Amidakuji Results

in contest •  11 months ago

Thank you for everyone participating in last week's Amidakuji and, especially, to all the voters who helped make the jackpot a big one.

Here are the results.

August 16 Amidakuji.jpg

As all of you know, the jackpot from my previous Amidakuji went unclaimed and was carried over to this one. That means that the total jackpot for this week's Amidakuji reached 21.85 Steem Dollars, and 17.077 Steem, which may be my biggest Amidakuji jackpot to date.


Without further ado, let's congratulate @lig007 for being this week's solo winner!

I hope you can make good use of your prize.

Don't forget to join me again next week to take another shot at the prize.

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Congratulations @lig007 . Feels nice to win huh? Looking forward to trying again and winning again.

Wow! Cool... Congratulations, @lig007 on being this week's winner, and solo winner on top of that... And since the prize from previous week was added on, does that make you the winner for two weeks... ? 😄

Double Congrats, then! Yayyyyy...!!

Thank you, @boxcarblue for another week's contest... Looking forward to the next!! 😊


I'm glad to hear it @ackhoo. I love your positivity!


Awww, we all try... Thank you and Have a Great Weekend!! 🙂

Congratulations @lig007 . Good game. I will take part again next week.


I'm glad to hear it! Thanks!!



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Congratulations @lig007! Enjoy the prize!

Congratz to the lucky winner! See you next time ;)

Congrats to the winner! :D