Winners of BunnyPuncher graphics contest

in contest •  4 months ago


As always these contests are hard to judge since I get so many great graphics.

These are the bunnypuncher graphics that were notable and in the running (note I missed an image when making the graphic sorry about that note at end of article):


These were the ones I picked:


@london65 - The first one reminds me of a coach bunnypuncher (and who doesn't love coaches).

@dinglehopper - Second one reminds me of a stuffed animal which is cool and no other BP graphic has done yet.

@sabari18 - And Third is just make BP look cool which is always awesome.

The comment winners are:

The other image I liked and missed when I made the graphic (I sent them 1 Steem for the cool graphics and the fact I missed them)


Steem sent to the winners:

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we want the competitions to return as before .. !! @bunnypuncher


I wish it could but I don't think the black listers and spam cops would like that.

Yay. I won. My very first. Thank you @bunnypuncher. Congratulations to the winners.


congrats...and thank you


Thanks same to all winners and participants

thank you Bunny Punchah...


NP. You created some awesome graphics that embody bunnypuncher (during some moods). Nice Job and congratulations.

Thanks @bunnypuncher and congratulations to fellow winners 😊


Thank you and congratulations


You're welcome

Thank you @bunnypuncher, congratulations to the winners

waaaaaaaahhhhhh i missed this!

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