'Million Steem' Reward 'Contest' is Just a 'Little' Shy of Mark...(0.75) Raised so Far

in contest •  7 months ago  (edited)

So far, I have 'two' comment participators in this newest contest that I've been running for the past five days, which is pretty 'good' for the activity lately on Steemit :~)

Also, my hopes of raising ONE MILLION Steem for the prize split is a wee bit short of having reached my goal so far, with 0.75 in up-vote value to be split among three winners :~(

Oh well...Such is life...I certainly ain't gonna loose any sleep over it; at least I gave it a try. It's not my fault some ole 'cheap' and 'stingy' Billionaire hasn't opened up their wallet to such a worthwhile endeavor...

Here's what I think of you 'Ole Cheapo'

"May a Thousand Flu Infested Camels, Slobber Upon Your Last Can of Caviar...While Wet Farting Upon Your Morning Jam and Toast..."

Huh...That'll teach em...

Never Give Up, Friends


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Alpaca or camel?

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Neither...It's a photo of my Uncle Harry from Toledo.

That's great!!

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