What Is It? Contest 1

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What Is It?

This new contest is simple identification.

Be the first one to tell me what the picture above is and you win the prize of 5 SBD.

Here are the rules, because my dog Poppins says "games must have rules".


  1. Make a comment and tell me what the object in the picture is
  2. Upvote the post
  3. Follow BigPanda

That's it.

I'll name a winner within two days of this post. The first person to post the right answer and has met all the other criteria (rules) will be declared the winner at that time. I will also include the full picture of the object when I declare the winner.


**Pictures both taken by me with my phone. All rights reserved. You may not use these images without express writtten permission from @bigpanda.

Resteems much appreciated.

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Maybe soap .

I think it is a car :)

It's a nose.

a potato


Seriously my favorite guess so far!


doh!! OK a Sweet Potato

It's A crab!

Nice one! My guess is probably wrong, but I will say a red apple! :)

This contest makes the participants curious.
My answer is human fingernails with red paint. Thanks

I think its a decorative candle

that is a dirty gasoline tank of a motorbike

I am pretty sure that it is a dusty car body.

your photo is difficult to guess but i think its a women's chest wearing red cloths
i have one question can i drop my entry like it?

Es un feto, el cual es un vertebrado vivíparo en desarrollo, transcurre desde el momento en que se ha completado la etapa embrionaria hasta antes de que se produzca el nacimiento

My guess is a red pepper.

I guess it's a bike's petrol tank...

The object is the rear passenger fender of a red model toy car.

Hello from @larutanton.
The base of a red marble lamp?

I guess it is a red wall

Sliced tomato I think

It's a chile, I can feel its flavor.

It is a pot type pan.

I have two impressions.

A balloon. A pregnanat woman's belly?

It's the bonnet of the car!

Thanks for hosting this unique game.
My entry: A part of Iron Man toy.

" Red Floor"

not that sure but I followed an upvote you 'coz I really love panda though :D

I think it's a Red pepper.
But it's really hard to know for sure.
I'll be waiting for the reveal.

i'm not sure but it is a red gasoline tank of a motorbike..

A red plastic substance @bigpanda

ASPRIN or pill of the sorts

The picture may be of Mars planet also known as "The Red Planet"🙂

a photo of your tv while watching a documentary showing an infra red image of the Earth from space

Interesting contest.
My guess is a red plastic water bottle.

My guess is a red couche..

The plastic handle of a screw driver or tool?

I think it is a skin disease. because there is a red line in the middle.

This is a hard one....I have no idea at all. Looks like plastic or a red papprika...could be a fish? Lol....i give up. :D

Friend @bigpanda, every day you reinvent yourself with amazing things. I spent 20 min trying to decipher what it is, and I could not, I just saw that there was a kind of human figure or figure inside the photo, and what I can think of is that a child drew it in your vehicle! LOL. Best regards.

A detail of some object (container?!?) made of plastic?! ;)


Hood/ bonnet of a car or an automobile

well i am sure its apple


On the apple does not seem at all, but we can assume that the watermelon)


well i think that is apple couse you can see the little while dot on it ... i think it is apple if it not apple then may be its not a fruit

I have no idea hahahaha... The first one is really difficult XD

I'll keep waiting for the next to participate... But if I have to say something, I say that is a plastic cover of a recipient (but I don't know what kind of recipient :( )

Succes on your contest @biganda!

Looks like a pressure washer engine or a motorcycle helmet.

I guess its a car

It is a red bicycle seat. That's my guess.

my guess would be a fish egg

This is a very interesting contest. According to my vision, this is a tomato fruit. I predict from the shape and color. Hopefully true with what I guessed.

I am pretty sure It is a tomato.

Good afternoon my Dear friend @bigpanda, I think very good your competition, you congratulate and expected you follow with them, and my participation you I can say that the language of a dog. thank you for your support this community. luck and greetings.

A container of lubricants for cars

un metal pintado de rojo

@bigpanda it's a fish.

i gues.. this "Tomato fruit"

I think this is your red hoodie.

It's the top of your table lamp !!!!

Es el capo de un auto rojo.

keeps mud or fender of a motorcycle, that is the piece that covers the rubber

I think it's a fruit, a mango

An fire extinguisher :).

My guess Red Ring Stone

Its obviously a plastic material. I guess it should be some sort of plastic capping.

It seems to be a baby in a placenta...

burger slice:)

I bet that this is some part of red ferrari hm... Let it be car mirrors! :D

Rear side of a motorbike, cover of the wheel

Very creative game 👍love it :)
i think its a red gasoline gallon. Its a red gasoline gallon. xD

your pet's (probably dog) tongue..

As we are children and we think it's a red balloon 🎈

It's would be crab. But, some part it look likes fruit @bigpanda...
😎 regards

red pepper haha

I know! Its a sea shell!

great contest, i appreciate this challenge. resteemit

That's a great contest...Thanks for sharing...