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Don't you just 'HATE' it when you've been lured into clicking on a post (Especially YouTube) that turns out to be a waste of your time and energy? GRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr.... I hate 'Click Bait' too.

So now you're probably mad at me for what appears to be the same scam-like lure...Right? All those click bait 'headings' video's, ads, News articles, that are posted by people just to get view counts up with hope that they'll profit more as a result...DISGUSTING...

I'm actually beginning to hate 'myself' for having 'seemingly' done that here...but, I really haven't (I think???) Because I'm not looking to profit in any way from this post about running a new contest here on steemit. All the 'net' reward funds from this posting (up to 1 million) will be given away to at least three participants who leave a comment below.

About 'Anything'...

Yes my fine fickle friends...all you have to do is 'comment' below about 'anything' you choose, and you're in the running for a potentially HUGE PRIZE.

Up to 1 Million Steem...???   "Sounds like BS to me"...'s not...Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, but maybe some very wealthy user here on the platform will decide to sponsor this contest with a small portion of their wealth. Maybe a Billionaire just passing through the pages here on who was tickled by this contest challenge, will offer the 1 Million prize off-site...???

Anything is possible... 

I might even be able to cover the cost, if I win a substantial amount in the lottery??? I'll 'do' it... I'm 'old'... I don't need more than a few million bucks to live somewhat comfortably till I kick the bucket...I'll be leaving most of it to my family anyway...especially the kids (They'll need it for College expenses, like drugs and booze to party with)

Awwww...Come On you ex college folk...You and I both know what the best memories are of having attended college back in the day...You're not fooling anyone...It was sex, booze, drugs and Rock & Roll. Huh...who you kidding? It certainly wasn't some forced intermediate course they made you take without giving you any credit for towards your degree...(Unless you got high in class and had sex at the time...)

Well...That's about it for this post; I think I've rambled on enough about it all. So, in case you completely lost the whole intent/concept of this post at this point...Here it is again - 'Below'

Respond with a comment in the comment section below, for a chance to WIN BIG...or win just a little... In any case, it will be something, no...??? Just remember that you'll be sharing whatever the payout is with two other people who were selected through a secret process :~)

Win Up To '1 Million' is not a lie... I never said you'd win a million...only 'up to' a million...I get to keep the rest if the prize pool grows beyond that, for future endeavors.

Thanks for Reading...but, I Thank you More for Commenting (If you do...)


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Are you going to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow?


Probably least in part. If I see too many foul mongers, cry-baby flunkies on the field, I'll loose interest though :~)

You're in the running for the 'BIG' comment contest win...thanks for participating Mr. Ninja.

Ooh make it rain, my friend! ;)


Get the bucket ready...

What's really funny, after I made this post I took a nap and had a dream about having two stacks of hundred dollar bills about a foot high in my arms, making a deposit at a Bank.

Strange though, because it was at night and all the lights were off in the teller's area so I couldn't find a window with a teller at it until one called to me from behind the counter, after I was walking back and forth for a long time...

Then the lights came on, and a long line had formed behind me. A young girl bent to pick up a $20 that I supposedly had dropped from my pocket, so I let her have it.


Wow, what a great dream! I hope it's prophetic! 😃

Well I can certainly make a comment, for a chance to win UP TO 1 Million Steem! So now I'll cross my fingers that a whale swims by and gifts you with tons of Steem in order to make our wishes come true!


You're in the running @blueeyes8960 ... Thanks for participating. I'm about to take a walk to the convenience store to play the lottery with hopes that I can bring a smile to a few other faces besides mine, after WINNING... :~)

"No comment" ..... Is that a comment..? I bet I would have more to say if I won this....... True Story.

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Yes...@krazzytrukker that 'is' a comment, but if you win, take note that we have not reached the million Steem up-vote goal. You'll still be eating Corn Flakes for breakfast.

Thanks for participating.