BRO Sports™ Presents: World Cup 2018 Contest and Fundraiser

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The BRO Sports™ Contest Division is getting extreme for this year’s World Cup!

One of the goals for this division of BRO Sports™ is to partner with real-world sports organizations in need of support. Well, we’ve found our first real-world organization in none other than the currently downtrodden population of Venezuela and we’re happy to support them with a series of World Cup contests and fundraisers over the next month!

The recipient of funds raised will be Club Tribu Escarilada@climbinglifeclub on the Steem blockchain – and the founder of that club is @yazp. The club was officially organized in July 2017 and is a legally-structured and recognized organization in the capital city of Caracas, Venezuela. You can read their introduction post here:

Este es nuestro día a día, ¡Bienvenidos al mundo de la Escalada!

The goal of this fundraiser and contest is to provide some assistance to the club so that they may purchase some needed climbing ropes for use by the club members. The ropes they currently share among the members are becoming worn and pose a safety risk and they also have very few ropes to share among the membership. The climbing ropes are one of the most expensive items needed but are also one of the most necessary to have.

So the BRO Sports™ Contest Division is going to host a series of World Cup contests and we will direct funds raised from those contests to Club Tribu Escarilada.

BRO Sports™ World Cup 2018 Contest Series

The contest schedule will be as follows:

Contest No.RoundMatchdayGame Days/Dates
1Group Stage1 of 3Thursday-Friday, June 14-15
2Group Stage1 of 3Saturday-Sunday, June 16-17
3Group Stage1 of 3Monday-Tuesday, June 18-19
4Group Stage2 of 3Tuesday-Wednesday, June 19-20
5Group Stage2 of 3Thursday-Friday, June 21-22
6Group Stage2 of 3Saturday-Sunday, June 23-24
7Group Stage3 of 3Monday-Tuesday, June 25-26
8Group Stage3 of 3Wednesday-Thursday, June 27-28

Once group stages end, the schedule will continue as follows:

Contest No.RoundGame Dates
9Round of 16June 30 - July 1
10Round of 16July 2-3
11QuarterfinalsJuly 6-7
12SemifinalsJuly 10-11
133rd Place & FinalJuly 14-15

Rules for these individual contests will be included in the contest posts.

Contest Fundraising Goals and Additional Information

This will give us a total of 13 contests over the next month. From the contest post rewards, 70% of the SBD/STEEM will be directed to Club Tribu Escarilada - @climbinglifeclub, 20% will go to contest winners, and 10% will be reserved for future donations to this and other charitable initiatives. Our target fundraising goal is 250 SBD. That means the post rewards would need to be the approximate equivalent of 65-70 SBD per contest post.

This is a very ambitious goal, but we believe that it is certainly an achievable one and we hope that the community can help us get there. We welcome any and all support, including direct donations. All purchases of equipment will be documented on the blockchain via the @climbinglifeclub or @yazp accounts and updates will be shared via this account, @brospn-contests.

If you would like to contribute to this cause, please contact “ats.david” on or “ats-david [ats-witness]#1997” on Discord.

Official Sponsors and Affiliates of the BRO Sports™ Contest Division

Vote for witness @adsactly-witness, @ats-witness, @followbtcnews, and @guiltyparties to help support the sports community on the Steem blockchain!




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Find this publication has been an excellent way to start the day and the week! We are very grateful for the initiative of BRO Sports and mainly with @ats-david for their unconditional support. Is very nice to see so many people supporting this. Infinite thanks!

All SBDs earned from this post will be donated to @climbinglifeclub.


Hello and congrats on a great initiative.

I would like to contribute directly, as my friend @fullcoverbetting already did. Yet, I am a bit confused.

To whom should I donate? To @brospn-contests, directly to @climbinglifeclub, to both :) ? Thanks!


After a discord DM with @ats-david, I donated it to @brospn-contests and in the memo referred to the fundraiser.
Maybe better to wait, until you receive an answer here!


You can donate to the @brospn-contests account for now. On behalf of the club, thank you for the support!


Thank you for the reply. Done!

Great thing to do guy!
Personally I will sent over 1 SBD! If 250 people will do this then the goal will be reached within one day!
Will resteem the post to give it some more attention!
Good luck,

Very kind initiative. You have my upvote!

Good initiative - I did a similar contest last work cup on a different platform - win-win for all attendees. Resteeming and going to attend.

That is amazing!!............

A great initiative, my friends. Resteem and full upvote, whatever my vote is worth these days :)

I will follow the contest, participate and promote it whenever possible.

Good luck, everybody.

This is very good initiative.
I hope you achieve the predicted target of sbds.
I will support you with my upvotes :)

I am Venezuelan and I live in my country and I would like to contribute I have little but I want to do my bit. And the best of luck and they raise much more than the goal set.

Good to see initiatives like this!

I don't have a large upvote, I am trying to grow and at the same time support as many redfish and new users as I can, but this was an important cause. When people are downtrodden sometimes it is only the pride they hold in their sports and teams that keep them going. It seems it has been that way since the Roman Gladiatorial times. Good luck on the contest and on the fundraiser. I will try to stop by on your next update post also.

Hopefully you reach your goals. I sent you a little donation to help you along the way. Good luck with the fundraising.

Also sent 1SBD. The rest I have to give away for my fitness contest I have or I'd give more.

Just want to let everyone know like @fullcoverbetting said above, it literally takes 250 people to donate 1SBD to truly make a difference.

If you've ever participated in a contest that pays out SBD then I think it would be fair to donate. Whenever there's contest's with payouts people storm to try and win! So lets give back and each donate 1SBD or what you're willing to give to literally make a huge difference to a country that could really use it. The @climbinglifeclub also seems like an awesome group to support!

13 contest posts with 65 SBD reward would add up to 13*65=845.

70% = 591 SBD goes to charity @climbinglifeclub. This is more then double of the goal.

Even if I take 25% curation into account I end up with 444 SBD.

What did I do wrong in my calculation?


I based this on an 80/20 split between post and curation rewards.

$845 / 13 posts = $65

65 x 80% post reward = $52/post

$52 x 50% (post rewards split between SBD and SP) = 26 SBD

26 x 70% = 18.2 SBD

18.2 x 13 posts = 236.6 SBD

So it would be a little less than the stated amount, but I’m adding the payout from this post to the total, which should get us pretty close to the target goal.

There are also direct donations coming in from some generous friends and other Steem users.


You wrote:
"That means the post rewards would need to be the approximate equivalent of 65-70 SBD per contest post."

But what you meant is $65 per post instead of 65 SBD per post. That gives a whole kind of different calculation. Basically the one you explained to me.

However at this moment there is a detail that causes a little twitch. Part of the SBD pay out is done in liquid Steem. So without calculating it I'm 100% certain you need a higher average post pay out to reach the 250 SBD goal.

Now I make my next assumption, I think the SP+liquid Steem pay out is what you earn, correct?
If so that would mean you end up with 26/1.7=15.29SP on average per post. Multiplied with 13 gives 199 SP. Add up 25% (currently it's above 30%) for liquid Steem pay out and you can earn close to 250 Steem.

It's really remarkable that you can pull this off. I have to hang around 2.5 years on Steemit to earn such an amount.

Btw, don't get me wrong by thinking I disagree that you should earn this. I just like numbers and investigation as I am an economist. So keep up the good work!