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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. If you know of anyone that would like to sponsor and help support this or additional contests let me know.

The contest will have 8 winners of 1 SBD each.

4 will be picked at random.

4 will be picked by me based on the comment, loyalty to the contest, interesting posts, basically whatever gets my bunny ears perked up LOL. I don't know how long I'll pick winners but for a while to change it up.


I will do my very best to have a contest each day. However, I could without notice take a day or two off. On days that I'm off there may not be a contest so please try and be understanding if there is a couple of days without a contest.

I'm very appreciative of the upvotes and followers that participate in my contests. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.


I'm changing it to two rules. Rule one is for the random part of the contest

Rule 2 is more for BP picks but still need to leave a comment.

#1) Leave a comment

#2) Get Bunnypuncher attention

Suggested Daily Topic

Thoughts on steem's price? Going to stay around a dollar, or will it shot up or down? Good time to buy or should people dump it?


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I personally think that it balances prices. but at some point the price of steem will shoot

I think the steem will increase at any time

Thank you so much! :)

Your welcome glad to see you on the contest and hope to keep seeing you. I liked you review of the Avengers movie the ending was a bit anti-climactic and I can't say I liked the ending much but overall pretty cool movie.

I'm glad you actually took the time to read it! Thank you for that :D And I'll be sure to keep my eye out for any new contests!

I try to live up to the Cool Dude label I put up :)

I'm sure you're actually a 'Cool Dude' haha.

I'm a Marvel fanboy since the 80s so I tend to lean toward that type of content.

Oh, good to know, I'll do my best to remember that in the future! I'm not as on top of it as many other people are but I still watch them for old times sake.

For the moment it must be in these days between $ 1 and $ 1.25, I think it's not a good time to sell. It is possible that at the end of the month rise.

People should buy steem rn, I think it's gonna stay in 1$ for a while, it's time to invest but is kinda frustrating.

Dear @adm

I would like to know why you down voted this post so that I can clear up the issue.


Hello @bunnypuncher, how do we call your attention? Do you play this there? ....
We are in a variable market, we believe that there is a great diversity of cryptocurrencies, and we should take advantage of the investment in the purchase of Steem in the recession, to increase its capital upwards.
Good luck to all of you !!!

I don't know how to get my attention. Picking people is very very hard since I want to pick everyone, but can't so I try to use a combination of comments, decent posts, resteems, kindness to others that kind of thing. No real formula to give.

I think that the price will be played with, at some point it will go up, I don't think it will be as high as in December 2017, but I do think it will be a bit in line with the strategic interests of the platform (or of those who run it).


Its a good time to buy, get that steem in your account so you can buy SteemMonster packs. As soon as the arena is released the price of steem is going to sky rocket.

Also @bunnypuncher why aren't you posting with SteemPeak? I think you would benefits from the Templates and Schedule features.


I'll check it out. I hadn't heard of it till now actually. Thanks for the tip. It does look pretty cool. I'm a bit hesitant about using alot of steem connect sites since I've lost a few hundred SBD/Steem (about 500) with no explanation so I canceled all my steem connect sites I pretty up on computer security and it wasn't my computer so the only other link was steem connect. I read some posts about sites exploiting it (this was v1) so I only use a few on my main account. It requires your posting key which gives the site quite a bit of control over your account which I no long give out on accounts that have much steem/sbd. If it get good press and ends up a secure steem connect site I will use it as it is nice interface.

Basicly I just don't trust other sites unless proven and vetted since losing the SBD/Steem. Since removing all steem connect sites but a few trusted ones I haven't lost a single 0.001 sbd.

I can confirm it isn't dodgy, I am a developer of the site. But I do understand you hesitation. I too am very wary of security as I know whats capable through the internet.

I do hope you come across once you have done you research, its good to have big STEEM community members like yourself using out platform.

If you simply have any questions, hop on over to our Discord server: https://discord.gg/fW7Q4HZ

Our team is big enough to answer any questions you have swiftly.

Well complaints on the site being into programming I know what a pain in the ass it is. The site is very well done with great interface much better than I could probably do being more a systems guy. I'm doing some Node.js front end stuff and it is hard to pull together such a nice interface at least at this point in my learning curve for Node. And the site only needs posting which doesn't allow withdrawal so that does mean it is safe for use. I didn't mean any offence to your work. I was more just bitching about the lost SBD bit of a rant I guess.


They should buy considering the speculation regarding their price

I think you can wait to see what happens and save it in case I have the price, particularly if I do

You got a 25.51% upvote from @bpclan courtesy of @bunnypuncher!

Hello Bunnypuncher happy night, the prices are changing very fast, and I think they are going more down than up, without embago we should be optimistic that prices will go up. I will wait for it to rise

Hello @bunnypuncher, i think it's a good time to buy, prices should go up, so I invite you to keep posting to accumulate more steem and get more profit in the future.

It's rare for the currency to pay off that way, but it doesn't really put me in the mood because I know that the interaction provided by the platform and how the advances in the blockchain method are going can be predicted even more in their rise and in the rest of this methodology's proposal. ;D

I've already posted about this. We keep churning out supply, while demand does not exist. While STEEM may have a strong implementation, it has yet to gain acceptance. This is true of many cryptos, especially in light of BTC's bubble. There is a lot of competition among cryptos, further reducing acceptance.

Given all this, I forecast STEEM to keep falling. Personally, my holdings are minimal and devoted to @treeplanter's efforts. So, I have little exposure either way.

This has been hot topic but gotta come up with a new daily topic every day so what are you gonna do

Dump is a big mistake, because we are already down, so not much else to lose. Now the best thing to do is wait a see to where the markets go, but as a believer in the tech and reading the markets without FUD, This is still a great opportunity to buy in, if you haven't yet.

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43770....N0T1C3 M3 PL8A83 AND 73T M3 W1N HAHAHHA

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Buy, buy, buy!
You will become rich!

Not with the way Mrs B spends I won't. It's like plugging a sinking ship sometimes I swear. But I'm trying to buy as much as I can.

You have some expensive hobbies yourself Mr Bunny.

I think that at the time it will rise surprisingly, for now, it will not because of the continuous big power-downs that have been doing many accounts.

Thank you, thank you @bunnypuncher! 💙💚💜💛❤️
I think crypto currencies in general has gone down compared to early last year but I also think it is here to stay. We just got to be patient and monitor the market. I will stick around here for sure, but not so much because of the currency but for the fun of participating in this platform with kind Steemians like yourself who organizes fun contests and giveaways like this. If I have the dough, I would consider buying some to keep or mine if possible. But for now, I'm just going to just keep steeming, just keep steeming, just keep steeming 🐟.

I don't think it will shoot any lower than $1 even if it does, it won't be too much. That is because steemit isn't a platform that only focuses on the coin but it is actually a growing platform with many communities for people who likes to blog. The chances of it going up is high as prices are low now and people will more likely to invest in it. However, I do not think that it will be as high as december last year though I do hope it does.

Hello. Hehehe. You can't guess who I really am can you? I'll give a reward. I love contests.
You know me.

Oh boy Mrs B is going to be googling all night trying to figure this one out. I can see the dog house coming. Did we date or do I just know you casually? Like oh how ya doing wildflower8292 it been a while or yea I really know you and I should get ready to sleep on the couch?

No, it's someone on steemit. This is actually my girlfriend's account...that I hijack from time to time.(trying to help here grow and meet people so she stays interested.)😁 I think you're safe from the couch.

Whew hmmm then the game is on I'll have to rack my and figure it out but probably tomorrow.

Do you have any clue who I am yet? Or would you like a clue?

I'll take a clue. I hadn't gotta chance to think about it been busy.

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Have a feeling its buy now thru sept and watch the price rise this winter til close to spring. Then take spring trip on ur profits;)

Lots of people are dumping coins these days, not just Steem. I'd say now is the time to buy. Things might be drastically different by the end of the year. And just in case, this is NOT financial advise. So don't listen to me, people!

Hola, estoy un poco inexperta en eso de predecir los precios de las criptomonedas , considero que es un buen momento para comprar , teniendo fe en que se recuperara en los próximos días.

Up up up on the way. of course it will up up up because i will continue to steem and participate in your contest as long as your contest still around.

After found out your contest, I have follow your contest daily (opps i did miss one or 2 times) and got some rewards from you (yeah!! and thank you)

I think steem price is the trend of future market where it use as a currency where it can fluctuated based on demand and supply. In other word it also can be some sort of investment. What do you think.

It is good time to buy. Price will rise surely.

What's up Steemians? First off, I am no financial advisor (Thank God) and this is just advice on what I think may happen in the next several weeks. 📆

The current price of Steem is around .87 cents on coinmarketcap.com and as you may know the last several weeks, lots of ALT coins lost value. 📉

Many Investors were selling ALT coins and buying Bitcoin preparing for the Hard Fork that starts next week. As you can tell, Bitcoin made a huge parabolic run to $7500. 💰

I think Bitcoin can still go to $8k this week (Maybe). 😳

In my opinion, I believe there will be a 30%-40% correction in Bitcoin as many will dump it and go back into ALT coins because many will think they can get more "Gainzzz" by doing this.

When this does happen, I can see more investors going back to the Top 50 ALT coins that did not have a rally yet and guess what?... STEEM will be one of them. 📊

With the new Steemit Site and all the good info about SMT tokens being introduced, there will be way more interested Investors wanting to invest in Steem.

I can easily see Steem make a run to $1.60 or even higher by the end of December or even faster... doubling every steem or steem power that you own. 😎

So in other words, tons of money can be made and your Steem Power will Double if you start Stackin (buying) that awesome Steem Power now.

Anything that we speculate with cryptocurrencies, especially steem and steem dollars is somewhat uncertain, that has shifted in all this time. However, I think the price will stay at 1 dollar for a while, not so long, and start a gradual rise, perhaps not as high as in December last year but may return to have the same value it had in the month March, around 3 to 4 dollars. I would say it is a good time to invest in Steemit and make your account grow more, because if the price rises again it will be difficult to have another opportunity like this, it would be a good decision. Hopefully so that Steemit keeps growing.

Remember guys, this is just my opinion and I believe this will happen. What do you guys think? I'm I just dreaming and hoping that this will happen? 🤔

Hi @ bunnypuncher, I think the steem will go up, but for a while it will be fluctuating. Steemit has many advantages as a platform so I think that in the long run it will be profitable.

@bunnypuncher Thank you for this opportunity
Have good Day.

Good work

Good time to buy, its value will skyrocket by the end of the year

Good time to buy, its
Value will skyrocket by
The end of the year

                 - osita21

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We should buy more and more steem :)

Well, everyone in the crypto space is being affected by the SEC decision to not proceed with having an ETF for bitcoin, etc. It really is just FUD that's causing the bear market, as there was super hype around this to succeed.

Once the dust settles again, the market will rise - slowly - until the next "event".

Until then, this is the perfect opportunity to scoop up cryptocurrencies, including STEEM. This is not a pump scenario, it's just a smart play.

I've been away from Steemit for a couple of weeks and have missed your competitions!
It wasn't by my choice. I slipped in the bathtub and came down hard on my back right on the edge of the tub! Water pouring down from the shower and trying to edge myself up and out is a memory I won't forget anytime soon. Took me this long to be able to sit up at the computer!
True story and yes I'm angling for a sympathy vote! ;-0

~ Edited to add that when I came back I was surprised to see how low the price of Steem had fallen. I was debating whether to buy some or not. The comments here are helping to decide!

Hoping that steem price will rise

@bunnypuncher I am not that expert in crypto. But I believe in this project and I think it's good to buy more when we can.

The platform which has real life use or the working platform. Steem is the one which already have working platforms like Steemit, Dtube, Dlive and many more with millions of user and we will see more and more soon. So I think this is the best project to invest in and looks like it's on sale right now.

I use bot sometimes and I will try @bpclan for sure for the next post. Thank you for one more amazing contest.

As SBD refernece price is US$1 and so STEEM shouldn't below that. It's very good price to entry and hold. STEEM price forecast is $10 in 2 -3yrs.

i think it will stay around. just a feeling :-)

It's a good time to buy steem.
The price of steem will be growing soon

I hope bitcoin and altcoins rise again. I really dont know why they are dropping down. It is all a mistery to me. This is one of thousan questions which dont have an answer, like why the sky is blue, why women are so weird? is there a life after death? Is Satoshi Nakamura behind all of this? Is he/she a time traveler?

Have a good day

Trying to be active in this contest

In my opinion, it's time to buy steem and save it for a certain time. Because I'm sure, steem will reach more than five dollars in the future.

I really hope that steem can reach ten dollars. But now is the right time to make a purchase.

I know very little about crypto currency, but as a blogging platform steemit is user friendly and while I find people complain I am still finding real community engagement. Given the fact that the main product of steem's currency still works I do believe that the price will go back up. I believe people are just holding onto the other crypto currencies needed to buy steem due to the over all price drop.

My advice is to keep doing what you came here to steemit for and don't worry too much about the waves the whales are creating in the steem price.

Every currency must be up and down. So is steem. Now it's time to save steem.

Now is the time to mine and save steem. And I will not throw it away. Because steem is expected to be of high value in the future.

I really sure that steem will grow up the price in future. So I will not sell it in this time. Thank you

I will get steem and sell if the price in 5$.

I feel very upset in this time.. Because the price of steem is anjlok.

steem prices will keep going up and down and as good as possible to be immediately discarded because feared will drop dramatically in an instant.

steem prices are very critical at the moment, it should be hastened to be emptied at this time, because steem prices are fearing to decline in the future

steem prices are very low, steem savings must be emptied immediately

steem prices in the past few months have no sign of going up, it is better for those who have collected a lot of steem to be thrown away.

The Steem as a cryptocurrency will trigger from November until mid-January and February. It's time to buy Steem because its price will rise potentially. It is a market strategy to sell more Steem.

Steem's selling price cannot be maintained, it should be broken.

It is time to acquire Steem at a low price because the trend for the end of the year is to increase its value in the cryptocurrency market.

steem prices that have been greatly reduced, steem should be emptied immediately.

for now steem is already very critical, but there is still a chance to be maintained, because I'm sure the price of steem will rise even though a little has to wait.

Think it's being shoved downward via elsewhere, because its getting too much of a threat against other sites.. if it raises high it'd surprise me..

Franklin BRUJO

Thanks for the contest. I am confused by the price of Steem, truly. I seem to constantly be hovering around 20$ account value and can never cross the line! I know it's not much for me but I just want to cross that threshold..
I think that these financial situations are best to stick around if you didn't invest a bunch of money in it. There are a lot of questions but ride it out is a good idea. There are a lot of people that wish they rode out the Bitcoin early days that are kicking themselves now so I think we just strap in and see where it goes.

steem prices are not profitable, the steem should be moved

very sad when you see steem prices that are getting lower and lower, it's time to sell.

very unfortunate with prices getting lace up, getting ready to be transacted

Steem prices are not said to be low if we remember the first time it was launched, it would be better to maintain it because I am sure the price will stabilize soon.

My answer to your proposal is that there is no reason why other blockchains can not exist, if they do things differently and even better. As Bitcoin.com says "A decentralized social network has been the target for years for Bitcoin entrepreneurs, but the most successful project to date has nothing to do with Bitcoin, except for the fact that it uses a cryptomoneda based on the blockchain to monetize the content.

We forget that all these new projects, including Steem, have their roots in Bitcoin. The internet that we use today is not the same Internet as it was two decades ago. Additionally, if you look at the trading pairs, you will rarely see the acronym USD. It's BTC. All cryptocurrencies and digital software tokens are traded in a pair with the BTC.

On the other hand it is the best time to buy Steem for its low value and the cryptocurrency market. By the end of this year, it is expected that its value will soar and thus we will obtain substantial profits.

despite the declining prices, I believe there is a time when steem prices will soar up, steem can be maintained.

The price of steem in recent days is very bad even worse than last year

steem is starting to be unstable, let's get the existing steem.

I think steem will experience an increase in price, only that it takes a process or time

Maybe it's a bit lower in price but I'm sure the price of steem will be stable as before

Thinking about Steem's price? Will it stay around a dollar, or will it go up or down?
I think that as the market is always fluctuating this could vary and as it has been so low on the steem at any time it will rise to everyone's joy. Is it a good time to buy or should people throw it away? It is time to wait and give a vote of confidence to the financial market, but always following the financial market.

If I see steem prices at the moment, I'm getting a little bored

Maybe at the end of August, I predict steem will experience an increase in price

If prices like this continue then steem will experience a decrease in its users

I am still a little confused with the price of steem which is now continuously experiencing a price decline which has resulted in a lack of interest

hey cute bunny chief, may i have your attention?

How do you plan on getting it? Dancing, singing, standing upside down maybe LOL

I already think that steem prices will continue to be at 1 dollar, should be temporarily retained

I'm sure steem prices will be 2 dollars in the near future, I'll keep steem for some time to come.

Yes is a great time to buy it. But people should always be focused on earning it, through providing good content and engaging through comments.

I am not sure that Steem's price is above 1 dollar, it is likely to drop dramatically, steem that is already available little by little will be sold.

Steem prices are well above 1 dollar or below standard, I will maintain steem.

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