Show Us Your Trichomes (WIN SBD!!)

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Harvest is upon us! It's that time of the year that growers bust out those loops to view the trichome development.


So looks like Steem is back, and RC's are not as bad as we thought. To show our enthusiasm, we thought we would have a fun contest to give back some SBD to the community.

Take a picture of your trichomes and leave the pic in the comments. That's it. Who ever enters we will give you SBD! Amount will be determine on how many entries we get. So let's have some fun with this. Also try to leave a comment with your pic telling us what stage of trichome development you prefer.


Here is a cool nifty guide on how to get some good pics of your trichomes by fellow Steemian, and Canna-Curate member @a1-shroom-spores:

Here is what you will need: {1} I Phone. Black Electrical Tape. {1} Disposable Camera.

First let's take the camera out of the box

At this point you must unravel any stickers or cardboard on the plastic camera body. Then the front of the camera must be removed BE CAREFUL AND WORK SLOWLY. Here is the insides of the camera. It takes practice to remove this piece correctly so again WORK SLOWLY BECAUSE YOU CAN GET CUT.

Here is the BEAUTIFUL micro lens. Be careful at this point not to get big fingerprints on the lens if you can.

Place your lens BACKWARDS from how it came off {Over your IPHONES LENS.} To be more specific: Place the PLASTIC LENS directly on your IPHONES LENS. Then place the other piece on TOP.

Time for the Electrical tape!

Tape your lens on and you are good to go! Look through your phone to make sure you were successful. Move the lens if its notlined up and Push the tape down if it shows.

Written by: @a1-shroom-spores, @jonyoudyer
Photos courtesy of: @dynamicrypto

Ok now you are ready to take a great Macro shot of some beautiful cannabis trichomes!!



Tomorrow at 8pm EST @jackdub will be having his weekly show on the new Green House Radio Online.

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Great job spreading love and great camera hack!

Here is a picture of some of my trich's!

(I use a digital microscope I bought for about 50 bucks... takes videos too!)

Much love guys, keep up the great work!


Very nice, mine is similar at 500x. Your trichomes are very robust looking! and so many! very nice job!!


Mine is so cheap it doesn't specify the magnification lol

Thanks a lot for great compliment!


Awesome Entry!

Talk about Dense with Tricromes. :)


Cheers, thanks!

Ohhhh. I love trichome picture. Maybe time to try out the usb microscope i got a while back on amazon.


Yup! plug it in ASAP

Juicy Purple


Skunk #1 x Northern Lights


My usb microscope has bad software. Keeps freezing up on me so ill find my jewelers loop for some close ups.


Amazing Jo8! 10/10 Pics.


It's my dream to be able to grow outdoors one day... Nice job! I just had the pleasure of some white widow the other day. Great strain choice, can't beat the classics.

Nice! Who would of thought