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Everyone have one or two most embarrassing moments in life. It could be the day your forgot your purse at home and was stranded paying for your cab or the day you dressed out in a torn clothes unknowingly. Everyone do have that unforgetable day in life.

Share your embarrassement day or moment and stand a chance of winning SBD.

-You are ençourage to resteem this post.
-Share your most embarrassing moment in the reply section of this post.

PRICE: 50% of the post pay out to lucky winner.
Entries closes on 28/04/2018 by 13:00GMT

Winner will be randomly selected by me.Lets hear from you.

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I would like to enter your contest and tell you my embarasing moments but I'm sure your unaware and did not break the Steemit Guidelines on purpose but this contest is breaking the Steemit guidelines. Please learn that you should Not require Upvotes on Contests. You should make the Upvote part optional not required for entry.

This comment is only meant in a positive way to inform and is not intended to be negative.

If you edit to make this part optional and follow the guidelines I will enter and you will have a better chance that many more users will enter.

Also please feel free to join my current Steemit #contest here

el mas embarazoso de mi vida fue ando me dejaron plantada a un mes de la boda y tener que cancelar todo

mi momento más embarazoso fue cuando llego mi menstruación durante la jornada de trabajo y no lo sabía cuando me entere q me habia llegado ya era tarde estaba toda manchada que pena mas grande pase