My 3 Entries for Kind Ads Graphics Design Contest

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Here is some information of what KIND does

  • Kind Ads is an advertising platform that serves user-friendly ads without taking any middleman fees.
  • Advertising Without the Irritating Ads
  • Display ads that help your website visitors
  • Create ads that convert while saving money
  • Integrations : Subscribers | PushCrew | MailChimp | Campaign Monitor | AWeber

  • ENTRY No. 1


    If you observe this image and divide it in two parts
    on left you see HAPPY ADVERTISERS, the reasons are No middleman, Instant Payout and Friendly user experience
    on right you see HAPPY VISITORS, the reasons are Less Spam, Email Notification and Push Notifications

    ENTRY No. 2


    This image shows a happy client who saved his money using KIND ADS platform

    free to use pic taken from freepik

    ENTRY No. 3


    This image shows a happy client who is no longer annoyed with irrelevant ads.
    Right side user is happy because he sees more relevant ads with less spam through channels like Email Marketing and Push Notifications, and its all because of KIND ADS

    Original Website KIND

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