The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 60) FuTuRe/FuTuRo

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Hello friends, this time I want to thank @xpilar I join the creative challenge of imagining through the image created by him, applying the techniques of digital art.


...It was the year 3020 and the face of the impure earth is contemplated without traces of sun or moon, it was always night, only from a distance some stars could be seen since due to their remoteness they were not affected by the deadly gases emitted by the earth, these gases were only tolerated by the few who were immunized, or that is what they believe, there are two of the domes that the last civilizations tried to do to protect their lives, obtaining equally deadly results ... within these Domes found a wave-emitting device with a final message that was about sending to the rest of the universe that said: "DO NOT WAIT THE LAST MINUTE TO DO WHAT YOU SHOULD DO" They always tried to save themselves, they always fought, they never lost hope, but they still lost everything...

In spanish:

…Era el año 3020 y se contempla la faz de la tierra ya impura sin rastros de sol ni de luna, siempre era de noche, solo de lejos algunas estrellas se podían ver ya que debido a su lejanía no se afectaban por los gases mortales emitidos por la tierra, dichos gases solo eran tolerados por los pocos que se inmunizaron, o eso es lo que ellos creen, se observan dos de los domos que las ultimas civilizaciones intentaron hacer para resguardar sus vidas, obteniendo de igual manera mortales resultados… dentro de estos domos encontraron un dispositivo emisor de ondas con un último mensaje que se trataba de enviar al resto del universo que decía: “NO ESPEREN EL ULTIMO MINUTO PARA HACER LO QUE DEBEN HACER” Siempre intentaron salvarse, siempre lucharon, nunca perdieron las esperanzas, pero aun así perdieron todo...

I am grateful to participate in these challenges that help the community to expand and strengthen, to know everything about this challenge here I leave the link.



thank you @centenojesus for your thoughts and description

thanks for your support

Suerte en el concurso amigo
A ponerte al.dia.

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que buena historia amigo saludos

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