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The Prize

WIN SBD by being the first person to correctly identify the romance/mystery film from the 2000s described in the haiku below! (A haiku is a short Japanese poem).

Positions divide
a broken pledge seems fatal
love will find a way


How To Enter

Up vote the post, and comment with your answer.


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Winners who up vote for under 25% may, at my discretion, receive a pro rata (prorated) percentage of the rewards and the forfeited SBD will be added to the reward pool.

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where did you and gonzo go?


His laptop died and we've been having visa troubles cos the British Home office is fairly sucky, and we don't even know where we're going to live. He'll write something when he gets his laptop back and I'll come back soon. X


oh wow that sounds like alot of madness.
i hope you get all the stuff sorted out and figure out where your gona live and stuff.
it was awesome to hear from one of you two, was wondering what happend.
check the free area on craigslist once in a while, laptop might show up , never know.

Glad to hear your alive and kicking still, cant wait to hear all the amazing stories you two will bring when you get back.


There's a high chance we will be going to live in France because the UK immigration sucks donkey balls, but, by pure luck, my sister has a friend whose parents retired there, and then changed their mind and have an empty house there.

Gonzo brought a laptop here, at UK crack prices, but the screen flickered from day one; then it went black unless he wiggled the screen a bit, eventually after 5 months he was whacking it. I was just smh the whole time asking why he didn't just send it back.

Gonzo is sure to write something hilarious, when he gets his laptop and his mojo back. X


oh wow, sounds like a blessing in disquise.
if there is already a house there and not donkey balls with imigration sounds like a win-win even if its just a first step to a final destination.
im not sure if uk crack prices are good or bad. lol
maybe find a free monitor on craigs list and use it like a desktop puter till buy a new one?
i have had a laptop where the montior went out, it sucked!!!

Well im glad to hear things are going well and cant wait for you 2 to be done with it all so you can come back here and laugh about stuff.

Image result for lost mojo meme


Sorry you guys are struggling. I'd reach out if I had the funds to help, because you two really contributed to the feeling of "community" in this space. More power to you. I wish you the best of luck.

Wicker Park


requiem for a dream.

Wicker Park?

Vanilla Sky.

The Skulls

the departed

Original Sin

The Lake House

Moulin Rouge

The Illusionist?


Very right!

The sweethearts were from different backgrounds.
When the lady tried to break her engagement, her betrothed chased her with a sword.
The Illusionist faked his gf's death so that they could be together.


Oh yes! I was hoping I'd get back to winning ways soon. Thank you very much Cathi.

I hope you and @gonzo is doing well. Have an amazing week.

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