lo que ya se acostumbra y generalmente todo cambio es para bien, porque las grandes fuerzas antes de dar un paso ya están pensando donde colocaran el otro.

Es difícil no estar de parte de la incertidumbre donde un choque de titanes se apodera del monótono ritmo que muchos llevamos, todo había sido tensa calma donde nada de esta magnitud sucedía.

Algunos de las especies más fuertes trataban de ponerse en medio de este choque para sobresalir en lo inevitable, pero ya el destino estaba escrito y las criaturas más débiles apostaban a favor de este con una esperanza viva de visualizar la superficie del océano con la que tanto soñaban en secreto.

I am grateful to participate in these challenges that help the community to expand and strengthen, to know everything about this challenge here I leave the link.



thank you @centenojesus for your thoughts and description

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