What is It? Round 3

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What Is It?

I'm having a blast with this contest---I hope you are as well. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and guesses--I can't answer every guess, but I do try and give a small upvote to everyone who makes a guess in the comment section.

No one guessed Round 2 so today our game of "What is it?" is worth even more (the winnings from Round 2 roll into Round 3).

Be the first one to tell me what the picture above is and you win the prize of 10 SBD (Prize from Round 2 and Round 3).

The rules are simple:

  1. Make a comment and tell me what the object in the picture is
  2. Upvote the post
  3. Follow @BigPanda

That's it.

First one to correctly identify the object and fulfill the three rules wins.

I'll name a winner on Wednesday the 7th of March, 2018.

The first person to post the right answer and has met all the other criteria (rules) will be declared the winner at that time. I will also include the full picture of the object when I declare the winner.

If no one wins, the prize of 5 SBD will be rolled into the next round.


What Is It? Round 2 Winner!

Here is the original picture from Round 2.


and here is the full photo:


There was no winner for Round 2 so our prize money will be added to Round 3. There were a few vague guesses that might be construed as the correct answer because they were so broad and vague. To win, you must tell me exactly what the picture is--i.e. "aluminum" won't win. Your guess should be a specific item or object.

Electrical Conduit


**Pictures both taken by me with my phone. All rights reserved. You may not use these images without express writtten permission from @bigpanda.

Resteems much appreciated.

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I guess it's a pillow :)

It's a newspaper ... ??

Great Fun I guess it's a Air Filter.

Muy divertido en el concurso @bigpanda, para mi son unos guantes.

salam kenal, saya akan coba menebak postingan anda, yang saya lihat dari sisi penglihatan saya itu adalah kain dengan motif panda yaitu seperti nama akun anda @bigpanda, thanks.

I think is a shower spray!

It's an interlocking flexible metallic Conduit. Thanks @bigpanda for the contest. Keep the great work coming :)

If it's the first blurred image that you want sir @bigpanda, then it must be a water filter. Point of correction :)

Hi @bigpanda! I love the contest! here we gone again!

It's a baby carriage or baby stroller

These are chiller tubes.

Let me also give a shot here,. xD
Its a Polka dotted clothe/dress.

I think it's a black dot shirt

It is the mesh of an air filter!! saludos @bigpanda

I think it's a pillowcase or bed sheet

tool for scraping cassava

some sort of filter

I think it's a dress.

Black and White prited image

It looks speakers.

This one is easy (I think).

It is some sort of comic book or printed graphic, really, really close.

Very good contest @bigpanda. I think it's internal part microwave

that is Wallpaper

very fun and exciting challenge... keep it up @bigpanda . My guess is stainless steel drainer tray...

perforated metal facade, thanks for the contest @bigpanda

Very interesting contest @bigpanda, for me it is a vent of a wooden TV.

My Guess is Shirt

I guess it's close picture of a piece of cloth.

I think that's a scarf

This is great. I love to guess!

Air-infused water for shower equipment.
Thanks for the contest.

Rug or a carpet

It's a plaster ! :)

Really a challenging yet interesting contest by @bigpanda
Maybe it's a strainer.

It is the textile picture

i think this is placemat or table mat

This could be a grater...

Hello friend @bigpanda I think it's audio speakers or cornets Pc.

i think shower spray or floor drain

I think it is wall paper

Hello @bigpanda, that's a piece of cloth.

Done following and upvoting the post. My guess is... Car rug.

I think it's a blanket

a band-aid hahaha

its metalic chair/table with seamless holes

Friend @bigpanda, you put my imagination to fly again. What you present is the lid of the floor of your shower! I hope I have it right! Best regards.

its a flyswatter (?)

A very good post @bigpanda! I think it is a pattern that is located on a wall with a close-range retrieval

My answer is grater.

It seems like a drain or a rack

I think it's one of those steel benches that I usually sit on inside malls.

A grater of some sort.

It's the little sticky spots on the bottom of the feet in a toddlers onezy.

Pillowcase /bedsheet @bigpanda

A dotted mosaic floor.

polka dot flannel?

I think it's the bottom of a pair of slipper socks, the non slip dots

Shipping box for live chickens or other live animal.

i think it's a dot from a paper or carton

Hello @bigpanda the contest is fun, I think it's a bandage for wounds.

Hey @bigpanda, best of luck on the contest!! I like your content so hope it goes well!

Paper. It could be part of a book, newspaper, magazine, phamplet... I'd go with "a publication".

It is spotted cloth

I think is a drain!

This great challenge photo......I like this contest.

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I think its shower

It's a carpet!

It's Perforated Grille