WIN SBD - GUESS THE FILM #77 - Haiku Contest

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The Prize

WIN SBD by being the first person to correctly identify the film from the 1970s described in the haiku below! (A haiku is a short Japanese poem).

Weirdly innocent
unfortunate makeover
revenge is easy


How To Enter

Up vote the post, and comment with your answer.


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Winners who up vote for under 25% may, at my discretion, receive a pro rata (prorated) percentage of the rewards and the forfeited SBD will be added to the reward pool.

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One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest


Burn in hell!

She was the weird kid in school because her mum was nuts, and she was so innocent that she didn't know what a period was.
Pig's blood, nuff said.
She killed the people who laughed at her with the power of her mind.

Taxi driver


A Clockwork Orange?

Carrie - 1976?
Edit: ... oh yeah guess what @oceanmoon answered the same movie seconds before mine ... so unlucky

The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Only one guess, but it's okay to change your answer, and Rocky Horror was the answer to Film#43 won by @invein.

The Exorcist

The Girl Most Likely to