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MLB Most Points Contest 04/09/18 - Winners Payout!

in contest •  14 days ago

Prize pool: 0.145 STEEM

Paid out via to

0.145 STEEM.

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Hi, friend, it was badly transferred, the publication was 5,580 STEEM I got 25%, equal to 1,395 STEEM


Prize pool = (promotion STEEM- author reward STEEM - author reward SP) * 50%, but not less than 0.2 STEEM.
Prize pool = (5.580+5.582-10) * 50%*25%=0.145

Привіт друг, доставив мавпу, яка не відповідає призу, публікація 5,580 STEEM виграє 25%, що дорівнює 1.395 STEEM


Please do not write on Ukrainian via google translate, you wrote "Hello friend, you delivered a monkey)))))"

And what about @bestia-beast? Are you again use more than 1 account?


If there is any problem, let me know and I'll talk to @ beast-beast and tell him that we're going to have to take turns so I can participate