#MeatyMondays episode 6 - Win a @SteemBasicIncome share

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Every week, on a Monday, I'm going to be giving away a @SteemBasicIncome share (more if the posts become popular). In doing so, I increase my own @SteemBasicIncome shares as well... so it's a win-win for everyone really.

Now I could have just randomly picked one of my followers every week (which I might still do, so make sure you're following me :P), but instead I've decided to give away a new share every week to a braai loving follower.

Last Week's Winner?

There 3 entries in last week's competition (#MeatyMondays eps 5), so I put their names into a hat, donned a blindfold and put my hand in to draw the lucky winner.

So Who Won?

... and the winner is.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE ........ the winner is.... @joanstewart

Congrats and high-5s ... and thanks for playing with @joanstewart!

So what was on @BraaiBoy's grill this week?

Catering for 3 parties at once: The monster beef ribs are destined for the Medieval Fayre this coming weekend. The pickled pork was shredded and ended up in some tacos this weekend that passed... and the boerewors (i.e. sausage)? ... well, that got some smokey love and got chowed the same day while we waited for the rest to smoke.

OK... so now it's your turn:

show me your (recent) braai pics and stand a chance to win that @SteemBasicIncome share.


  1. You must ReSteem this post - an upvote is appreciated, but not required.
  2. Share a picture of your braai or braaivleis (p.s. "Braai" = BBQ & "BraaiVleis" = meat).
    That's it! Easy Peasy!

P.S. You can win more @SteemBasicIncome shares:

  • Every Wednesday
    Guessing what's on my grill in my "WysJouVleis" contests
  • Playing dice for free
    Head over to @PlayDice for details

UpVotes & ReSteems are held in high (e)steem :P

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next time i'll be in S.A. i will get a photo of a weekend's braai to share with you.... till then i'm gonna give you my humble upvote!!!


I can't wait :-)

I was just SO relieved to see that it was not "meatless monday" hahahaha ;)


hahaha... the day that happens for real, you can be sure my account's been hacked :P

Finally got a pic of my braai this last weekend doing some ribs and steak for a small family lunch.



lekker man... looking good.


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I'm late but made it! This grill has pork on the left, beef in the middle and some kind if yummy meet mixture stuffed into the intestines on the right. By the time I got it, all was cut up into pieces, tender and very delicious!

braaiboy contest fitinfun.JPG


No worries... I wasn't near a PC for the last few days either... so this one is only gonna close next Monday.
Thanks for sharing!

Hey @braaiboy great competition! Since you seem to know a bit about SBI I wanted to ask how long does it take to sign up? I signed up a few of my friends I recruited to steemit to give them a boost and I also did not have SBI shares at the time, it’s been almost 2 weeks and I’ve not received any notifications that my subscription was successful

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Hey @chekohler

It normally takes a few days up until a week for new registrations to take effect.
There's a spreadsheet over here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iNnXUcFpt3tHZOk5dDCb21_VZFfvQN31yW7dKyebZsI/edit#gid=0) where you can check all shares. You'll need to make a copy to your own local drive to use it though.

@SteemBasicIncome is also very helpful on their discord: https://discord.gg/Vk4FPUR

P.S. Only your 1st share triggers a wallet memo to say you're reg'd ... thereafter it just happens, so the best is to check the excel doc and/or jump onto discord.


Thanks @braaiboy looks like I got my 4 shares! Really appreciate the knowledge drop!