Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway changes coming tomorrow

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I'm going to be changing the daily giveaway to have 8 winners of 1 SBD each.

This is due to lack of sponsors or upvotes from bigger accounts. I figured whales would see this help new steemians and jump on but that hasn't happened. So today will be the last of the 15 SBD daily contest and the 8 SBD contests will be starting tomorrow. This will also give me some flexibility to do weekly contests again while keeping prize money under control.

I know this isn't going to be popular and I had hoped to grow the prizes as more people participated in the contest. But with the limited size of upvotes the contests generates it is a required change. If sponsorship does come and the situation changes I'd be happy to bring back larger prizes.

First Place: @yasirr
Second Place: @paja
Third Place: @nuroel
Fourth Place: @dekput
Fifth Place: @donaldlove
Sixth Place: @sidequest
Seventh Place: @goldwatch
Eighth Place: @steemforez


To keep this simple and workable there will only be one rule. I don't want to disqualify new people or people that forget to resteem, upvote, and follow. I'm very appreciative of the upvotes and followers that participate in my contests. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.

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The daily topic for today is:

Topic ideas for daily and weekly contests? Ideas to grow the Bunnypuncher community and engage steemians.

The daily topic idea worked out really well and I love your comments. I do read all most all of them every day.


Idea: Why I should win everything every time. ;-)

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We should talk about fight club, screw the rules :P

wow amazing contest but i,m don't know how to participate contest. So please tell me @bunnypuncher how to join your contest daily.

You are already participating, all you need to do is leave a comment. Just talk about the daily topic that @bunnypuncher suggests.

This topic would be interesting:
Integration of block chain technology into different sectors.

I understand for not having sponsorship you have to go down the awards should you communicate with @acidyo or other whales that like to sponsor these types of events comunicate by steem.chat try your luck to see if you can communicate with some of them the idea of go down it to 8 SBD is very good because for a minnow that is starting on the platform is a great help as it encourages you to keep competing and see that in steemit you can achieve great things.

Fortunately the changes can bring fresh air and benefit, all this time I feel that your contest is very tempting because of the great prizes ...

I understand your influence to attract the Steemians to participate in your contest, but you must extend the concurson with innovative ideas and ideas that attract people .. For that reason my idea is to raise the prizes, but to participate in the contests we should contribute 0.050 SBD .. !! it's just a contribution ... so you would generate more profits and in the same way you could increase the prizes much more. ( It's just an idea ). I hope and this will be helpful. Both for the community and for @bunnypuncher Regards.

The topics should be fun and uplifting.
Sometimes you just need to be on the lighter side of life

The way your giveaways are formatted is really good

Also I have promoted this post with what little sbd I have keep up the good work and I will keeps resteeming and upvoting your posts too cheers

You could do some sports competition, for example, baseball or soccer leagues @bunnypuncher

Topic idea for daily contest could be: best quote you heard that changed your life, what you value most, what you love about your partner, would you choose your partner again if there's a next life etc. While for weekly contest could be; 150 words short story, sharing phylosophy about life love and marriage, best fun moment you have for each week, highlight your week in 50 words, riddles and their meaning, etc.
Just something that will be spontaneous and interesting. The photo contests are already to many . So just do something different

Hopefully the changes can bring fresh air and benefit you, all this time I feel if your contest is very tempting because of the great prizes ...

I understand how much your influence in attracting Steemians to participate in your contest, and I also understand how your contest feels when don't get support from the big pope so this forces you to set aside SBD from your own wallet ...

I salute to you ... and this shows that you have gone bankrupt..haha😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

The contest that you are hosting is a great thing.Although the profit that you are making is a concern.
To make it more successful You can donate Steem in place of DVD and ask all the winners to powerup with their winning prize.This the value of invites of the participants will increase and ultimately your profit will also increase.

You can also ask some witnesses to donate to this competition and you can may be so free promotions for them. Anyway if these ideas bring fruit or not yours is one of the best contest hosted on steem.Keepon doing it.

Your'e doing a nice work but seems the challenges are excessive, worry not bro because in due time you will get noticed and you would be able to grow your platform. Rome they say wasn't built in a day so just keep on grinding and helping the community in the least possible way that you can, in due time you will receive ample reward for your hardwork.

Kudos man and keep grinding

I think engagement on steemit in general has been low due to the drop in Steem value to $'s
Daily Topic: "What are people's favorite topics to read about on steemit?"
That would be another good indication of what would make good future topics and increase engagement, maybe..
Also maybe try different taglines? Busy?

How about talking to other communities and see how you can cooperate to do a joint contest? Also, have you considered using newbiegames as a tag?

Leaving a comment

How about a photo comment or a quick drawing comment for the artistic community?

Hi Mr. @bunnypuncher,

My TOPIC Suggestion:

  • Best memorable moment of school life.
  • Short description about Most favorite teacher on school life.
  • Best friend of school life.

2 person falls into a trap. You can only save one person. Which one you pick up ?!!

  1. A unknown person who once helped you with 10$
  2. Your GF (h).

i think having a contest make it grow and my suggestion would be "talking in community."

For the bunnypuncher weekly comp - as I really like your logo, something involving the use of your logo i.e. spread the bunnypuncher logo out in the community.

Thanks for your continued efforts for this community 😄

if you had your own island that could inhabit several, what would you do ?.

Pity, I did love this contest, even if I hardly won.
Hopefully some whale will come around.
More steem to you for your efforts bunnypuncher

How about a Bunnypunchers discord?... Well, you will need people to help you make that first.

And where are the whales support??!!

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Maybe topics about some steemprojects or something? Might help people involve with other steemprojects as well as bring us some more to talk about.

ideas for coming contests:
guess the picture
guess the weight of the fish in the picture

marry me bunnypuncher!

1 in 8 for 1SBD is still a nice and generous giveaway. :)

Awww. So sad. :(

Well you can make any contest. Maybe a bunny drawing contest or story contest. Anything is good. The bigger the prize the better. 😅

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movie trivia

Favorite car

It's a pity that you do not get more votes: / It's the best contest of steemit, the simplest and the one that always is and raises the morale to which steemian in the bad moments!

I loved idea of the @karenmckersie ‚s #foodboasting contest. (The candidates have only to do a small post with a boasting picture of the current dish in front of them) an ideal contest for minnows and beginners on steemit. Nothin very complex :-) - perhaps it could be improved with a little real validation sign, to avoid plagiarism.

Many good entrys - fast to take part.

But at the end she had no sponsors.... So a few weeks ago it had to be stopped.

@bunnypuncher The best thing you can do to grow this community and keep engage steemains by creating your own telegram chennal where your community and your follower will join it and if you have any good tips regarding market ups and down you can give them and where people can discussed their facing problem related to crypto market they can share so solwly day by day people who join your telegram group and bunny puncher they both will be in win win situation and you will get a people who will be always waiting for hearing from you .

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Resteemed by @bpresteem! Good Luck!
Check @bpresteem's for the other great posts I already resteemed.

Makin’ random comments and makin’ bacon pancakes!

A good contest would be about making memes, I think that we like them all and it is very entertaining to see what other steemians do.

Quick Alert, your forgot to post the Rule(s) to participate in the contest, and I've found already some people asking how to join.

I always suggest sports as themes to talk, there is so much to talk and so many fans out there.

It is nice to see how people like you take the time and look for ways to help the little ones and in addition to appreciate it is important that with our opinions we help find new ways to help us, regarding the theme of the week I consider a topic with great acceptance is the daily photography where in addition to putting our cameras in action we use our vocabularies to create a story based on it I call photo-inspiration, short stories about the images that would help us to create a link of interaction between all Thank you again for your help and I hope you can get the support you need to continue your admirable work.

It’s unfortunate that others don’t help you in your contest. Too many are greedy with their upvotes, particularly the largest accounts. Hopefully you’re able to get a different format started with good results, your contests have certainly helped me a lot so thank you.

Congratulations to the winners! Last fortunate to win 5, 3 or 2 hehe
I agree with the changes, while the contest is not over, it's fine hehe

ok good news !!

Thank u for win xd

Ajjjjjj not good ;/

I have always wondered! What happens if I comment 2 times? I have one more chance of being chosen? Or am I automatically removed?

My script removes duplicates.

i'm gonna win ;)

Zyzz forever !!!

Good night @bunnypuncer my advice tonight is to multiply sleep don't focus too much on steem because of your health, blessings for your family

Be a steem user who can appreciate other users, if we want to be proud of others

do something talent related, like music or photography

To help the community grow, it would be good to have a Discord group, so that we have more contact. Regarding the idea, what do you think: What use would you give the Blockchain in daily or professional life?

I hope the contest does not have to get worse and steemit regain life again :(
Ps, I think if it's going to be 1 SBD, it would not be bad 2 more seats, maybe 10 winners! Unless the funds are very limited.

Tell something good that happened to you today.

Anything personal... favorite food, pet, friend, family, memory, ...

Congratulations to the winners! Greetings bunny

Hello, I regret that you do not count on support, and I applaud your intention to help those of us who are starting. The photography competitions attract many, also those of making stories or poetry. Something that I have not seen here is the popular Sudoku game that I really like, you know? the important thing is that you keep persevering for yourself and for us. I wish you much success and many sponsors.

I'd like if this comments section would take political aspect. Easiest would be to get opinions on political news(or any other type of news in that matter)

I was a part of a contest where you nominated other people to win a prize. It could be cool to nominate people to be selected as a Steemian of the Week or something.

That is a great idea I'm going to do that one.

Good luck for everyone

I guess everyone faces the Oblivion. I remember when the giveaway was just a little percentage of the post value due the large amount of voting. Specially from big powered accounts.

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I guess everyone faces the Oblivion. I remember when the giveaway was just a little percentage of the post value due the large amount of voting. Specially from big powered accounts.

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How sad that you will have to decrease the prizes. It would be good to try to get the whales to help us

I won! I only started here this week so you've made my account worth 8x as much as yesterday.

In other news, it's a bummer the contest isn't supporting itself. I have to say I find the whole economy and culture of contests around here pretty fascinating, to a distracting degree.

Travel or nature maybe or even food hehehe :-) since this concerns blockchain crypto this topic is good too

@bunnypuncher You send friend. We know that any idea you have will be great. Animos Dear friend .. We support you in what you do.

Batman is here ! :)

talk about clubs

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You can do contest about (the best joke) and you evaluate to your liking. the one who thanks you the most will earn the SBD that you decide @bunnypuncher

Me and you alwayssss.

Those are some bad news :(

I hope your days can be fun, and I'm glad to see you now have your own bot ...

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