How I Intend To Promote Steemit! 4 / Halloween Invite On Youtube To Steemit CRYPTocurrency!

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Very scary video with sound as a Halloween invite on Youtube to Steemit CRYPTocurrency!

To youtubers, Make an account at and post a blog about your Halloween Costume!

Upvotes and steemit CRYPTocurrency!

CRYPT: A crypt (from Latin crypta "vault") is a stone chamber underneath the floor of a congregation or other building. It ordinarily contains boxes, sarcophagi, or religious relics.

CRYPTocurrency: A cryptocurrency (or cryptographic money) is a computerized resource intended to fill in as a medium of trade that utilizations solid cryptography to anchor budgetary exchanges, control the making of extra units, and check the exchange of assets. Cryptocurrencies are a sort of elective cash and advanced money (of which virtual money is a subset). Cryptographic forms of money utilize decentralized control instead of incorporated computerized cash and focal saving money frameworks.

Happy Halloween!

All comments will be upvoted!


Hey @berniesecretary! I was always wondering if you were Bernie's Secretary - like the Secretary of @berniesanders? So today I'm finally brave enough to ask :-))

Looks like you're living your dream job, Eve!
Thanks for putting all this together :-)

Thank you Marly, I really don't know how you do it with time to post so awesome work and videos. It is very nice of you to take us steemians through your live video underwater and surfing adventures.

Keep promoting man, there needs to be more of us!

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