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Parenting your CryptoMinerWorld Gems

In today's post, I thought I would dive into Gem Parenting. When you purchase a Geode from CryptoMinerWorld you receive 3 Gemstones, 1 toddler and 2 babies. Since we are in pre-sale right now, you also receive a founders plot of land and a guaranteed A grade Gem. As your Gems mature in age, they will be able to handle the deeper tougher dirt. You age your Gems by giving them silver. Silver will be discovered when mining, or you can also buy it from other players. Silver will be a resource in high demand, I'm sure owing a toddler will be a nice jump start for early adopters.

CryptoMinerWorld and Mr.Contest have partnered! This means Epic Giveaways! So lets kick it off.

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You must message me on Mr. Contest Discord to claim your prize!

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Winner Winner

Congrats @c0inpr0fit you won 50 Benzene for WarRiders! Please DM me in Mr. Contest Discord

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Great new partnership! @brittuf MR CONTEST always in on the newest games. Alcohol out of a sippy cup. Really? good meme haha

Again I am done all steps for your contest @brittuf .Thanks again :)

Really looking forward to playing this one, cracked open a pretty sweet geode.


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CryptoMinerWorld looks great - nice to see a new concept in cryptogaming.

Love it!

Your game contest is very nice . This is your new game . You are a great gamer i think .
Done and thanks for sharing @brittuf

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Great view!

Cumpli todos los paso

Please how do one open a chibi account


ask in their discord someone will help you with any issues you might have